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List below contains mosty/only unreplaceable tools with preference to core JOSM tools. They are grouped per function rather than per plug-in or Main menu.

Search among all JOSM tools and menu items - Ctrl+Spacebar

Basic shape of objects


Selection (or list of currently selected objects) is precisely described in Help/Dialog/SelectionList#Selection (because it is visible from this dialogue), it can be modified with following tools (incomplete list):


Tags of currently selected objects displayed in Tags/Memberships Dialog.

  • Copy - copy selected objects to the buffer
  • PasteTags - paste previously copied tags
  • Tabular editor (Ctrl+T) (from UtilsPlugin2)
  • (Shift+R) (from UtilsPlugin2) copy tags from previous selection
  • Standard Add value (Alt+A) dialogue provides 5 shortcuts to 5 last used tags without closing this dialogue

Topology tools and changes

Geometry tools

Precision in angles

  • Anglesnapping will ease drawing way segments in 30°, 45°, 60° and 90° degrees
  • Extrude tool will ease drawing of strictly perpendicular segments


  • Parallel, draw lines and curves parallel to each other, draw nested infrastructure quickly
  • Extude mode used on segments - will move them in parallel, preserving angles when it is needed


  • Rotate objects at user-defined angle (but exact angle is unknown)
  • ShapeTools plugin:
    • Rotate object at predefined angle
    • Rotate objects (match building with road)
    • Rotate objects (match building with road, don't rotate more than epsilon)

Viewport control

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