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(edit) @8639   4 hours Don-vip

fix #11747 - NPE

(edit) @8638   6 hours Klumbumbus

fix #11745 - typo

(edit) @8637   28 hours Don-vip

update to latest JMapViewer

(edit) @8636   39 hours wiktorn

Small TMS fixes.

  • fix handling of minimum and maximum expiration times (tiles were usually set for expiration at 1 month instead what headers returned)
  • fix right-click menu command "Load tile" not reloading the tiles
  • fix null pointer dereference reported by Coverity
(edit) @8635   39 hours wiktorn

Fix Coverity warnings:

  • null pointer dereferences
  • make maksimum time element may be taken from cache to one year
(edit) @8634   2 days Don-vip

proper JOSM/JMapViewer integration

(edit) @8633   2 days Don-vip

fix some compile errors that arise with openjdk-9-b74

(edit) @8632   2 days Don-vip

update Checkstyle to 6.8.1, update Eclipse project, fix checkstyle issues

(edit) @8631   3 days wiktorn

Move lock aquires closer to try/catch/finally, to silent FindBugs warnings. Addresses: #11689

(edit) @8630   4 days Klumbumbus

fix #11737 - do not warn about "aerialway=yes is unspecific." for public transport related objects

(edit) @8629   5 days wiktorn

Fix NPE in CacheEntry and TMS settings

  • fix NPE in CacheEntry (Closes: #11728)
  • properly handle maximum concurrent downloads for TMS in settings
(edit) @8628   6 days wiktorn

findbugs fixes

(edit) @8627   6 days wiktorn

properly pass the message that user has not selected layer

(edit) @8626   7 days wiktorn

checkstyle and sonar issues fixes

(edit) @8625   7 days bastiK

applied #11713 - JOSM raster layers filters plugin development (patch by Nipel-Crumple, slightly modified)

(edit) @8624   7 days bastiK

add missing svn:eol-style=native

(edit) @8623   7 days bastiK

applied #11709 - New performance test for MapCSSStyleSource#apply and for OsmPrimitive#get/put/getKeys (patch by michael2402)

(edit) @8622   7 days bastiK

fix unit test: preference file is read-only

(edit) @8621   8 days wiktorn

Fix artifacts on clicks in CacheContentsPanel. Closes: #11703

(edit) @8620   8 days wiktorn

autozoom checkbox display fix in right-menu click

  • proper display of state of checkbox on right-click menu (autoZoom, autoLoad, showErrors)
  • add WMTS layer to session exporter
(edit) @8619   8 days wiktorn

Class cleanup / style fixes.

  • Replace Coordinate with ICoordinate
  • Move @Overriden methods so they are grupped together
  • Move Unsupported operations in one block
(edit) @8618   8 days wiktorn

Fix calculation of World Bounds for WMS when no projection has no bounds defined, and bogus results are returned on boundaries.

Closes: #11697, #11701

(edit) @8617   11 days Don-vip

fix #11707 - "sport without physical feature" reported for sport=swimming + natural=water

(edit) @8616   11 days bastiK

applied #11714 - StyledMapRenderer javadoc (patch by michael2402)

(edit) @8615   11 days bastiK

fixed a Collections.reverse that should not be there (fixes #11496, patch by michael2402)

(edit) @8614   12 days bastiK

applied #11708 - Removed redundant code from StyledMapRenderer (patch by michael2402)

(edit) @8613   12 days bastiK

fixed #11496 - getVisibleLayersInZOrder() -> Comparator is not transitive (patch by michael2402)

(edit) @8612   12 days Don-vip

fix QA issues (javadoc, findbugs, checkstyle)

(edit) @8611   12 days Don-vip

Add robustness to UNITS_TO_METERS parameters - this solves the opendata plugin failing unit test

(edit) @8610   13 days bastiK

get rid of redundant ellipsoid info in epsg file

(edit) @8609   13 days bastiK

add proj.4 syntax "+proj=utm +zone=... [+south]" for CustomProjection (see #11701)

This is just a shortcut for a set of already supported parameters.

(edit) @8608   2 weeks Don-vip

define static variable before first use to see if it solves NPE in plugin unit tests

(edit) @8607   3 weeks wiktorn

fix error reporting when tiles were successfuly loaded

(edit) @8606   3 weeks wiktorn

Properly report exceptions from tile download

(edit) @8605   3 weeks wiktorn

added wmts imagery type

(edit) @8604   3 weeks wiktorn

Better error reporting in JCS, checkstyle fixes

(edit) @8603   3 weeks wiktorn

Properly size disk cache size. Cache size is provided in kB, MAX_DISK_CACHE_SIZE is in MB

(edit) @8602   3 weeks wiktorn

Properly handle file based tile sources.

  • move getThreadFactory(String name) to Utils class, so it's easily usable across JOSM
  • rollback changes in [8485]
  • detect that we are working with filesystem TileSource in AbstractTileSourceLayer and if so, do not use JCS as caching mechanism, as tiles are already local
  • change return value of getTileSourceInfo in AbstractTileSourceLayer to AbstractTMSTileSource, as this is anyway - lowest we can work with
  • add test data for testing file base tile sources

closes: #11548

(edit) @8601   3 weeks wiktorn

Fix for tiles not loading after layer is added, when not moving the mouse

(edit) @8600   3 weeks wiktorn
  • fix sonar issues
  • implement cache clear for "clear" button

Closes: #11327

(edit) @8599   3 weeks wiktorn

Fix tests failing after [8598]

(edit) @8598   3 weeks wiktorn


  • added method - getTileId that returns unique identifier for the tile, that should not collide with other tile sources
  • added JavaDocs


  • moved from object count limit to object size limit
  • fixed bug with unnecessary re-creation of auxilary cache, that could result in cache corruption/loss of current cache data

CachedTileLoaderFactory, WMSCachedTileLoader, TMSCachedTileLoader

  • un-abstract CachedTileLoaderFactory, use reflection to create TileLoaders
  • adjust constructors

TMSCachedTileLoader, AbstractCachedTileSourceLayer:

  • move cache related settings to AbstractCachedTileSourceLayer
  • move cache instation to AbstractCachedTileSourceLayer
  • make "flush tile cache" command clear only one tile source


  • make "flush tile cache" command clear only one tile source
  • reorder methods


  • java docs
  • inline of private methods: getTileXMax, getTileYMax
  • fix sonar issues
  • make WMS layer zoom levels closer to TMS (addresses: #11459)


  • fix Sonar issues
  • use topLeftCorner in X/Y tile max calculations instead of world bounds (fixes issues with WMTS-es, for which topLeftCorner lies outside projection world bounds)


  • draw warning, when min-zoom-level is set, and tiles are not loaded due to too many tiles on screen

TMSLayer, WMSLayer, WMTSLayer:

  • expose access to cache object for ImageryPreferences


  • add panel for managing cache regions and tile sources within the regions

CommonSettingsPanel, TMSSettingsPanel:

  • move settings common to all imagery layers from TMSSettingsPanel to CommonSettingsPanel
(edit) @8597   3 weeks wiktorn

Removed unnecessary debug output

(edit) @8596   3 weeks wiktorn

Fix off by one error which breakes openeing local files on linux. Addresses: #10623

(edit) @8595   3 weeks Don-vip

fix #11681 - NPE in tagging presets initialization

(edit) @8594   3 weeks Klumbumbus

see #11600 see #11393 - fix r8591

(edit) @8593   3 weeks Klumbumbus

see #11445 - move old icon to nodist folder

(edit) @8592   3 weeks Klumbumbus

fix #11445 - replace some icons, move old icons to josm nodist folder. source of new icons:, CC0

(edit) @8591   3 weeks Klumbumbus

fix #11600 see #11393 - (re)add default direction arrows for highway=motorway(_link); lower missing oneway tag to info level

(edit) @8590   4 weeks Don-vip

fix #11630 - NPE (patch by michael2402)

(edit) @8589   4 weeks Don-vip

fix #11677 - "null must be connected to a way" validator warning (regression from r8522)

(edit) @8588   4 weeks Don-vip

fix #11657 - User.createOsmUser() memory optimization

(edit) @8587   4 weeks Don-vip

fix #11674 - allow multipolygon platform in public transport route relations

(edit) @8586   4 weeks wiktorn
  • (WMTS) Added Style support
  • (WMTS) Added MatrixHeight and MatrixWidth support
  • (WMTS) Corrected best zoom calcu

Closes: #10623 - Walonnie WMTS finally works.

(edit) @8585   4 weeks wiktorn

Checkstyle fixes

(edit) @8584   4 weeks wiktorn
  • added axis definition to ESPG projections definition, where it's not default (i.e. North/East)
  • added switchXY boolean in Projection interface
  • WMTS and WMS (1.3.0) uses now switchXY when doing requests against servers
  • better error reporting when there are problems with parsing the WMTS TileSource

Addresses: #10623

Now should work.

Wallonie services still being debugged.

(edit) @8583   4 weeks Don-vip

update presets lang

(edit) @8582   4 weeks Don-vip


(edit) @8581   4 weeks Don-vip

fix #11664 - fix regression of r8566 for relation editor

(edit) @8580   4 weeks Klumbumbus

see #11600 see #11393 - try to fix r8579

(edit) @8579   4 weeks Klumbumbus

fix #11600 see #11393 - don't assume oneway=yes without oneway on highway=motorway_link

(edit) @8578   4 weeks Klumbumbus

fix #11672 - restrict destination warning to highways

(edit) @8577   4 weeks Klumbumbus

fix #11669 - don't warn about unclosed natural=valley

(edit) @8576   4 weeks wiktorn

wms_endpoint now forwards information about available projection to ImageryInfo

(edit) @8575   4 weeks bastiK

see #11607 - more debugging output for error in StyleCache

(edit) @8574   4 weeks bastiK

applied #11655 - memory optimization (patch by shinigami, modified)

(edit) @8573   4 weeks bastiK

fixed #11647 - Regression: relation list empty (patch by michael2402)

(edit) @8572   4 weeks wiktorn

fix #11660 - Added missing wmts icon

(edit) @8571   4 weeks Don-vip


(edit) @8570   4 weeks Don-vip


(edit) @8569   4 weeks wiktorn

Add tests for Wallonie and Wien, fixed Style substitution

(edit) @8568   4 weeks wiktorn

Basic WMTS support.

  • added information about units and to_meter to EPSG projection definitions (needed for WMTS)
  • added WMTSTileSource and WMTSLayer classes
  • a bit of cleanup of AbstractTileSourceLayer and align so it will work properly with WMTS tile definitions
  • added Imagery Preferences panel for WMTS and icon for button
  • added removal of wms: / tms: / wmts: prefix, if user will paste them into the field
  • CachedFile - added possibility to send custom headers with request
  • added support for unit and to_meter in CustomProjection
  • AbstractTMSTileSource cleanups (change of Coordinate to ICoordinate)
  • moved to Utils

Addresses: #10623

Tested with Polish WMTS service proivders, Walonnie needs still some debugging, as it is not working right now.

(edit) @8567   4 weeks Don-vip

fix #11651 - whitechars stripping optimization (modified patch by shinigami)

(edit) @8566   4 weeks Don-vip

fix #11653 - AbstractPrimitive.getKeys optimization (patch by shinigami)

(edit) @8565   4 weeks Don-vip

fix #11650 - performance: avoid creation of Date objects when it is not needed (patch by shinigami, modified slightly)

(edit) @8564   4 weeks Don-vip

fix #11649 - DateUtils optimization (modified patch by shinigami)

(edit) @8563   4 weeks Don-vip

fix #7813 - proper timeouts when connecting to OSM server (patch by anirud)

(edit) @8562   4 weeks bastiK

fixed splash deadlock for java 7 (fixes #11591, see #11355)

(edit) @8561   5 weeks Klumbumbus

remove sport=cricket_nets from preset and mappaint style as this is not a sport, see

(edit) @8560   5 weeks Klumbumbus

fix #11546 - adjust some sport presets

(edit) @8559   5 weeks Klumbumbus

fix #11644 - do not warn about highway=* in combination with waterway=weir

(edit) @8558   5 weeks Don-vip

update javadoc

(edit) @8557   5 weeks Don-vip


(edit) @8556   5 weeks bastiK

applied #11636 - Moved cursor management to new class and used java library functions for the cursor stack

(edit) @8555   5 weeks bastiK

applied #11635 - Move creation of the MapView children to new method. (patch by michael2402)

(edit) @8554   5 weeks bastiK

applied #11634 - Moved global SOM management out of NavigationComponent to SystemOfMeasurement class (patch by michael2402)

(edit) @8553   5 weeks bastiK

applied #11633 - MapView: Made paint() method shorter by moving draw prearation to a new method. (patch by michael2402)

(edit) @8552   5 weeks bastiK

applied #11632 - Synchronized access to temporary layers and added a getter. (based on patch by michael2402)

(edit) @8551   5 weeks bastiK

applied #11631 new enhancement - Synchronized access to MapView#layers (patch by michael2402)

(edit) @8550   5 weeks bastiK

applied #11629 - Fixed state errors in selection (rect/lasso) and made them draw on a temporary layer; added polygon fill effect for lasso selection. (patch by michael2402)

(edit) @8549   5 weeks bastiK

applied #11628 - Added documentation to EastNorth, changed x - y = y.sub(x) to x.subtract(y) and minor code style improvements. (patch by michael2402, partially applied)

(edit) @8548   5 weeks bastiK

applied #11627 - Added Repaint listener to MapView (patch by michael2402)

(edit) @8547   5 weeks Klumbumbus

add match="keyvalue" to payment preset

(edit) @8546   5 weeks Klumbumbus

fix #11499 - add warning for inaccurate payment values.

(edit) @8545   5 weeks Klumbumbus

fix #11564 - add warning for highway=motorway|motorway_link without oneway

(edit) @8544   5 weeks Klumbumbus

see #11234 - add { } ? * ^ $ to "key with uncommon character" test (availible since r8535)

(edit) @8543   5 weeks wiktorn

Add appendix to supported layers message

(edit) @8542   5 weeks wiktorn

Add warnings about supported projections for WMS layers

(edit) @8541   5 weeks wiktorn

Cast JsonValue to JsonString and use getString instead of toString on preferences deserialization. Prevents from adding additional quotation marks in values. Closes: #11611

(edit) @8540   5 weeks Don-vip

fix remaining checkstyle issues

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