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#20344 Relation editor brings app to hang-up and be unusable on macOS cyigit97@… defect critical Core
#10782 Download/restores objects in parallel naoliv enhancement normal Plugin undelete
#17838 Cmd+Shift+Down selects text on the welcome screen jleedev defect normal Core
#17849 macos: erratic extra window behaviour richlv defect normal Core
#17853 relation.nameOrder not working anonymous defect normal Core
#18376 HiDPI font problems with 3840x2160 screen (Linux) helge.hafting@… defect normal Core
#18997 IAE: Node is already deleted myfanwy defect normal Core
#19243 opening shape file in josm after installing open data plugin aimomap defect normal Plugin jts
#19351 DataIntegrityProblemException: Primitive must be part of the dataset anonymous defect normal Core
#19435 Authentication failed dialog window remains hidden under the OAuth window jBeata defect normal Core
#19576 DataIntegrityProblemException: Impossible to delete points created by CAD Tools plugin. Undo not working. anonymous defect normal Core
#19584 NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class java.awt.dnd.DragSource anonymous defect normal Core
#19613 JOSM has a different result versus erickdeoliveiraleal defect normal Core
#19658 DataIntegrityProblemException: Deleted member referenced after deleting some relation categories [ National parks in Europe by country(11106422) ] mkoniecz defect normal Core
#19675 Attempting to configure scripting preferences. Scripts already configure work ok anonymous defect normal Plugin scripting
#19771 Bad link from wikimedia_commons pyrog defect normal Core tag2link
#19812 JOSM stop responding while editing SergeyAstakhov defect normal Core
#19863 vadilation: false positive, * without railway josm.sanspourriel enhancement normal Core validator
#19947 JosmRuntimeException at QuadBucketPrimitiveStore.removePrimitive when uploading riemer.kerkstra@… defect normal Core
#19998 Streetside plugin crashes after data is displayed on the map. jBeata defect normal Plugin streetside
#20002 Search presets (F3) shows only completely blank window (after some time using JOSM) mnalis defect normal Core
#20090 DataIntegrityProblemException: Deleted member referenced, SplitWayAction arpi@… defect normal Core
#20109 restriction[:<transportation mode>]:conditional gets an error in the validator. anonymous defect normal Core validator
#20112 Full-screen inactive pop-ups on latest Mac OS, latest JOSM beta-release 17323 stevenjo1@… defect normal Core
#20133 Set macOS icon on macOS startup Stereo enhancement normal 21.01 Installer MacOS
#20144 The created styleMappingAccessibility is not working without appear error LorenzoStucchi task normal External mappaint style
#20183 History popup doesn't appear ahoran@… defect normal Core
#20239 can't load a geojson file anonymous defect normal Core geojson
#20250 Error getting layers: PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target (updated) de.ju.mail.01@… defect normal Core
#20273 Josm Issue Pala.Umajyothi enhancement normal Core
#20308 Mapillary plugin: two image windows richlv defect normal Plugin mapillary
#20388 Attempting to Duplicate MapWithAI Layer anonymous defect normal Plugin mapwithai
#20398 Bug a la fermeture dodineau@… defect normal Core
#20399 Invalid validation for HTTPS anonymous defect normal External rule
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