JOSM Map Styles

source:trunk/images/dialogs/mapstyle.svg The JOSM map display can be easily customized with different styles. Many styles are included with JOSM by default.

There are base styles (e.g. JOSM standard or Potlatch 2) that cover a wide range of features each. They can be combined with add-on styles that cover more special topics. See the available styles list below.

Further customization is possible via style options or by creating your own style.

Choose styles

JOSM has three lists of map styles: available styles (all styles from the style repository) → active styles (your favourites) → ☑ chosen styles (actually used for the map painting).

JOSM comes with some styles being in the "active styles" list by default. You can choose styles from this list of "active styles" to be actually used for the map painting by clicking the check box (☑) at the desired style's line

Note that, unless you are working with add-on styles, likely you want to have only one style ☑ checked at a time.

Activating more styles

How to add a map paint style


  1. open the Map Paint Styles Preferences by either
    • clicking the source:trunk/images/dialogs/mappaintpreference.png Settings button in the map style dialog (shown in the animation) or
    • via "View" menu → "Map paint styles" → "Map paint preferences" or
    • (less comfortable) via the general preferences window (Menu EditPreferencessource:trunk/images/preferences/map.png Map Settings (3rd button on the left) → Map Paint Styles (2nd tab))
  2. select a style in the list of "available styles" (left side)
  3. activate it by clicking the source:trunk/images/preferences/activate-right.png blue right arrow button (in the centre)
  4. exit and confirm by clicking the OK button

Example: Let's assume that you want to add maxspeed=* tags to OSM, then you probably will make use of the style Maxspeed (which displays the value of maxspeed on roads with different colors). The screencast/animation on the right side (click to enlarge) shows how to add this style to your list of "active styles".

Adding own styles

You can add own styles (from any URL/file) to the list of active styles – for example a style file which you have created yourself. Just click the source:trunk/images/dialogs/add.png plus sign on the right and enter either path and filename or URL of your style file.

Available styles list

short descriptionauthordescriptionversion
icon BNIWR Rendering (standarized symbols) Aun (Skippern) Johnsen JOSM rendering of nautical symbols according to BNIWR standard 0.1
cellid Kolesár András style displaying OpenCellID measurements More details
CEVNI Rendering (standarized symbols) JOSM rendering of nautical symbols according to CEVNI standard More details 2015-05-15
icon Direction for traffic signs Michael Maier (species@osm) very simple preset to show the “direction” tag of a highway=stop,give_way,traffic_signals More details 0.1.7
OpenRailwayMap Electrification layer Dakon Style for a electrification layer railroad network map. More details 0
FreieTonne FreieTonne Style for FreieTonne-Seamarks More details 20170814064155
icon Indoor Ubica2 Project Team This JOSM style displays useful information to help indoor map edition. It highlights rooms, corridors, stairs and elevators. In addition, some kind of nodes which are important inside a building will be represented also More details 0.5
Osmic nebulon42 Osmic icons for JOSM More details 0.1
icon HDM HOT (Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team) Humanitarian Data Model focused style. More details 0.0.2
icon Forest igitov Display detailed description of forest stands & related objects 0.0.53
icon INT 1 Rendering (IHO standarized symbols) PD Aun (Skippern) Johnsen JOSM rendering of nautical symbols according to IHO standard INT-1 0.2
icon OpenSeaMap: Seamarks according to INT 1 (IHO standarized symbols) Aun (Skippern) Johnsen, Axel Utech JOSM rendering of nautical symbols according to IHO standard INT-1 0.1
OpenRailwayMap additional icons and symbols for editing Nakaner Style for a assisting mapping of railway information in JOSM. Not suitable for map rendering. More details 0
Mapnik (true) MapCSS variant of the OSM Mapnik style (as close as possible to the original). It is not very suitable for real mapping in an editor because nodes and lines without a style are hidden and opaque areas may cover each other. This file is optimized for JOSM and may need some minor changes to work properly with other MapCSS implementations. 0.1
OpenRailwayMap maxspeed layer rurseekatze Style for a maxspeed layer of the railroad network. More details 0
measurements Kolesár András style displaying OpenCellID measurements More details
icon PPWBC Rendering (standarized symbols) Aun (Skippern) Johnsen JOSM rendering of nautical symbols according to PPWBC standard 0.1