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List below contains mosty/only unreplaceable tools with preference to core JOSM tools. They are grouped per function rather than per plug-in or Main menu.

Search menu items - search among all JOSM tools and menu items (Ctrl+Spacebar)

Basic shape of objects


Selection (or list of currently selected objects) is precisely described in Selection list panel (because it is visible from this panel), it can be modified with following tools (incomplete list):


Tags of currently selected objects displayed in Tags/Memberships panel.

Topology tools and changes

Geometry tools

Precision in angles

  • Anglesnapping will ease drawing way segments in 30°, 45°, 60° and 90° degrees
  • Extrude mode will ease drawing of strictly perpendicular segments


  • Parallel, draw lines and curves parallel to each other, draw nested infrastructure quickly
  • Extrude mode used on segments - will move them in parallel, preserving angles when it is needed


  • Rotate objects at user-defined angle (but exact angle is unknown)
  • "ShapeTools" plugin:
    • Rotate object at predefined angle
    • Rotate objects (match building with road)
    • Rotate objects (match building with road, don't rotate more than epsilon)

Viewport control

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