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From JOSM you can reach this page

  • by clicking the menu item Help -> source:trunk/images/help.png Help
  • by clicking on a source:trunk/images/help.png help button in one of the JOSM dialogs
  • by pressing F1

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Getting Started

Within this wiki

In the OSM-wiki

Openstreetmap in general


  • Objects - explains what objects maps consist of and how these objects are described in detail
  • Conflict - explains the basics of conflicts, why they occur, how they are detected and how you can resolve them
  • Changeset - explains why you create a changeset when you upload data to the OSM server

JOSM interface

Map View

  • Map View - The main area, where editing takes place

Depending on which plugins you have installed you may have more options on this menu.


  • Main Toolbar - the toolbar above the main JOSM window.
    This toolbar is highly customisable, with the ability to add and remove menus items from the preferences dialog.
  • Edit Toolbar - the toolbar down the left hand side of the main JOSM window

Toggle Dialogs

Status Bar

Other dialogs

JOSM Plugins

JOSM error messages

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