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JOSM Keyboard Shortcuts

The following shortcuts are the default setting. This list might be outdated. You can always look in the JOSM shortcut preferences to see all active shortcuts (except for the different mode modifiers).


S Select objects
A Add / Draw nodes and ways
W Improve Way Accuracy
CTRL-Del Delete nodes or ways
X Stretch a part of a way (create a building or something else)
Z Zoom in by dragging

other shortcuts

SHIFT-B Distribute nodes
C Combine Ways
G Unglue ways
J Join Node to Way
L Align nodes into a straight line
M Merge Nodes
O Align nodes in circle
P Split Way
Q Orthogonalize Shape
R Reverse Way
Del Delete object but don't change into delete mode
+ Zoom in
- Zoom out
Ctrl-, Zoom in
Ctrl-. Zoom out
Shift-A Cycle through the different Auto zoom modes
Shift-M Mirror nodes
Shift-O Create circle
Shift-Q Undo Orthogonalization for certain nodes
1 Zoom to data
2 Zoom to layer
3 Zoom to selection
4 Zoom to conflict
5 Zoom to download
Ctrl-A Select all
Ctrl-C Copy Way/Node etc to buffer
Ctrl-X Cut Way/Node etc to buffer
Ctrl-V Paste from buffer
Ctrl-Shift-V Paste only the tags
Ctrl-D Duplicate
Esc Unselect all
Ctrl-Shift-↓ Download
Ctrl-Shift-↑ Upload
Ctrl-← Move visible area
Ctrl-↑ Move visible area
Ctrl-→ Move visible area
Ctrl-↓ Move visible area
Shift-← Move object
Shift-↑ Move object
Shift-→ Move object
Shift-↓ Move object
Ctrl-Z Undo
Ctrl-Y Redo
Ctrl-N New file
Ctrl-O Open file
Ctrl-S Save file
Ctrl-Shift-S Save as
Ctrl+E Export to GPX
Ctrl-F Search
Ctrl-Q Exit Application
Ctrl-W Toggle between wireframe and mappaint mode
F1 Help
Shift-F1 About screen (with JOSM version number)
Ctrl-F1 Popup tooltip of current selected action
F12 Preferences
Shift-Alt-A Toggle display on / off of Authors dialog
Shift-Alt-C Toggle display on / off of Conflict dialog
Shift-Alt-T Toggle display on / off of Selection list dialog
Shift-Alt-H Toggle display on / off of Display history dialog (history is not fully implemented yet)
Alt-B Open dialog for setting a tag
Alt-L Toggle display on / off of Layers dialog
Shift-Alt-R Toggle display on / off of Relations dialog
Shift-Alt-O Toggle display on / off of Command stack (the undo buffer)dialog
Shift-Alt-P Toggle display on / off of Property for selected objects dialog
Shift-Alt-V Toggle display on / off of validation dialog (requires plugin)

select mode

Click Selects one object. Click in an empty area and drag selects more objects.
Click Clicking and dragging a red cross in the middle of a segment will insert a new node at the location of the cross.
Click-MiddleMouse Cycle through the different objects under the mouse cursor (for duplicated nodes or ways sharing the same nodes). Holding "Ctrl" afterwards to directly select an object.
Shift-Click Holding the "Shift" key when in select mode adds new element to existing selection.
Ctrl-Click Holding the "Ctrl" key toggles element selection.
Ctrl-Area Using area selection with "Ctrl" removes elements in area from selection.
Ctrl-Move Selecting "Ctrl" when moving nodes joins these nodes with the traget node the are dropped on.
Ctrl-Shift-LeftMouse Holding the "Shift" and "Ctrl" key allows rotating selected objects.
Ctrl-Alt-LeftMouse Holding the "Ctrl" and "Alt" key allows scaling selected objects.
Alt-Click Cycle through the different objects under the mouse cursor (without popup).

add mode

Double Click Ends the current way.
Shift-Click Holding the "Shift" key turns off extending the selected way
Ctrl-Click Holding the "Ctrl" key prevents snapping on existing ways and nodes.
Alt-Click Holding the "Alt" key creates a separated though connected way (same you could do afterwards by selecting a node and press P). This mode is marked by a small bar at the previous node.

delete mode

Shift-Click Holding the "Shift" key and clicking on a way segment only deletes this way segment and not the whole way.
Ctrl-Click Holding the "Ctrl" key deletes object and references (i.e. ways using this node).
Alt-Click Holding the "Alt" key and clicking on a way only deletes the way without its nodes.

extrude mode (X)

Ctrl-Click Holding the "Ctrl" moves way segments along their perpendicular (orthogonal to the arrow direction of the way segement).

all modes

Click-RightMouse Click and drag to move the map.
Scroll-Wheel Zoom in and out.

Note: In gnome desktop environment "Alt"-Click is used for moving the window. The "AltGr" key can be used instead; note that on some keyboards the "AltGr" key is simply the right-hand "Alt" key.

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