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(edit) @8701   9 hours Klumbumbus

fix #11529 - add numeric test for maxweight (copied from maxwidth test directly above)

(edit) @8700   10 hours Klumbumbus

fix #11389 - Add validator tests for combinations of maxspeed, maxspeed:forward and maxspeed:backward; enhance numerical test to forward and backward versions and remove "*=unknown" from whitelist of this numerical test

(edit) @8699   16 hours Klumbumbus

warn about access=restricted

(edit) @8698   19 hours bastiK

apache commons compress switched to git. use git/svn interface of github mirror

(edit) @8697   25 hours wiktorn

fix failing tests

(edit) @8696   35 hours wiktorn

Glue WMS zoom levels to TMS zoom levels.

Based on WMTS well known scale set (in OGC spec: GoogleMapsCompatibile
implement same zoom levels for WMS in JOSM. This change makes WMS zoom levels corresponding (identical?) to TMS zoom
levels and independent of current projection (as it was till now).

Addresses: #11808

(edit) @8695   36 hours wiktorn

Allow zoom levels up to zoom level 24. Addresses: #11808

(edit) @8694   2 days Don-vip

update to Proguard 5.2.1

(edit) @8693   3 days simon04

fix #11741 - Properties dialog: add taginfo icon

Icon is based on and has been transformed using GIMP and Colors → Color to Alpha filter.

(edit) @8692   4 days Don-vip

see #11795 - fix HeadlessException with Jenkins

(edit) @8691   4 days Don-vip

update to Groovy 2.4.4

(edit) @8690   4 days Don-vip

see #11795 - fix error

(edit) @8689   4 days simon04

see #11428 - Make Overpass download an expert action

(edit) @8688   4 days simon04

see #11428 - Make Overpass server configurable

(edit) @8687   5 days Don-vip

see #11795 - add taginfo target to Ant build

(edit) @8686   5 days Don-vip

fix #11803 - wrong help link

(edit) @8685   6 days Don-vip

see #11428 - fix checkstyle issues

(edit) @8684   6 days simon04

see #11428 - Add Overpass download dialog to core, provide Overpass Turbo wizard

(edit) @8683   6 days simon04

Typo in r8682

(edit) @8682   6 days simon04

fix #11790 - Validator dialog: lookup test errors for selected primitives

(edit) @8681   6 days simon04

see #11795 - taginfo-extract also external presets

(edit) @8680   6 days simon04

fix #11755 - Update version of opening_hours.js to 3.3.0

(edit) @8679   6 days simon04

fix #11741 - Properties dialog: add a contextual menu on taginfo

(edit) @8678   7 days Don-vip

see #11421 - update documentation

(edit) @8677   7 days Don-vip

fix #11793 - NPE

(edit) @8676   8 days Don-vip

update presets lang

(edit) @8675   8 days simon04

I18n update

(edit) @8674   8 days Don-vip

fix Checkstyle issues

(edit) @8673   8 days wiktorn

Bing fixes.

  • Pass and handle error on url creation (attribution not loaded yet). Closes: #11776
  • Properly identify "no tiles at this zoom level" situation in tile sets. This tiles are never marked as loaded. Closes: #11785
(edit) @8672   9 days simon04

DownloadAlong: allow to specify areas smaller than 1km², use unit symbol "km²"

(edit) @8671   11 days simon04

taginfoextract: fix preset icon URLs

For instance, mixed_lift now correctly links to the OSM repository.

(edit) @8670   12 days simon04

fix #11749 - Jump to Position: add D M S and D M.M coordinate support to

(edit) @8669   12 days Klumbumbus

Change order of website and phone in contact presets. phone number is controversial and website is used more often then phone. This allows pasting website faster because the cursor is already in the website text box.

(edit) @8668   12 days Klumbumbus

update preset for amenity=bicyle_parking

(edit) @8667   12 days Klumbumbus

fix mappaint of unclosed amenity=bicycle_parking, (see #11415)

(edit) @8666   12 days Don-vip

fix #11751 - JOSM JNLP doesn't restart in Linux (patch by simon04, modified)

(edit) @8665   12 days Don-vip

update presets lang

(edit) @8664   12 days Don-vip

update CheckStyle to 6.9

(edit) @8663   12 days simon04

fix #11442 - "Toolbar action" bug w/ 'notes' & normal dialogs

(edit) @8662   12 days simon04

I18n update

(edit) @8661   12 days Klumbumbus

fix graphic glitch (monstrous traffic light) for nodes with highway=traffic_signals and barrier=bollard

(edit) @8660   2 weeks Don-vip

fix #11756 - NPEs

(edit) @8659   2 weeks wiktorn

More performance improvements

  • Use one MemoryTileCache instance per multiple layers. This results in smaller memory footprint when working with many layers
  • fix default maximum TimeToLive in JCS
  • TemplatedWMSTileSource now caches degreesPerZoom, so it's not computed on every request
(edit) @8658   2 weeks Don-vip

fix #11756 - NPEs

(edit) @8657   3 weeks Don-vip

fix #11769 - fix unit test (patch by michael2402)

(edit) @8656   3 weeks Don-vip

enable Findbugs in Eclipse project

(edit) @8655   3 weeks Don-vip

fix #11768 - Performance test: Use a generic random string list (patch by michael2402)

(edit) @8654   3 weeks Don-vip

fix #11769 - Documentation for KeyCondition (patch by michael2402)

(edit) @8653   3 weeks Don-vip

fix #11756 - NPE

(edit) @8652   3 weeks Don-vip

fix #11767 - Use Arrays.copyOf in OsmPrimitive#put(String, String) (patch by michael2402)

(edit) @8651   3 weeks wiktorn

fix tests

(edit) @8650   3 weeks wiktorn

Follow HTTP(S) redirects in Add WMS wizzard / GetLayers. Closes: #11770

(edit) @8649   3 weeks wiktorn
  • performance improvements - move all cache accesses to worker thread, as now, mostly we will have accesses to disks
  • follow HTTP 302 redirection when downloading tiles. Addresses: #11770
(edit) @8648   3 weeks wiktorn

Pass headers to OsmTileLoader when using it as a fallback tile loader.

(edit) @8647   3 weeks wiktorn

Performance improvements.

  • getTileUrl now uses generic, staticly compiled pattern, instead of replaceAll (gives 2x improvement)
  • AbstractTileSourceLayer uses MemoryTileCache instead of JCS cache. This give huge improvement when there is a lot of tiles to show (eg. when min zoom is limited by user to some high value)
(edit) @8646   3 weeks wiktorn

Move listeners notification outside synchronized sections.

Addresses: #11689

(edit) @8645   3 weeks Don-vip

fix #11756, fix #11759 - NPEs

(edit) @8644   3 weeks Don-vip

fix checkstyle issues

(edit) @8643   3 weeks wiktorn

Fix behaviour when exception is thrown during download.

  • fix endless download, when exception is thrown during download
  • draw multiline error text on tile if error string is longer than tile width
(edit) @8642   3 weeks wiktorn

Temporary fix lockups on data layer removal when Validation layer is present

Replace ReentrantReadWriteLock with Java Monitors.

Addresses: #11689

(edit) @8641   3 weeks bastiK

fixed #11750 - Broken UTF-8 support in startup screen

(edit) @8640   3 weeks wiktorn

Fix retrieving expired elemetnts from cache for TMS

(edit) @8639   4 weeks Don-vip

fix #11747 - NPE

(edit) @8638   4 weeks Klumbumbus

fix #11745 - typo

(edit) @8637   4 weeks Don-vip

update to latest JMapViewer

(edit) @8636   4 weeks wiktorn

Small TMS fixes.

  • fix handling of minimum and maximum expiration times (tiles were usually set for expiration at 1 month instead what headers returned)
  • fix right-click menu command "Load tile" not reloading the tiles
  • fix null pointer dereference reported by Coverity
(edit) @8635   4 weeks wiktorn

Fix Coverity warnings:

  • null pointer dereferences
  • make maksimum time element may be taken from cache to one year
(edit) @8634   4 weeks Don-vip

proper JOSM/JMapViewer integration

(edit) @8633   4 weeks Don-vip

fix some compile errors that arise with openjdk-9-b74

(edit) @8632   4 weeks Don-vip

update Checkstyle to 6.8.1, update Eclipse project, fix checkstyle issues

(edit) @8631   4 weeks wiktorn

Move lock aquires closer to try/catch/finally, to silent FindBugs warnings. Addresses: #11689

(edit) @8630   4 weeks Klumbumbus

fix #11737 - do not warn about "aerialway=yes is unspecific." for public transport related objects

(edit) @8629   4 weeks wiktorn

Fix NPE in CacheEntry and TMS settings

  • fix NPE in CacheEntry (Closes: #11728)
  • properly handle maximum concurrent downloads for TMS in settings
(edit) @8628   4 weeks wiktorn

findbugs fixes

(edit) @8627   4 weeks wiktorn

properly pass the message that user has not selected layer

(edit) @8626   5 weeks wiktorn

checkstyle and sonar issues fixes

(edit) @8625   5 weeks bastiK

applied #11713 - JOSM raster layers filters plugin development (patch by Nipel-Crumple, slightly modified)

(edit) @8624   5 weeks bastiK

add missing svn:eol-style=native

(edit) @8623   5 weeks bastiK

applied #11709 - New performance test for MapCSSStyleSource#apply and for OsmPrimitive#get/put/getKeys (patch by michael2402)

(edit) @8622   5 weeks bastiK

fix unit test: preference file is read-only

(edit) @8621   5 weeks wiktorn

Fix artifacts on clicks in CacheContentsPanel. Closes: #11703

(edit) @8620   5 weeks wiktorn

autozoom checkbox display fix in right-menu click

  • proper display of state of checkbox on right-click menu (autoZoom, autoLoad, showErrors)
  • add WMTS layer to session exporter
(edit) @8619   5 weeks wiktorn

Class cleanup / style fixes.

  • Replace Coordinate with ICoordinate
  • Move @Overriden methods so they are grupped together
  • Move Unsupported operations in one block
(edit) @8618   5 weeks wiktorn

Fix calculation of World Bounds for WMS when no projection has no bounds defined, and bogus results are returned on boundaries.

Closes: #11697, #11701

(edit) @8617   5 weeks Don-vip

fix #11707 - "sport without physical feature" reported for sport=swimming + natural=water

(edit) @8616   5 weeks bastiK

applied #11714 - StyledMapRenderer javadoc (patch by michael2402)

(edit) @8615   5 weeks bastiK

fixed a Collections.reverse that should not be there (fixes #11496, patch by michael2402)

(edit) @8614   5 weeks bastiK

applied #11708 - Removed redundant code from StyledMapRenderer (patch by michael2402)

(edit) @8613   5 weeks bastiK

fixed #11496 - getVisibleLayersInZOrder() -> Comparator is not transitive (patch by michael2402)

(edit) @8612   5 weeks Don-vip

fix QA issues (javadoc, findbugs, checkstyle)

(edit) @8611   5 weeks Don-vip

Add robustness to UNITS_TO_METERS parameters - this solves the opendata plugin failing unit test

(edit) @8610   5 weeks bastiK

get rid of redundant ellipsoid info in epsg file

(edit) @8609   5 weeks bastiK

add proj.4 syntax "+proj=utm +zone=... [+south]" for CustomProjection (see #11701)

This is just a shortcut for a set of already supported parameters.

(edit) @8608   6 weeks Don-vip

define static variable before first use to see if it solves NPE in plugin unit tests

(edit) @8607   6 weeks wiktorn

fix error reporting when tiles were successfuly loaded

(edit) @8606   6 weeks wiktorn

Properly report exceptions from tile download

(edit) @8605   6 weeks wiktorn

added wmts imagery type

(edit) @8604   6 weeks wiktorn

Better error reporting in JCS, checkstyle fixes

(edit) @8603   6 weeks wiktorn

Properly size disk cache size. Cache size is provided in kB, MAX_DISK_CACHE_SIZE is in MB

(edit) @8602   6 weeks wiktorn

Properly handle file based tile sources.

  • move getThreadFactory(String name) to Utils class, so it's easily usable across JOSM
  • rollback changes in [8485]
  • detect that we are working with filesystem TileSource in AbstractTileSourceLayer and if so, do not use JCS as caching mechanism, as tiles are already local
  • change return value of getTileSourceInfo in AbstractTileSourceLayer to AbstractTMSTileSource, as this is anyway - lowest we can work with
  • add test data for testing file base tile sources

closes: #11548

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