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Edit Toolbar

The Edit toolbar has two parts. These allow

The toolbar and its buttons can be hidden⤓.

Working modes

The effect of a mouse click in the Map View is determined by the Working mode. Therefore JOSM is in a specific Working mode at all times.

Usually a Working mode is entered with its keyboard shortcut. Additionally the Edit toolbar buttons allow entering a Working mode.

Individual mouse pointer icons indicate which working mode has been entered. Further information is also shown at the right hand side of the Status bar.

Button Name Shortcut Description
Select mode (rect.)
Select mode (Lasso)
S Select objects to move, rotate and scale them. Press S again to switch the catch area between rectangular dragged or freely drawn.
source:trunk/images/mapmode/node/autonode.png Draw mode A Draw nodes and ways. Press A again for Angle snapping
source:trunk/images/mapmode/zoom.png Zoom mode Zoom with a rectangle
source:trunk/images/mapmode/delete.png Delete mode Ctrl₊Delete Delete objects or way segments
source:trunk/images/mapmode/parallel.svg Parallel mode Shift₊P Creates parallel copy of ways
source:trunk/images/mapmode/extrude/extrude.png Extrude mode X Create and edit way segments by extrusion
source:trunk/images/mapmode/improvewayaccuracy.png Improve Way Accuracy mode W Improve geometry of ways
source:trunk/images/audio-fwd.svg Customize the buttons in this part of the Edit toolbar

Only three mode buttons are initially shown. This can be changed by customizing the Edit toolbar and additionally by enabling Expert view.

There might be more buttons depending on the installed plugins:

Icon Name Shortcut Description
/pluginicon/alignways.jar/images/alignways.png Align Ways mode Shift₊N Make ways parallel
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/measurement/images/mapmode/measurement.png in OpenStreetMap Trac measurement mode Measure distances
/pluginicon/editgpx.jar/images/mapmode/editgpx_mode.png edit gpx tracks Delete trackpoints of gpx tracks
/pluginicon/contourmerge.jar/images/mapmode/contourmerge.png Contour Merge Merge and align the contours of areas. More infos at Contour Merge.
/pluginicon/photoadjust.jar/images/photoadjust.png Adjust photos Move photos to adjust their geolocation
/pluginicon/FastDraw.jar/images/favicon.png FastDrawing Shift₊F Tracing forests, rivers, lakes, twisted roads etc. Without clicking A button or left mouse click too much. More infos at Fast drawing.
/pluginicon/buildings_tools.jar/images/mapmode/building.png Draw Buldings B Rectangular objects and/or basic shape of most man made objects. More infos at Draw building.


In the lower part of the Edit toolbar are the buttons to show or hide each single panel in the Side bar ToggleDialog.

Context menu

The edit toolbar is usually visible at the left side of JOSMs interface but it can be hidden.

When you right click on an button in the edit toolbar, you get the following options:

Text Description
Hide this button Buttons can be restored with the Double-Right- Arrows button at the bottom of its section in the edit toolbar.
Hide edit toolbar Hides the edit toolbar. It can be restored via the View menu.
Do not hide toolbar If checked, the keystroke TAB will not toggle the edit toolbar.

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