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/pluginicon/wikipedia.jar/images/dialogs/wikipedia.png A plugin to support tagging objects with wikipedia=* (mainly for the WIWOSM project).

Recommended Usage

  1. Get familiar with WIWOSM
  2. Install the plugins wikipedia, mirrored_download (see Help/Preferences/Plugins for details)
  3. Restart JOSM
  4. Display Wikipedia dialog (menu Windows » Wikipedia)
  5. Set/check Wikipedia language: in Wikipedia dialog click source:/trunk/images/dialogs/settings.png
  6. Click source:/trunk/images/dialogs/refresh.png Category, enter a Wikipedia category to download the name of its articles
  7. Use the mirrored_download plugin to download interesting OSM data
  8. Inspect the list elements of the Wikipedia dialog
    • source:/trunk/images_nodist/misc/grey_check.png indicates that the WIWOSM server already delivers some object/s (still, you might tag further objects)
    • source:/trunk/images/misc/green_check.png indicates that the current dataset (but not the WIWOSM server) links some object/s to this article
    • indicates that no link to this article exists on the WIWOSM server nor in the current dataset.
  9. A double click on a list item in the Wikipedia dialog performs a JOSM search using the displayed article name (excluding parts in parentheses)
  10. Clicking on source:/trunk/images/pastetags.png Add Tag adds a corresponding wikipedia=[lang]:[article] tag to the selected objects


  • Located in toggle dialog on the right (enable that via menu Windows » Wikipedia)
    • Obtain Wikipedia entries …
      • source:/trunk/images/dialogs/refresh.png Coordinates: nearby (wrt. current view, using geolocated articles)
      • source:/trunk/images/dialogs/refresh.png Category: by category
      • source:/trunk/images/paste.png Clipboard: from clipboard (newline separated)
    • Double click on item to search for object with article name (and center coordinate)
    • source:/trunk/images/pastetags.png Add Tag: adds a wikipedia tag corresponding to the selected article to the selected OSM objects
    • Open Article: opens selected entry in browser
    • source:/trunk/images/dialogs/settings.png Language: sets Wikipedia language (see #Configuration)
  • Located in edit menu
    • /pluginicon/wikipedia.jar/images/dialogs/wikipedia.png Copy ... template: copies the corresponding template to the system clipboard instantiated with the coordinates of the first selected node (see #Configuration how to add custom template)


  • Wikipedia language: in toggle dialog on the right click source:/trunk/images/dialogs/settings.png
  • Copy templates (for edit menu)
    • Advanced preferences (only in expert mode)
    • Navigate to wikipedia.copytemplates entry, double click
    • Add entry using source:/trunk/images/dialogs/add.png
    • Insert keys name (name used in menu), id (unique identifier for toolbar), pattern (string with {lat} and {lon} as placeholders) accordingly. Example:
    • Click OK twice to close preference menu
    • Restart JOSM
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