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Main Help

Welcome to the JOSM Help! The Introduction will guide you to your first successful edit. The How Tos deal with some use cases.


The Main menu offers under File, Edit, View, Mode, Tools, Selection, Presets, Imagery, Windows, Audio and Help all actions possible in JOSM. A search finds every menu item.

On the Map view all mouse clicks depend on the Working mode previously entered. New objects are created in Draw mode. In other modes objects are selected and edited.

  • The Main Toolbar has buttons for actions and presets,
  • while the panels in the sidebar called Toggle Dialogs inform about the Selection,
  • the Status Bar shows the drawing position and
  • the Working mode is controlled by the Edit Toolbar. Therefore the buttons in its upper part are the most important elements on the screen.

Main menu Map view Main toolbar
Edit toolbar Statusbar Toggle Dialogs

All screen elements have their own help context in JOSM. Further dialogs, not shown here for setting Preferences, for managing Changesets, for resolving Conflicts and the Relation Editor are explained in their respective help pages.

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The power of JOSM lies in its flexibility, allowing every user to download, create and publish:

JOSM can handle all Map Features. As a companion for OpenStreetMap since 2005, JOSM's growth rate has been fast. You are invited to contribute to help keep the Help system up to date, to translate it, and to improve JOSM.

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