Contourmerge Plugin

/pluginicon/contourmerge.jar/images/mapmode/contourmerge.png The contourmerge plugin helps you to align the contours of areas in JOSM.


Step 1 - Select the "cut-nodes":

  • Enable mode, you will need to select (at least) two points for every area; but not on ways - there no requirement in minimal node count for ways that are not areas;
  • Use left mouse click to select point (icon: standard icon add node will appear); use left mouse click to deselect a point (icon with cross will indicate selected point);
  • After all 2+ points selected, you can pick one of 2+ parts as source geometry to move. Hover a mouse over one part and cursor will be changed to (cursor: move with 4 arrows);

Step 2 - Drag the source contour:

  • After you started to drag source geometry, you have options in target geometry. Your source geometry will change it's shape to a target geometry shape after mouse hover and shortcut icon will be displayed;

Step 3 - make adjustments and continue editing as usual:

  • Contours will be merged. But if a source geometry had only one segment left, it will be completely collapsed;
  • You can repeat steps 2-6 as many times as you want until tool will disabled or there nothing left to merge

Usage on areas

Regular usage on the left and complete collapse of the source geometry on the right:

Usage with ways

Notes on source:

  • tags on a way will be kept
  • tags on nodes will be discarded
  • geometry will be replaced

Notes on target:

  • nothing is changed

No cut points selected on the left (because both objects are ways, not area) and multiple source geometries on the right:

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