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(edit) @8569   59 minutes wiktorn

Add tests for Wallonie and Wien, fixed Style substitution

(edit) @8568   96 minutes wiktorn

Basic WMTS support.

  • added information about units and to_meter to EPSG projection definitions (needed for WMTS)
  • added WMTSTileSource and WMTSLayer classes
  • a bit of cleanup of AbstractTileSourceLayer and align so it will work properly with WMTS tile definitions
  • added Imagery Preferences panel for WMTS and icon for button
  • added removal of wms: / tms: / wmts: prefix, if user will paste them into the field
  • CachedFile - added possibility to send custom headers with request
  • added support for unit and to_meter in CustomProjection
  • AbstractTMSTileSource cleanups (change of Coordinate to ICoordinate)
  • moved to Utils

Addresses: #10623

Tested with Polish WMTS service proivders, Walonnie needs still some debugging, as it is not working right now.

(edit) @8567   6 hours Don-vip

fix #11651 - whitechars stripping optimization (modified patch by shinigami)

(edit) @8566   6 hours Don-vip

fix #11653 - AbstractPrimitive.getKeys optimization (patch by shinigami)

(edit) @8565   6 hours Don-vip

fix #11650 - performance: avoid creation of Date objects when it is not needed (patch by shinigami, modified slightly)

(edit) @8564   7 hours Don-vip

fix #11649 - DateUtils optimization (modified patch by shinigami)

(edit) @8563   7 hours Don-vip

fix #7813 - proper timeouts when connecting to OSM server (patch by anirud)

(edit) @8562   14 hours bastiK

fixed splash deadlock for java 7 (fixes #11591, see #11355)

(edit) @8561   2 days Klumbumbus

remove sport=cricket_nets from preset and mappaint style as this is not a sport, see

(edit) @8560   2 days Klumbumbus

fix #11546 - adjust some sport presets

(edit) @8559   2 days Klumbumbus

fix #11644 - do not warn about highway=* in combination with waterway=weir

(edit) @8558   3 days Don-vip

update javadoc

(edit) @8557   3 days Don-vip


(edit) @8556   3 days bastiK

applied #11636 - Moved cursor management to new class and used java library functions for the cursor stack

(edit) @8555   3 days bastiK

applied #11635 - Move creation of the MapView children to new method. (patch by michael2402)

(edit) @8554   3 days bastiK

applied #11634 - Moved global SOM management out of NavigationComponent to SystemOfMeasurement class (patch by michael2402)

(edit) @8553   3 days bastiK

applied #11633 - MapView: Made paint() method shorter by moving draw prearation to a new method. (patch by michael2402)

(edit) @8552   3 days bastiK

applied #11632 - Synchronized access to temporary layers and added a getter. (based on patch by michael2402)

(edit) @8551   3 days bastiK

applied #11631 new enhancement - Synchronized access to MapView#layers (patch by michael2402)

(edit) @8550   3 days bastiK

applied #11629 - Fixed state errors in selection (rect/lasso) and made them draw on a temporary layer; added polygon fill effect for lasso selection. (patch by michael2402)

(edit) @8549   3 days bastiK

applied #11628 - Added documentation to EastNorth, changed x - y = y.sub(x) to x.subtract(y) and minor code style improvements. (patch by michael2402, partially applied)

(edit) @8548   3 days bastiK

applied #11627 - Added Repaint listener to MapView (patch by michael2402)

(edit) @8547   4 days Klumbumbus

add match="keyvalue" to payment preset

(edit) @8546   4 days Klumbumbus

fix #11499 - add warning for inaccurate payment values.

(edit) @8545   4 days Klumbumbus

fix #11564 - add warning for highway=motorway|motorway_link without oneway

(edit) @8544   4 days Klumbumbus

see #11234 - add { } ? * ^ $ to "key with uncommon character" test (availible since r8535)

(edit) @8543   4 days wiktorn

Add appendix to supported layers message

(edit) @8542   4 days wiktorn

Add warnings about supported projections for WMS layers

(edit) @8541   6 days wiktorn

Cast JsonValue to JsonString and use getString instead of toString on preferences deserialization. Prevents from adding additional quotation marks in values. Closes: #11611

(edit) @8540   7 days Don-vip

fix remaining checkstyle issues

(edit) @8539   7 days Don-vip

fix #11593 - patch locally ParseException.template to fix NPE until is fixed

(edit) @8538   8 days akks

some more debugging output, see #11209

(edit) @8537   8 days akks

add debug.advanced-keypress-detector.enable option for debugging #11209

(edit) @8536   9 days Don-vip


(edit) @8535   10 days bastiK

fixed #11598 - Cannot match literal quotation mark (?) in regular expression

(edit) @8534   10 days Don-vip

use StdUtils for NSIS v1.06

(edit) @8533   10 days Don-vip


(edit) @8532   10 days Don-vip

fix #11597 - update Proguard rules

(edit) @8531   10 days Don-vip

see #11255 - remove last JAXB stuff

(edit) @8530   10 days Don-vip

see #11255 - checkstyle/findbugs

(edit) @8529   10 days Don-vip

see #11255 - remove JAXB stuff unused since r8526

(edit) @8528   10 days Don-vip

see #11255 - remove references to imagery/types folder deleted since r8526

(edit) @8527   10 days Don-vip

see #11255 - remove JAXB parameter unused since r8526

(edit) @8526   10 days wiktorn

Introduce WMS layer based on TMS. (closes: #11255)

HEADS UP: After this patch you need to manually remove JAX-B generated file/class: org/w3/_2001/xmlschema/ to compile the tree again.

  • create AbstractTileSourceLayer based on TMSLayer as a base for TMS, WMS and (future) WMTS layers, (addresses #11459)
  • WMS layer now uses JCS Caching (closes: #7363)
  • introduce new conversion methods in TileSource, that convert both X and Y (lat and lon) in one call. This is necessary for other than PseudoMercator projections
    • introduce TileXY class that represents X and Y indexes of tile in tile matrix/space
    • mark old conversion methods as deprecated
    • refactor JMapViewer and JOSM to new methods
    • change use of Coordinate class to ICoordinate where appropiate
  • extract CachedAttributionBingAerialTileSource to separate file
  • create TemplatedWMSTileSource that provides the WMS Layer with square (according to current projection) tiles (closes: #11572, closes: #7682, addresses: #5454)
  • implemented precaching imagery along GPX track for AbstractTileSourceLayer, so now it work for both - WMS and TMS (closes: #9154)
  • implemented common righ-click menu on map view, as well on layer list (closes #3591)
  • create separate build commands for JMapViewer classes to easily spot, when josm classes are used within JMapViewer
  • remove unnecessary classes of previous WMS implementation - GeorefImage, wms-cache.xsd (and JAXB task from build), WMSCache, WMSRequest, WMSGrabber, HTMLGrabber, WMSException
(edit) @8525   12 days simon04

see #11591, see #11355 - Splash screen: attempt to fix lock issue (2)

(edit) @8524   12 days simon04

see #11591, see #11355 - Splash screen: attempt to fix synchronisation/deadlock issue

(edit) @8523   12 days Klumbumbus

fix #11586 - don't warn about relation with type=restriction, restriction:*=*

(edit) @8522   12 days Klumbumbus

fix #11261 - add pseudo class :in-downloaded-area to isolated nodes test

(edit) @8521   12 days Don-vip

see #11593, see #11579 - MapCSS: display mapcss parsing exceptions early in case of later JavaCC exception

(edit) @8520   12 days Don-vip

see #11591, see #11355 - disable blocking code + fix some sonar issues. Splash screen does not work anymore but at least JOSM starts correctly.

(edit) @8519   2 weeks Don-vip

switch back to Jacoco 0.7.4 until these issues are solved and released:

(edit) @8518   2 weeks Don-vip

checkstyle: fix broken parsing of shortcuts

(edit) @8517   2 weeks simon04

see #10973 - Relation public_transport/route sorting: sort platform directly after corresponding stop member

(edit) @8516   2 weeks simon04

see #11355 - Splash screen: scroll overlong task list

(edit) @8515   2 weeks simon04

see #11579 - MapCSS: improve error reporting on invalid pseudo classes

(edit) @8514   2 weeks Don-vip

checkstyle: various checks

(edit) @8513   2 weeks Don-vip

checkstyle: blocks

(edit) @8512   2 weeks Don-vip

checkstyle: redundant modifiers

(edit) @8511   2 weeks Don-vip

checkstyle: modifiers order

(edit) @8510   2 weeks Don-vip

checkstyle: enable relevant whitespace checks and fix them

(edit) @8509   2 weeks Don-vip

fix many checkstyle violations

(edit) @8508   2 weeks Don-vip

update jacoco 0.7.5 + add checkstyle 6.7

(edit) @8507   2 weeks simon04

fix #10593 - Preference, mappaint/preset/validator sources: indicate added/active items by gray/green checkmark

(edit) @8506   2 weeks Don-vip

fix some Sonar issues

(edit) @8505   2 weeks simon04

fix #11559 - Relation editor: add button to sort the selected relation members and all members below (for experts only)

(edit) @8504   2 weeks Klumbumbus

fix #11464 - display sea side of coastline by blue casing

(edit) @8503   2 weeks simon04

see #11217 - Notes: copy note URL to clipboard when right clicking tooltip

(edit) @8502   2 weeks Klumbumbus

remove in file translation

(edit) @8501   2 weeks Klumbumbus

fix #11543 - add amenity=casino to preset and mappaint style

(edit) @8500   2 weeks simon04

see #11355 - Splash screen: attempt to fix dialog height issue (2)

(edit) @8499   2 weeks simon04

see #11355 - Splash screen: attempt to fix dialog height issue

(edit) @8498   2 weeks simon04

fix #11413 - Advanced Info: add last edit count tab (slightly modified patch by brycenesbitt)

(edit) @8497   2 weeks simon04

fix #11355 - Splash screen: display parallel initialization tasks in a sensible way

(edit) @8496   2 weeks simon04

fix #11505 - Download objects: load a range of OSM objects (modified patch by windu.2b)

(edit) @8495   2 weeks simon04

fix #11150 - False validator warning on ford if node is outside the downloaded area and highway or waterway is not loaded

(edit) @8494   2 weeks simon04

see #11150 - MapCSS: refactor pseudo classes to factory based instantiation; consider :sameTags, :same-tags, :same_tags equivalent

(edit) @8493   2 weeks simon04

fix #5509 - Presets: sort property lists by display name

Sorting is on by default and can be controlled with preference key

(edit) @8492   2 weeks simon04

fix #3145 - Allow listing custom presets within default groups

The non-translated group names are taken as criterion.

(edit) @8491   3 weeks Don-vip

i18n update

(edit) @8490   3 weeks Don-vip

fix #11567 - Exception when running validator

(edit) @8489   3 weeks Don-vip

fix #11562 - use CopyOnWriteArrayList for listeners to avoid ConcurrentModificationException

(edit) @8488   3 weeks wiktorn

Properly handle situation, when tile server returns something else than image file but still gives http status code 200 (like html error page). Closes #11553

(edit) @8487   3 weeks Don-vip

Hide implicit public constructor for utility classes

(edit) @8486   3 weeks Don-vip

Remove unused method parameter(s) in private methods

(edit) @8485   3 weeks wiktorn

Addresses: #11548 - do not assume, that we work with HTTP based connection for fetching from remote resources

(edit) @8484   3 weeks Don-vip

see #11266 - tagging presets icons: avoid unnecessary I/O access to non-existing png file + javadoc

(edit) @8483   3 weeks Don-vip

remove tabs in XML file

(edit) @8482   3 weeks simon04

Correctly parse tab-separated tags

… by using non-greedy regular expression for prefix to ignore

(edit) @8481   4 weeks akks

see #11209: potentially fix input method switching problems

(edit) @8480   4 weeks Klumbumbus

fix #11539 - do not warn about alternitive names osak:municipality_name and osak:street_name

(edit) @8479   4 weeks Don-vip

i18n update

(edit) @8478   4 weeks Don-vip

i18n update

(edit) @8477   4 weeks Klumbumbus

new icon for shop=optician

(edit) @8476   4 weeks Don-vip

update presets links

(edit) @8475   4 weeks Don-vip

fix #11219 - Open notes in browser with Ctrl-Shift-I: "Advanced info (web)"

(edit) @8474   4 weeks Don-vip

fix #11177 - Notes: upload before deleting layer doesn't work

(edit) @8473   4 weeks Don-vip

fix #11533 - proper use of Storage class in NoteData

(edit) @8472   4 weeks Don-vip

Display "No data found in this area." in a notification instead of a blocking error dialog

(edit) @8471   4 weeks Don-vip

offer to automatically download missing required plugins and restart. i18n impact, but this needs to be done before releasing the new tested because of the new dependence on commons-imaging, to avoid future bug reports.

(edit) @8470   4 weeks Don-vip

javadoc fixes. Removed one duplicated method in exception handling

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