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  • Farðu í Skrá -> Sækja gögn til að ná í OpenStreetMap kortagögn; einnig er samsvarandi niðurhalstakki í tólastikunni hér að ofan source:/trunk/nodist/images/download.png.



  • Upcoming changes
    • OpenStreetMap is deprecating Basic Authentication and OAuth 1.0a. JOSM will be removing OAuth 1.0a support in early 2024, and may hide or remove Basic Authentication support at the same time. We recommend that all new users use OAuth 2.0 and existing users switch to it. See #22810 and the OpenStreetMap Operations ticket #867 for further details.
  • 2023-12-05 (stable version 18905)
    • JOSM software (Java archive, Windows and MacOS release) will no longer be signed. The code signing rules changed and are no longer acceptable for JOSM team. When using systems relying on signing in future warning requests will appear again.
    • Remove Potlatch2 from the built-in styles. It has been replaced with wiki:Styles/Potlatch2. It should be replaced automatically, if you have the Potlatch2 style enabled.
  • 2023-12-03 weeklyOSM: The weekly round-up of OSM news, issue #697, is now available.
  • 2023-08-30 (stable version 18822)
    • Fix #23105: Add action to select shared/common child objects (patch by Woazboat, modified)
  • 2023-08-01 (stable version 18789)
  • Eldri fréttir (á ensku)
  • Help translating JOSM into your language! Currently 24% of program texts are done.

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