The Help system can be reached on three ways:

  1. With the F1 key anywhere.
    This requests the help topic for the screen element under the mouse pointer. Several help topics can exist inside one dialog box. If no topic is found, then the help request is passed towards the surrounding screen element.
    Finally this search ends at the Map view or at the Main help pages as last resorts.

  2. With the source:trunk/resources/images/help.svg lifebuoy icon.
    The context depth of this request is the whole dialog. So some finer grained help topics on tabs in dialogues may be left unseen. Requesting help with the F1 key is therefore the better way.

  3. With the Help menu.
    This always invokes the Main help page.

Advanced preferences

  • By default JOSM shows the help pages in its internal browser.
    To use the web browser of the operating system, change the advanced preference help.use-external-browser to true.

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