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JOSM presets

short descriptionauthordescriptionversion
Historic Archaeological Site:DE Lutz Historic Archaeological Site:DE 1.revision?_date?
OpenRailwayMap Signale AT V2 OpenRailwayMap Preset to tag Austrian railway signals 1.0
Conservation area in Ukraine anton.biatov[at] Preset for Conservation area of Ukraine 2.2_2015-02-25
OpenRailwayMap special AVG signals OpenRailwayMap Preset to tag some special railway signals used by Albtal-Verkehrs-Gesellschaft around Karlsruhe 1.0
OpenRailwayMap BOStrab signals OpenRailwayMap Preset to tag tram signals in Germany 1.0
OpenRailwayMap Signale DE ESO OpenRailwayMap Preset to tag German railway signals 1.0
OpenRailwayMap Infrastructure DE+AT OpenRailwayMap Preset to tag German and Austrian railway infrastructure 2016-04-18
FreieTonne FreieTonne Style for FreieTonne-Seamarks More details 20160428075116
icon Seamarks Aun 'Skippern' Johnsen, Malcolm Herring, Translator.DE: S. 'XPcRUSHER' Heilmann Seamark Tagging according to INT-1 symbols 1.0
OpenStationMap 0.2.1 Roland Wagner - (rwagner@…) Akaparis GmbH; Clara Hüge / Konrad Heimpel / Dirk Schlierkamp-Voosen Deutsche Bahn AG ; Roland Olbricht - Mentz GmbH OpenStationMap aims to refine stations with indoor and railway specific features in OSM. A view can be found at: and the documentation can be found here: 0.2.1
Access Mapping India Patrick Access Mapping India 1.31_2016-08-15
Restriction signs in Poland przemas75 Restriction signs in Poland: maxgcweight, maxweightrating, signs B-5,B-18,B-1 1.0
Addr2 freeExec Presets for easy adding double addresing 1.04_2016-08-15
Advertising devices editor Barnes38 This editor helps tagging advertising devices into JOSM. More details 0.29_2016-08-24
Allergy Karsten Hinz Preset to easily add allergy and organic tags on bakeries, restaurants, ... 0.7_2016-08-15
Animal facilities Viking81 Tags for animal shelters and animal boarding facilities 1.5_2014-01-12
icon BAR Damage Assessment jgc This preset supplies colored and shaped icons and classes, for tagging visible structural strength and damage scale of buildings, according to HHI BAR damage assessment methodology, adapted for OSM More details 0.6_2016-04-26
Benelux (Mapping in BENELUX) Marc Gemis For starters in the Benelux. The idea is the group a number of frequently used tag combinations, such that one can map faster and more correct. This file supports the information on 0.25.69_2016-08-15
Bicycle waypoints Adiac Bicycle network related waypoints 1.3_2012-11-27
icon Blood donation M!dgard Tag blood donation centres with healthcare=blood_donation 4_2015-07-31
Building Preset didier2020,skyper Building Preset 1.8_2016-08-15
Buildings Indonesia Kate Chapman Building collection presets for Indonesia 1.6_2016-04-06
icon Bus lane geozeisig Bus lane 1.0.12_2015-06-24
Camp Site extends jeepster4000 Camp Site extends all in one windows More details 0.11_2016-08-02
Accomodation tag extentions Jan van Bekkum Accomodation tag extentions More details 1.0_2015-02-01
icon (Motor)Caravan site gmbo This set of presets adds capabilities for using the caravan_site tag. More details 0.1_2015-03-21
Common Keyboard Shortcuts Chase Stephens Allows easy tagging using keyboard shortcuts for very common tags. 1.4_2015-11-24
icon Communication Towers derstefan Preset to easily add different types of communication towers. 1.12_2015-05-02
Crafts MaZderMind, osm@… This set of presets adds capabilities for using the craft tag. More details 1.7_2015-03-04
Czech hiking routes vrabcak Tagging presets for relations mapping Czech hiking routes More details 0.7_2016-05-26
Tags for Czech/Slovak address system jose1711, Marián Kyral More details 2.7_2016-08-15
Disc Golf Courses sidjy Presets for Mapping of Disc Golf Courses 0.1.3_2016-07-19
scuba_diving Inger Holndonner Scuba divespots and scuba diving amenities (OpenSeaMap) 1.7_2014-01-06
icon Estaciones de servicio Argentina AgusQui Carga de marcas y tipos de combustibles en estaciones de servicio de Argentina More details 4.15_2016-06-04
Rescue Service infrastructure in Poland SQ9NIT Tagging presets for emergency access roads and suction points More details 0.9_2016-08-02
Rights of way in England and Wales achadwick Public rights of way in England and Wales, using the good bits out of the global tagging style while retaining our ancient folkways and customs. 0.8_2014-04-01
Freemap Slovakia Freemap Slovakia Presets for Slovak mappers 1.7_2015-11-13 source simon04 Preset to set source to 1.1_2011-07-26
icon Golf Courses tumsi Presets for Mapping of Golf Courses 0.1.9_2016-04-06
Harbours Malcolm Herring Harbour elements for OpenSeaMap 1.0_2013-05-09
icon Heritage properties Gmbo / Geozeisig Heritage properties all in one windows 2.0.55_2015-06-30
hiking routes with trail marking juestres Tagging presets for relations mapping hiking routes with trail marking 0.5_2016-08-15
icon Boundary stones and milestones Lübeck,Lutz Historic Stones / Boundary Stones / Milestones 1.32_2016-08-02
icon Historic Objects Lutz/Zecke Historic Objects 1.155_2016-08-16
Hot Nepal Earthquake (experimental) alekno unofficial HOT Nepal Earthquake tagging helper on common TM tagging schemes More details 0.1_8_2016-08-02
icon Irish boundaries IrlJidel Presets to tag Irish boundaries 9.4_2016-08-15
IRS presets Zverik Presets for simpler IRS tracing More details 1.2.8_2016-08-15
JA:Naming sample tsuhi This preset is in accordance with the basic rules for chain stores in Japan 1.0b5_16_2016-08-15
Japanese 50 sounds order Japanese OSM Users These presets are converted from Ja:Howto_Map_A of OSM wiki. Most of items are written in Japanese. Sub Group A-Z is for foreigner living in Japan. More details 1.2_2015-05-14
Japan Tsunami Presets PierZen Adds Presets for Japan Tsunami More details 1.9_2014-04-01
icon Lane attributes skyper A preset for tagging (turn-) lanes More details 0.25_2015-06-02
Leaf_type Rudolf Martin Preset with approved keys 'leaf_type=' and 'leaf_cycle='. Key 'wood='is deprecated. 6.2016-08-15
Light sources Manuel Hohmann Presets for light sources, proposed on March 11, 2014. More details 0.3
LV sources iav Latvian mappers typical data sources More details 1.6_2012-02-10
Maxspeed zones lzhl National speed limits zones 0.5_2015-10-31
Speedlimits in Poland - draft (test only) sznik 1.15_2016-07-19
mobile phone base stations juestres Tagging presets for mobile phone base stations (currently german provider only) 0.4_2015-03-30
MTB Tagger kaivi MTB-specific tagging of ways 2.0_2014-09-07
Additional presets for Mtbikers Adds preset for singletrails and tracks More details 2.5_2016-08-02
Mountains lzhl Adds presets for mountain terrain tagging 0.6_2013-05-15
new parking features Mario Schütze Contains the new parking features from "Proposed_features/parking" (see link). More details 1.8_2016-08-02
New Tags noname,Manu1400 Tags from the wiki, currently not included by default in JOSM because of low usage numbers or regional usage. 1.76_2016-08-15
icon One click settings Dirk Stöcker Some additional presets to use with a single click 2.18_2016-08-15
OpenPisteMap Bernhard Hopke Provides presets for the OpenPisteMap-Project. More details 1.2_2011-09-20
Seamarks padde Preset to easily add seamarks 0.30_2015-05-02
seamark:type=bridge/gate kannix presets for adding bridge or gate-objects to waterways for routing purpose 1.5_2015-10-14
icon German truck toll attributes Klaus-Geo German truck toll adding hgv=* , toll:*= * and toll:operator=* for ways 0.0.5_2016-07-18
OSMRookie yopaseopor Preset for tag as a newbie and easily and participate on #OSMRookie. Join Us. 1.6_2016-08-02
Parking lanes Sebastian Klemm, Kay Drangmeister Parking lanes along roads and parking/stopping restrictions More details 1.5_2016-08-02
Playground_Equipment Lutz Playground_Equipment 1.14_2015-10-05
Power Line Mapping NGA V2 ssherpa + jcarbz + Orowole+NZ Power Line Mapping customized for NGA Asset Mapping 1.5_2015-05-18
Power Line Mapping NGA V2 ssherpa + jcarbz + Orowole+NZ Power Line Mapping customized for NGA Asset Mapping 1.5_2015-05-18
Power Line Mapping Kaduna Electric ssherpa + jcarbz + Orowole+NZ Power Line Mapping customized for NGA Asset Mapping 1.5_2015-05-18
Power Line Mapping PPL ssherpa, Naichen Power Line Mapping customized for PNG Power Limited asset mapping 1.14_2016-07-19
Power Line Mapping Nigeria ssherpa + jcarbz Power Line Mapping Nigeria 1.5_2015-05-18
icon public bookcase gmbo This set of presets adds capabilities for using the public_bookcase tag. More details 0.5_2015-06-02
Public Transport (one click) simon04 One click presets for the new Public Transport schema More details 5_2016-08-15
Quick-highways lzhl Presets for quickly adding popular highway=* and surface=* tags 0.19_2015-11-02
Quick-stops lzhl Presets for quickly adding main tags for public_transport=platform/srop_position and crossings 0.9_2015-05-02
hiking/mtb routes with trail marking roberto Tagging presets for relations mapping hiking routes with trail marking 0.7_2016-08-15
Simple Indoor Tagging sidjy Simple Indoor Tagging 1.6_2015-05-07
Bus stops in Bogota Andres Gomez Casanova Bus stops for the different transportation types of Bogota (SITP and Transmilenio) 1.0_2015-07-28
icon Skiing trails Cross-country skiing trails More details 1.5_2014-10-26
Slovenské turistické trasy Freemap Slovakia Slovenské turistické trasy 1.1_2016-08-12
Source Spain sanchi Tags to insert the sources of Spain 1.2_2011-06-13
Water Sports Malcolm Herring Water Sports layer elements for OpenSeaMap 1.0_2011.11.30
icon Stolpersteine Lübeck,Gmbo Stolpersteine - Artist Gunter Demnig's 'stumble stones' 1.12_2016-03-04
icon Stolpersteine - light version Lübeck,Gmbo,Klumbumbus Stolpersteine - Artist Gunter Demnig's 'stumble stones'. This version specializes in the essential tags ​​for stolpersteins. 1.21_2016-03-15
icon Surveillance (cams and more) Hatto von Hatzfeld Adding common tags of a surveillance cam or other means of surveillance 0.4
Tags for observatories Michael Bemmerl More details 2.2_2016-08-15
TMC import Germany Michael Bemmerl Tags for the TMC import Germany More details 1.6_2016-08-15
Towers Jens Winbladh Adds presets for tagging for towers 0.1.8_2015-05-02
Quick Tracks Freemap Slovakia Quick Tracks 1.1_2016-08-12
Traffic signs yopaseopor Tag easily ways and nodes for highways and traffic signals. Begin to be localizated. 2.2016-08-13
Tree names with taxom Petr Schönmann Tree names with taxom 0.03_2015-07-12
icon Turistaút kapcsolat Domcsi Turistaút kapcsolatok készítése More details 1_14_2016-05-13
3D Simple Buildings Tomasz Kędziora (Kendzi) Presets for Simple 3D building properties 0.8_2014-08-29
sidewalks, kerbs & entrances 4 wheelchair-users Michael Maier (species@osm) Add information about pavements, kerbs and entrances for wheelchair users 0.12
Source properties Jens Winbladh Adds presets for tagging source More details 0.1
Steps properties Sebastian Hohmann Steps properties all in one windows or one-click in a menu More details 0.9.1
Street cabinet Jacob Bräutigam street cabinets More details 2015-01-19
Taiwan Only Some presets only use in Taiwan region More details 34
TransforMap Tag-Presets Michael Maier (species@osm) Presets covering all the proposed tags for project TransforMap 0.41
Windrad Vorlagen für Windräder More details 2012-12-03

Create new presets

See TaggingPresets for the explanation of the syntax and more infos in case you want to create your own preset.

  • In order to add a new wiki based preset, simply create a new wiki page similar to the existing wiki presets.
    • i.e. go to (Change the URL so it matches the name of your preset. Change only the last part after ...Presets/.)
    • click 'create this page'
    • add content similar to existing preset wikis, e.g. Presets/OneClick
    • don't forget to enclose your preset code by a code block (#!preset needs to be on a new line after {{{):
      • {{{
      • #!preset
      • ...
      • }}}
    • save the wiki page
    • after a few minutes the new wiki preset will show up in the list and in JOSM automatically
    • for automatic version adjustment you should use two internal variables:
      • [[revision]] - is the latest version number of the wiki page
      • [[date]] - is the date of the last edit
      • e.g. "1.[[revision]]_[[date]]" converts to e.g. 1.13_2014-02-24
  • New externally hosted preset URLs can be entered when editing this page. (JOSM wiki based Presets (see above) is the preferred method.)
    • Note: Only URLs with file-extension (e.g. *.mapcss, *.xml, *.zip, *.php) are supported.

See Styles for a description how the JOSM wiki helps to create own styles or presets and how attached files and icons are handled.

Updating presets in JOSM

Once a preset was updated in the Wiki it takes up to 10 days until the preset gets updated in JOSM automatically. To immediately force an update you can do the following steps:

  • Open the Preferences
  • Make sure Expert Mode is enabled
  • Open the Advanced Preferences
  • Search for keys starting with: mirror.
  • Select the preset you want to update
  • Click on Reset at the bottom of the window
  • Click on OK to save the changes (and to close the preference window)
  • Restart JOSM

Presets managed in JOSM wiki

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