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This is a list of all plugins available via the in JOSM integrated plugin manager. See the Plugin changelog to keep track of major changes to all of these plugins.

Note for plugin developers: If you wrote a plugin and want JOSM to find it, it should be enough to add the plugin to the OpenStreetMap Subversion Repository (SVN) and it will automatically appear on this page. If you cannot put your plugin into SVN then edit this page and insert a link to your plugin jar file into the page; after a few minutes your plugin will be downloaded and the MANIFEST file will be used to extract information for the table below.

icon AddrInterpolation Mike Nice Group common Address Interpolation inputs in a single dialog, as well as an option to automatically generate individual house number nodes from a Way. More details 30737
icon alignways Attila Szász Makes a pair of selected way segments parallel by rotating one of them around a chosen pivot. More details 30695
icon areaselector Paul Woelfel, Thomas Konrad Allows selection of areas in an layer and automatic creation of a way as polygon. Built to ease mapping of building from background layers. Optimized for More details 1418297932
icon BuildingGeneralization Rotariu Anamaria Allows the user to correct angle of buildings to 90 degrees, and aligns all loaded buildings to nearest road. More details UNKNOWN
icon buildings_tools Upliner Tools for drawing buildings. More details 30762
icon cadastre-fr Pieren A special handler for the French land registry WMS server. More details 30859
icon CADTools Rotariu Anamaria-Ionela Allows the user to make small changes to some selected buildings . 1002
canvec_helper Michael Bishop Overlays the canvec tile grid on the map and prints URL's to the .zip files. Future goals: allow auto-downloading and loading of canvec .osm files 30757
icon ColorPlugin Andrei Maneasa Color Plugin provide functionality for Josm users who want to put 'color' attribute for roof and walls of the buildings More details 1414145445
colorscheme Christof Dallermassl Allows the user to create different color schemes and to switch between them. Just change the colors and create a new scheme. Used to switch to a white background with matching colors for better visibility in bright sunlight. See dialog in display preferences. 30737
icon ColumbusCSV Oliver Wieland Imports proprietary CSV files of the Columbus/Visiontac V-900 GPS logger into a GPX layer. More details 30762
icon CommandLine Hind Implements a command line and enables to create your commands. See link for standard commands (arc, circle etc.) More details 30810
icon conflation Josh Doe (Warning: Experimental!) Tool for conflating (merging) data. More details 0.1.7
icon continuosDownload Gnonthgol Downloads new data when you pan/zoom 1413902943
icon contourmerge Merges the contours of two areas More details 1012
icon Create_grid_of_ways Jorge Luis Chamorro Create a grid of ways. More details 30762
icon czechaddress Radomír Černoch Creating and handling address nodes and buildings within Czech Republic. More details 30865
dataimport Dieter Muecke Allows to import various file formats into JOSM directly. Currently supported: TangoGPS, Garmin Trainings Center TCX. 30800
icon DirectDownload Hartmut Holzgraefe Download your GPX tracks from 30737
icon DirectUpload Subhodip Biswas This plugin directly upload GPS Traces from current active layer in JOSM to More details 30737
icon download_along Nakor Downloads OSM data along a way More details 30762
icon DxfImport Antochi Adrian and Trifan Adrian Dxf Import More details UNKNOWN
icon editgpx Martin Garbe Allows the user to anonymize timestamps and delete parts of huge GPX tracks very fast. More details 30737
icon ElevationProfile Oliver Wieland Shows the elevation profile and some statistical data of a GPX track. More details 30856
epci-fr Don-vip Handling of French EPCIs (boundary=local_authority) More details 30736
icon ext_tools Upliner Use external scripts in JOSM More details 30738
icon FastDraw Alexei Kasatkin Fast drawing ways by mouse More details 30762
icon fieldpapers Ian Dees Supports downloading tiled, scanned maps from More details b49dadd
icon FixAddresses Oliver Wieland Finds and fixes invalid street addresses in a comfortable way. More details 30737
icon geochat Ilya Zverev Talk with users editing the map nearby, be notified when someone comes close. More details 30762
icon geotools Don-vip Provides parts of the GeoTools library for other JOSM plugins. Not meant to be installed directly by users, but rather as a dependency for other plugins. 30762
icon globalsat Raphael Mack Download GPS points from Globalsat dg100 data logger directly in JOSM. More details 30738
icon gpsblam Russell Edwards Analyse a set of GPS points to obtain its centre and direction of spread. More details 30761
gpxfilter Upliner Allows to filter out unnecessary GPS tracks More details 30738
icon graphview Tobias Knerr Visualizes routing information as a routing graph. More details 30762
icon HouseNumberTaggingTool Oliver Raupach Simple tool to tag house numbers. More details 30762
icon imagery-xml-bounds Don-vip Generate Imagery XML bounds from a multipolygon More details 30735
icon imagery_offset_db Ilya Zverev Database of imagery offsets: share and aquire imagery offsets with one button. More details 30808
icon imageryadjust Upliner WMSPlugin-style imagery adjustment mapmode More details 30737
icon ImageryCache Alexei Kasatkin This experimental plugin allows JOSM to store tile cache in database files, not in huge cache directories 30738
icon ImageWayPoint Flint Another plugin to match images to the waypoints in a GPX file. A match is made when the 'name', 'cmt' or 'desc' attribute of a waypoint tag matches the filename of an image. More details 30737
icon ImportImagePlugin Christoph Beekmans, Fabian Kowitz, Anna Robaszkiewicz, Oliver Kuhn, Martin Ulitzny Plugin for importing spatial referenced images More details 30738
importvec Upliner Import vector graphics (SVG) More details 30762
icon InfoMode Alexei Kasatkin Extra information about current layer objects pop ups - currently GPX trackpoint info More details 30737
icon jna Don-vip Provides Java Native Access (JNA) library. Not meant to be installed directly by users, but rather as a dependency for other plugins. 30818
icon jts Josh Doe <josh@…> Provides Java Topology Suite (JTS) library and related utilities. Not meant to be installed directly by users, but rather as a dependency for other plugins. 30762
icon junctionchecking Jörg Possin creates a channel digraph and checks a subset of channels if it is a junction or searches in a subset of channels for junctions More details 30695
icon kendzi3d Tomasz Kędziora (kendzi) Simple 3D view of osm data. It is highly experimental. It may crash! Use with caution! More details 1.0.183
icon kendzi3d-jogl Tomasz Kędziora (kendzi) Provides the JOGL (OpenGl) library for other JOSM plugins. Not meant to be installed directly by users, but rather as a dependency for other plugins. It is highly experimental. It may crash! Use with caution! More details 37
icon kendzi3d_Improved_by_Andrei Andrei Maneasa New description : Simple 3D view of osm data. It is highly experimental. It may crash! Use with caution! More details 1.0.179-SNAPSHOT
icon lakewalker Brent Easton, Jason Reid Helps vectorizing WMS images. 30860
icon livegps Frederik Ramm Support live GPS input (moving dot) through a connection to gpsd server. More details 30737
log4j Don-vip Provides the Log4j library for other JOSM plugins. Not meant to be installed directly by users, but rather as a dependency for other plugins. 30762
icon mapdust Beata Jancso The MapDust Plug-In shows the MapDust bug reports on the map. You can create, close,invalidate, re-open and comment bug reports by using this plugin. More details 30738
icon matsim Nico Kuehnel Allows to edit and extract network information for the traffic simulation MATSim More details v0.3.0
icon mbtiles Ian Dees Allows you to view a local mbtiles database as a raster layer. More details v1.2
icon measurement Raphael Mack, Reza Mohammadi Provide a measurement dialog and a layer to measure length and angle of segments, area surrounded by a (simple) closed way and create measurement paths (which also can be imported from a gps layer). 30737
icon merge-overlap Stéphane Brunner Merge overlapping part of ways. 30784
icon michigan_left Nakor Adds no left turn for sets of 4 or 5 ways More details 30753
icon mirrored_download Roland M. Olbricht Simplifies download from different read-only APIs. More details 30762
namemanager Rafal Jachowicz: rjachow@… Allows to attribute tags to all objects in any selected area at once 30737
icon NanoLog Ilya Zverev NanoLog adjustment and browsing layer More details 30836
icon native_password_manager Paul Hartmann Use your system's password manager to store the API username and password. (KWallet and gnome-keyring are supported.) More details 30739
icon notes Ian Dees and Toby Murray Manipulate and display notes from More details v0.9.5
icon opendata Don-vip Convert data from Open Data portals to OSM layer More details 30806
icon OpeningHoursEditor Falko Thomale extended options for editing opening_hours More details 30737
icon openvisible Christof Dallermassl Allows opening gpx/osm files that intersect the currently visible screen area 30736
osmarender 80n Launches FireFox to display the current visible screen as a nice SVG image. 30738
pbf Don-vip Import/export OSM data in PBF format More details 30762
icon pdfimport extropy Import PDF file and convert to ways. More details 30737
icon photo_geotagging Paul Hartmann Write gps position info to the image file header. Run this feature from the right click menu of the image layer. More details 30803
icon photoadjust holgermappt Make photos movable and position them on the map. More details 30762
icon PicLayer Tomasz Stelmach This plugin allows to display any picture as a background in the editor and align it with the map. More details 30762
plastic_laf Imi The great JGoodies Plastic Look and Feel. More details 30762
icon pointInfo Marian Kyral Shows an additional information about point on map. There is only a Czech RUIAN module available at this moment. More details 30833
poly Zverik Read and write osmosis poly filter files More details 30738
icon print Kai Pastor Adds map printing to JOSM 30812
proj4j Josh Doe <josh@…> adds projections from Proj4J More details 30738
public_transport Roland M. Olbricht This plugin simplifies the mapping and editing of public transport routes. More details 30762
icon reltoolbox Ilya Zverev Relation and multipolygon creating and editing panel. More details 30841
icon reverter Upliner Plugin for reverting changesets More details 30737
icon RoadSigns Paul Hartmann Plugin for tagging of objects based on a selection of road signs. The dialog can be opened by clicking a small icon in the upper right corner of the properties window. Available country presets: Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Spain. More details 30788
routes Jiri Klement Renders routes (bus, hiking trails, bicycle routes, ..). Route types must be defined in routes.xml file in plugin directory 30762
icon routing Jose Vidal <vidalfree@…>, Juangui Jordán <juangui@…>, Hassan S <hassan.sabirin@…> Provides routing capabilities. More details 30737
icon scoutsigns telenav The scoutsigns plugin displays the captured road signs on the map. 21
icon scripting Runs scripts in JOSM More details 30702
icon sds Frederik Ramm Loads data from SDS 30764
icon SeaMapEditor Malcolm Herring Edit features for OpenSeaMap More details 30738
icon ShapeTools Antochi Adrian and Trifan Adrian Gives user more tools that facilitate aligning and rotation of buildings. More details 1000
icon SimplifyArea Martin Ždila <m.zdila@…> Simplify area by removing nodes on very obtuse angles. This can be constrained by maximum removed area size. Also average nearby nodes. More details 30791
icon surveyor Christof Dallermassl Allow adding markers/nodes on current gps positions. More details 30738
icon tag2link Don-vip & FrViPofm Launch browser to a Web resource about a selected object having known tags, such as Wikipedia More details 30719
tageditor Karl Guggisberg Provides a dialog for editing tags in a tabular grid. More details 30738
icon tagging-preset-tester Imi Adds a tagging preset tester to the help menu, which helps you developing of tagging presets (quick preview of the dialog that will popup). You can start the jar-file as standalone as well. 30736
icon terracer Matt Amos Make terraced houses out of single blocks. More details 30737
icon todo Gnonthgol and AndrewBuck Adds a todo list dialog that makes it easy to go through large lists of objects More details 29154
icon TombPlugin Kendzi Simple plugin for taging tombs More details 44
icon touchscreenhelper glebius@… Provides helper buttons to allow working with single button mouse (stylus). Activate by holding T and slip map with left mouse button More details 30695
icon Tracer Jan Bilak, Petr Dlouhý Traces buildings from Czech cadastral map. Needs TracerServer (.NET or Mono) to be running. More details 30695
icon Tracer-testing Jan Bilak, Petr Dlouhý, Marián Kyral, Martin Švec This is an testing version of the improved original Tracer plugin developed at More details 1418711938
icon Tracer2 Jan Bilak, Petr Dlouhý, Dirk Brünig Traces buildings and other shapes from a map. Needs Tracer2Server to be running. More details 30695
icon turnlanes Benjamin Schulz Provides a straightforward GUI for adding, editing and deleting turn lanes. More details 30737
icon turnrestrictions Karl Guggisberg The turnrestrictions plugin allows to enter maintain information about turn restrictions in the OpenStreetMap database. More details 30762
icon undelete Nakor Allows undeleting object from OSM database More details 30762
icon utilsplugin2 Kalle Lampila, Upliner, Zverik, akks, joshdoe and others Several utilities that make your life easier. More details 30863
icon videomapping Matthias Meißer (This Plugin is currently work in progress!!!) Links and syncs a georeferenced video against a GPS track, to use it for identify visible objects. More details 30762
icon walkingpapers Frederik Ram Supports downloading tiled, scanned maps from This plugin is still under early development and may be buggy. More details 30738
icon waydownloader Harry Wood Easy downloading along a long set of interconnected ways More details 30762
icon waypoint_search Åsmund Realfsen - realfsen at Enables searching for waypoint imported from gpx file. 30695
icon wayselector Marko Mäkelä Select a sequence of non-branching connected ways More details 30695
icon wikipedia simon04 Simplifies linking OSM objects to Wikipedia articles More details 30780
icon wms-turbo-challenge2 Andrzej Zaborowski Drive a race car from point A to point B over aerial imagery, leave cacti behind. More details 30737

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