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source:trunk/resources/images/pastetags.svg Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+V

Paste the tags (properties) of the contents of the clipboard to the current selection.

  • If the clipboard contains some JOSM objects copied by Copy (Ctrl+C), then the tags of these copied objects will be added to selected objects.
  • If the buffer contains text, it will be parsed to find key-value pairs. (Since r5738)

In both cases if value conflicts are found a Tags/Memberships conflict dialog will open to choose the correct values.

Text formats

Supported text formats are:

key1<tab>value1<line break>key2<tab>value2<line break>
A=B-format, copied by properties table
key1=value key2="long value" tag3="hotel \"Quote\""
{ "a":"1", "b":"2" }
Free format
a 1 b=2 c="hello world"

See tags.txt for some more complex examples.

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