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  • Laadi olemasolevaid OSMi andmeid alla, kasutades käsku Andmete allalaadimine Fail-menüüst või allalaadimisnupuga source:/trunk/nodist/images/download.png.



  • JOSM now has its own song 😂
  • 2024-04-14 weeklyOSM: The weekly round-up of OSM news, issue #716, is now available.
  • 2024-04-10 (stabiilne versioon 19039)
    • Fix #21533: Native Apple Silicon support (macOS installation files are "universal binaries")
  • 2024-03-18 (stabiilne versioon 19017)
    • OpenStreetMap is deprecating Basic Authentication and OAuth 1.0a. JOSM has removed OAuth 1.0a support in early 2024, and Basic Authentication should be avoided wherever possible. We recommend that all new users use OAuth 2.0 and existing users switch (en) to it. See #22810 and the OpenStreetMap Operations ticket #867 for further details.
    • JOSM will no longer finish startup with Java 8. Please upgrade to Java 11 or later.
    • Count any missing tag on any object as tag conflict (en) when merging nodes, combining ways and replacing geometry (#23305). See #23555 for further upcoming enhancements.
  • 2024-02-06 (stabiilne versioon 18969)
  • 2024-01-17 (stabiilne versioon 18940)
    • Use the appropriate Bing layer -- notably, there may be some quality differences, and the imagery may be newer or older than what would be seen on the previously used Bing imagery layer. There should no longer be a difference as compared to Bing imagery from Rapid or iD.
  • Veel uudiseid...
  • Praegune stabiilne versioon on 19039 ja hetkel viimane arendusversioon on 19039.
  • Aita JOSM oma emakeelde tõlkida! Hetkel on tõlgitud 26% programmi tekstidest.

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