List of shortcuts

The following tables contains a list of shortcuts automatically extracted from JOSM source. The third column contains links to the source of JOSM.

The list below contains 439 items (298 in JOSM core); Shortcuts page covers half of them, most system shortcuts are explained; uncovered shortcuts are from plug-ins.

groupdefault modifier

0 ALT+0 ALT subwindow:layers:toggleLayer10 Toggle visibility of layer: 10
0 ALT+SHIFT+0 ALT_SHIFT MapDust Toggle: Open MapDust
0 CMD+0 CTRL properties:recent:10 Choose recent tag 10
0 CMD+SHIFT+0 CTRL_SHIFT properties:recent:apply:10 Apply recent tag 10
1 1 DIRECT view:zoomdata View: data
1 ALT+1 ALT subwindow:layers:toggleLayer1 Toggle visibility of layer: 1
1 ALT+SHIFT+1 ALT_SHIFT OsmInspector Toggle: Open OsmInspector
1 ALT+SHIFT+1 ALT_SHIFT edit:launchtageditor Launches the tag editor dialog
1 CMD+1 CTRL properties:recent:1 Choose recent tag 1
1 CMD+SHIFT+1 CTRL_SHIFT properties:recent:apply:1 Apply recent tag 1
2 2 DIRECT view:zoomlayer View: layer
2 ALT+2 ALT subwindow:layers:toggleLayer2 Toggle visibility of layer: 2
2 ALT+SHIFT+2 ALT_SHIFT edit:turnlanestaggingeditor Tool: turn lanes tagging - editor
2 ALT+SHIFT+2 ALT_SHIFT tools:turnrestriction Tool: Create or edit a turn restriction.
2 CMD+2 CTRL properties:recent:2 Choose recent tag 2
2 CMD+SHIFT+2 CTRL_SHIFT properties:recent:apply:2 Apply recent tag 2
3 3 DIRECT view:zoomselection View: selection
3 ALT+3 ALT subwindow:layers:toggleLayer3 Toggle visibility of layer: 3
3 CMD+3 CTRL properties:recent:3 Choose recent tag 3
3 CMD+SHIFT+3 CTRL_SHIFT properties:recent:apply:3 Apply recent tag 3
3 CTRL+META+SHIFT+3 RESERVED(CTRL+META+SHIFT) apple-reserved-37 reserved
3 META+SHIFT+3 RESERVED(META+SHIFT) apple-reserved-36 reserved
4 4 DIRECT view:zoomconflict View: conflict
4 ALT+4 ALT subwindow:layers:toggleLayer4 Toggle visibility of layer: 4
4 CMD+4 CTRL properties:recent:4 Choose recent tag 4
4 CMD+SHIFT+4 CTRL_SHIFT properties:recent:apply:4 Apply recent tag 4
4 CTRL+META+SHIFT+4 RESERVED(CTRL+META+SHIFT) apple-reserved-39 reserved
4 META+SHIFT+4 RESERVED(META+SHIFT) apple-reserved-38 reserved
5 5 DIRECT view:zoomdownload View: download
5 ALT+5 ALT subwindow:layers:toggleLayer5 Toggle visibility of layer: 5
5 CMD+5 CTRL properties:recent:5 Choose recent tag 5
5 CMD+SHIFT+5 CTRL_SHIFT properties:recent:apply:5 Apply recent tag 5
6 6 DIRECT view:zoomproblem View: problem
6 ALT+6 ALT subwindow:layers:toggleLayer6 Toggle visibility of layer: 6
6 CMD+6 CTRL properties:recent:6 Choose recent tag 6
6 CMD+SHIFT+6 CTRL_SHIFT properties:recent:apply:6 Apply recent tag 6
7 ALT+7 ALT subwindow:layers:toggleLayer7 Toggle visibility of layer: 7
7 CMD+7 CTRL properties:recent:7 Choose recent tag 7
7 CMD+SHIFT+7 CTRL_SHIFT properties:recent:apply:7 Apply recent tag 7
8 8 DIRECT view:zoomprevious View: previous
8 ALT+8 ALT subwindow:layers:toggleLayer8 Toggle visibility of layer: 8
8 ALT+CTRL+META+8 RESERVED(ALT+CTRL+META) apple-reserved-41 reserved
8 ALT+META+8 RESERVED(ALT+META) apple-reserved-40 reserved
8 CMD+8 CTRL properties:recent:8 Choose recent tag 8
8 CMD+SHIFT+8 CTRL_SHIFT properties:recent:apply:8 Apply recent tag 8
9 9 DIRECT view:zoomnext View: next
9 ALT+9 ALT subwindow:layers:toggleLayer9 Toggle visibility of layer: 9
9 CMD+9 CTRL properties:recent:9 Choose recent tag 9
9 CMD+SHIFT+9 CTRL_SHIFT properties:recent:apply:9 Apply recent tag 9
9 NONE Mapillary changeset Open Mapillary changeset dialog
ADD ADD DIRECT view:zoominkeypad View: Zoom In (Keypad)
ADD META+ADD RESERVED(META) view:zoomin reserved
A A DIRECT mapmode:draw Mode: Draw
A ALT+A, ALT properties:add Add Tag
A ALT+CMD+A ALT_CTRL reltoolbox:multipolygon Relation Toolbox: Create multipolygon
A ALT+CMD+A ALT_CTRL tools:areaselector Tools: Area Selector
A ALT+CMD+SHIFT+A ALT_CTRL_SHIFT subwindow:opendata Toggle: OpenData
A ALT+SHIFT+A ALT_SHIFT subwindow:authors Toggle: Authors
A CMD+A CTRL system:selectall Edit: Select All
A CMD+SHIFT+A CTRL_SHIFT Fetch Address Fetch Address
A CTRL+A RESERVED(CTRL) system:selectall reserved
A META+A RESERVED(META) system:selectall reserved
A SHIFT+A SHIFT core_multikey:activateLayer Multikey: Activate layer
BACK_SLASH BACK_SLASH DIRECT mapmode:infomode Mode: GPX info mode
BACK_SPACE BACK_SPACE, DIRECT mapmode:backspace Backspace in Add mode
B B DIRECT mapmode:buildings Mode: Draw buildings
B ALT+CMD+B ALT_CTRL edit:buildingsdialog Edit: Set buildings size
B ALT+CMD+B ALT_CTRL tools:tagbuilding Tools: Tag Building
B CMD+B CTRL tools:multipoly_create Tool: Create multipolygon
B CMD+SHIFT+B CTRL_SHIFT tools:multipoly_update Tool: Update multipolygon
B SHIFT+B SHIFT tools:distribute Tool: Distribute Nodes
CLOSE_BRACKET CLOSE_BRACKET DIRECT subwindow:todo:mark Mark element done
COMMA ALT+COMMA MNEMONIC menu:Public Transport Menu: Public Transport
COMMA CMD+COMMA CTRL view:zoominalternate Map: Zoom in
COMMA META+COMMA RESERVED(META) system:preferences reserved
COMMA SHIFT+COMMA SHIFT Mapillary Open Mapillary layer
C C DIRECT tools:combineway Tool: Combine Way
C ALT+CMD+C ALT_CTRL menu:windows:changesetdialog Toggle visibility of Changeset Manager window
C ALT+CMD+SHIFT+C ALT_CTRL_SHIFT geoimage:copypath Geoimage: Copy image path
C ALT+C MNEMONIC menu:Cadastre Menu: Cadastre
C ALT+SHIFT+C ALT_SHIFT subwindow:conflict Toggle: Conflict
C CMD+C CTRL system:copy Edit: Copy
C CMD+SHIFT+C CTRL_SHIFT copy:coordinates Edit: Copy Coordinates
C CTRL+C RESERVED(CTRL) system:copy reserved
C META+C RESERVED(META) system:copy reserved
C SHIFT+C SHIFT tools:createcurve Tool: Create a circle arc
DEAD_GRAVE META+DEAD_GRAVE RESERVED(META) apple-reserved-26 reserved
DELETE DELETE DIRECT system:delete Edit: Delete
DELETE ALT+DELETE ALT relationeditor:remove Relation Editor: Remove
DELETE CMD+DELETE CTRL mapmode:delete Mode: Delete
DELETE CMD+SHIFT+DELETE CTRL_SHIFT geoimage:deletefilefromdisk Geoimage: Delete File from disk
DELETE SHIFT+DELETE SHIFT geoimage:deleteimagefromlayer Geoimage: Remove photo from layer
DOWN ALT+DOWN ALT relationeditor:movedown Relation Editor: Move Down
DOWN CMD+DOWN CTRL system:movefocusdown Map: Move down
DOWN CMD+SHIFT+DOWN CTRL_SHIFT file:download File: Download data
DOWN CTRL+DOWN, RESERVED(CTRL) system:movefocusdown reserved
DOWN SHIFT+DOWN SHIFT core:movedown Move objects down
D ALT+CMD+D ALT_CTRL file:downloadreferrers File: Download parent ways/relations...
D ALT+CMD+SHIFT+D ALT_CTRL_SHIFT properties:delete Delete Tags
D ALT+D MNEMONIC menu:Data Menu: Data
D ALT+META+D RESERVED(ALT+META) apple-reserved-42 reserved
D ALT+SHIFT+D ALT_SHIFT continuosdownload:activate Toggle the continuous download on/off
D ALT+SHIFT+D ALT_SHIFT subwindow:select Toggle: Current Selected Bug Info
D ALT+SHIFT+D ALT_SHIFT tools:download_along Tool: Download Along
D CMD+D CTRL system:duplicate Edit: Duplicate
D CTRL+D RESERVED(CTRL) system:duplicate reserved
D CTRL+META+D RESERVED(CTRL+META) system:dictionarylookup reserved
D SHIFT+D SHIFT addnode Edit: Add Node...
END END DIRECT geoimage:last Geoimage: Show last Image
END ALT+END ALT relationeditor:sort Relation Editor: Sort
ENTER ENTER DIRECT tool:commandline Tool: Command line
ENTER ALT+ENTER RESERVED(ALT) microsoft-reserved-31 reserved
EQUALS EQUALS DIRECT reltoolbox:addremove Relation Toolbox: Add/remove members from the chosen relation
EQUALS EQUALS DIRECT view:zoominter View: Zoom In
EQUALS ALT+META+EQUALS RESERVED(ALT+META) apple-reserved-35 reserved
EQUALS SHIFT+EQUALS SHIFT view:zoominbis View: Zoom In
ESCAPE ESCAPE DIRECT edit:unselectall Edit: Unselect All
ESCAPE ALT+ESCAPE RESERVED(ALT) microsoft-reserved-39 reserved
ESCAPE ALT+META+ESCAPE RESERVED(ALT+META) apple-reserved-11 reserved
ESCAPE CTRL+ESCAPE RESERVED(CTRL) microsoft-reserved-43 reserved
ESCAPE CTRL+SHIFT+ESCAPE RESERVED(CTRL+SHIFT) microsoft-reserved-50 reserved
ESCAPE META+ESCAPE RESERVED(META) apple-reserved-10 reserved
E E DIRECT mapmode:cadastre-fr-buildings Mode: CadastreFR - Buildings
E E DIRECT tools:adjnodes Tool: Adjacent nodes
E ALT+CMD+E ALT_CTRL core_multikey:enableFilter Multikey: Enable filter
E ALT+E MNEMONIC menu:Edit Menu: Edit
E ALT+SHIFT+E ALT_SHIFT tools:midnodes Tool: Middle nodes
E CMD+E CTRL file:exportgpx Export to GPX...
E CMD+SHIFT+E CTRL_SHIFT tools:adjwaysall Tool: All connected ways
E SHIFT+E SHIFT tools:adjways Tool: Adjacent ways
F10 F10 DIRECT cadastre:grab Cadastre: Download Image from French Cadastre WMS
F10 F10 RESERVED apple-reserved-23 reserved
F10 ALT+CTRL+F10 RESERVED(ALT+CTRL) screen:toogle10 reserved
F10 SHIFT+F10 RESERVED(SHIFT) microsoft-reserved-42 reserved
F11 F11 DIRECT menu:view:fullscreen Toggle fullscreen view
F11 F11 RESERVED apple-reserved-24 reserved
F11 ALT+CTRL+F11 RESERVED(ALT+CTRL) screen:toogle11 reserved
F12 F12 DIRECT system:preferences Preferences
F12 F12 RESERVED apple-reserved-25 reserved
F12 ALT+CTRL+F12 RESERVED(ALT+CTRL) screen:toogle12 reserved
F1 F1, DIRECT system:help Help
F1 ALT+CTRL+F1 RESERVED(ALT+CTRL) screen:toogle1 reserved
F1 CTRL+F1 RESERVED(CTRL) apple-reserved-12 reserved
F1 SHIFT+F1 SHIFT system:about About
F2 ALT+CTRL+F2 RESERVED(ALT+CTRL) screen:toogle2 reserved
F2 CTRL+F2 RESERVED(CTRL) apple-reserved-13 reserved
F3 F3 DIRECT preset:search Search presets
F3 ALT+CTRL+F3 RESERVED(ALT+CTRL) screen:toogle3 reserved
F3 CTRL+F3 RESERVED(CTRL) apple-reserved-14 reserved
F3 SHIFT+F3 SHIFT preset:search-objects Search for objects by preset
F4 F4 DIRECT audio:slower Audio: Slower
F4 ALT+CTRL+F4 RESERVED(ALT+CTRL) screen:toogle4 reserved
F4 ALT+F4 RESERVED(ALT) system:exit reserved
F4 CMD+F4 CTRL system:deletelayer File: Delete Layer
F4 CTRL+F4 RESERVED(CTRL) apple-reserved-15 reserved
F4 CTRL+SHIFT+F4 RESERVED(CTRL+SHIFT) apple-reserved-16 reserved
F5 F5 DIRECT audio:prev Audio: Previous Marker
F5 ALT+CTRL+F5 RESERVED(ALT+CTRL) screen:toogle5 reserved
F5 CTRL+F5 RESERVED(CTRL) apple-reserved-17 reserved
F5 META+F5 RESERVED(META) apple-reserved-18 reserved
F6 F6 DIRECT audio:back Audio: Back
F6 ALT+CTRL+F6 RESERVED(ALT+CTRL) screen:toogle6 reserved
F6 CTRL+F6 RESERVED(CTRL) apple-reserved-19 reserved
F6 CTRL+SHIFT+F6 RESERVED(CTRL+SHIFT) apple-reserved-20 reserved
F7 F7 DIRECT audio:forward Audio: Forward
F7 ALT+CTRL+F7 RESERVED(ALT+CTRL) screen:toogle7 reserved
F7 CTRL+F7 RESERVED(CTRL) apple-reserved-21 reserved
F8 F8 DIRECT audio:next Audio: Next Marker
F8 ALT+CTRL+F8 RESERVED(ALT+CTRL) screen:toogle8 reserved
F9 F9 DIRECT audio:faster Audio: Faster
F9 F9 RESERVED apple-reserved-22 reserved
F9 ALT+CTRL+F9 RESERVED(ALT+CTRL) screen:toogle9 reserved
F F DIRECT tools:followline Tool: Follow
F ALT+CMD+F ALT_CTRL conflation:replace Conflation: Replace
F ALT+CMD+F ALT_CTRL reltoolbox:find Relation Toolbox: Find a relation
F ALT+CMD+SHIFT+F ALT_CTRL_SHIFT tools:pdfimport Tool: Import PDF file
F ALT+F MNEMONIC menu:File Menu: File
F ALT+META+F RESERVED(ALT+META) system:search reserved
F ALT+SHIFT+F ALT_SHIFT subwindow:filter Toggle: Filter
F ALT+SHIFT+F ALT_SHIFT tofix:fixed tofix:Fixed item
F CMD+F CTRL system:find Search...
F CMD+SHIFT+F CTRL_SHIFT menu:view:viewportfollow Toggle Viewport Following
F META+F RESERVED(META) system:find reserved
F SHIFT+F SHIFT mapmode:fastdraw Mode: Fast drawing mode
G G DIRECT tools:unglue Tool: UnGlue Ways
G ALT+CMD+G ALT_CTRL menu:buildinggeneralization Menu: Building Generalization
G ALT+CMD+G ALT_CTRL menu:globalsatimport Menu: Globalsat Import
G ALT+CMD+G ALT_CTRL menu:sumoexport Menu: SUMO Export
G ALT+CMD+SHIFT+G ALT_CTRL_SHIFT subwindow:livegps Toggle: Live GPS
G ALT+SHIFT+G ALT_SHIFT tools:ungluerelation Tool: UnGlue Relations
G CMD+G CTRL tools:uploadtraces Tool: Upload Traces
G CMD+SHIFT+G CTRL_SHIFT tools:replacegeometry Tool: Replace Geometry
G SHIFT+G SHIFT tools:CreateGridOfWays Tool: Create grid of ways
HOME HOME DIRECT edit:centergps Edit: Center Once
HOME HOME DIRECT geoimage:first Geoimage: Show first Image
HOME ALT+HOME ALT relationeditor:downloadincomplete Relation Editor: Download Members
HOME CMD+HOME CTRL menu:livegps:autocenter Menu: Capture GPS Track
H ALT+CMD+H ALT_CTRL core_multikey:hidingFilter Multikey: Hide filter
H ALT+CMD+SHIFT+H ALT_CTRL_SHIFT tool:history Tool: Display objects history dialog
H ALT+H MNEMONIC menu:Help Menu: Help
H ALT+META+H RESERVED(ALT+META) system:hideothers reserved
H CMD+H CTRL core:historyinfo History
H CMD+SHIFT+H CTRL_SHIFT core:historyinfoweb History (web)
H META+H RESERVED(META) system:hide reserved
H SHIFT+H SHIFT tools:openurl Tool: Open custom URL
INSERT CMD+INSERT CTRL system:copy:cua Edit: Copy
INSERT SHIFT+INSERT SHIFT system:paste:cua Edit: Paste
I I DIRECT tools:intway Tool: Intersecting ways
I ALT+CMD+I ALT_CTRL imageryoffset:get Imagery: Get Imagery Offset...
I ALT+CMD+SHIFT+I ALT_CTRL_SHIFT tools:openvisible Menu: Open Visible...
I ALT+I MNEMONIC menu:Imagery Menu: Imagery
I ALT+SHIFT+I ALT_SHIFT tools:selinside Tool: All inside
I CMD+I CTRL core:info Advanced info
I CMD+SHIFT+I CTRL_SHIFT core:infoweb Advanced info (web)
I SHIFT+I SHIFT tools:addintersect Tool: Add nodes at intersections
J J DIRECT tools:joinnodeway Tool: Join Node to Way
J ALT+CMD+J ALT_CTRL core_multikey:nextMarker Multikey: Next marker
J ALT+CMD+SHIFT+J ALT_CTRL_SHIFT file:restart File: Restart
J ALT+J ALT tools:unjoinnodeway Tool: Disconnect Node from Way
J ALT+SHIFT+J ALT_SHIFT subwindow:junctionchecker Toggle: junctions
J ALT+SHIFT+J ALT_SHIFT tools:extnode Tool: Extract node
J CMD+J CTRL tools:jumpto Tool: Jump To Position
J CMD+SHIFT+J CTRL_SHIFT osmi:prev Prev OSMI bug
J SHIFT+J SHIFT tools:joinareas Tool: Join overlapping Areas
K K DIRECT edit:housenumbertaggingtool HouseNumberTaggingTool
K CMD+SHIFT+K CTRL_SHIFT osmi:next Next OSMI bug
LEFT CMD+LEFT CTRL system:movefocusleft Map: Move left
LEFT CTRL+LEFT, RESERVED(CTRL) system:movefocusleft reserved
LEFT META+LEFT RESERVED(META) apple-reserved-49 reserved
LEFT SHIFT+LEFT SHIFT core:moveleft Move objects left
L L DIRECT tools:alignline Tool: Align Nodes in Line
L ALT+CMD+SHIFT+L ALT_CTRL_SHIFT tools:lakewalker Tool: Lake Walker
L ALT+SHIFT+L ALT_SHIFT subwindow:layers Toggle: Layers
L CMD+L CTRL system:open_location File: Open Location...
L CMD+SHIFT+L CTRL_SHIFT latlon Edit: Lat Lon tool
L SHIFT+L SHIFT tools:alignwaynodes Tool: Align Way Nodes
MINUS MINUS DIRECT view:zoomout View: Zoom Out
MINUS ALT+META+MINUS RESERVED(ALT+META) apple-reserved-30 reserved
MINUS META+MINUS RESERVED(META) apple-reserved-29 reserved
MULTIPLY MULTIPLY DIRECT menu:irsrectify Update IRS adjustment layer
MULTIPLY CMD+MULTIPLY CTRL tools:intwayall Tool: All intersecting ways
M M DIRECT tools:mergenodes Tool: Merge Nodes
M ALT+CMD+M ALT_CTRL file:updatemodified File: Update modified
M ALT+M MNEMONIC menu:More tools Menu: More tools
M ALT+SHIFT+M ALT_SHIFT subwindow:mappaint Toggle: MapPaint
M CMD+M CTRL system:merge Edit: Merge
M CMD+SHIFT+M CTRL_SHIFT system:mergeselection Edit: Merge selection
M SHIFT+M SHIFT tools:mirror Tool: Mirror
NUMPAD2 NUMPAD2 DIRECT videomapping:slower Video: Slower
NUMPAD4 NUMPAD4 DIRECT videomapping:backward Video: Backward
NUMPAD5 NUMPAD5 DIRECT videomapping:startstop Video: Play/Pause
NUMPAD6 NUMPAD6 DIRECT videomapping:forward Video: Forward
NUMPAD7 NUMPAD7 DIRECT videomapping:loop Video: Loop
NUMPAD8 NUMPAD8 DIRECT videomapping:faster Video: Faster
NUM_LOCK ALT+SHIFT+NUM_LOCK RESERVED(ALT+SHIFT) microsoft-reserved-02 reserved
N N DIRECT tools:movenodeontoway Tool: Move Node onto Way
N ALT+CMD+N ALT_CTRL reltoolbox:create Relation Toolbox: Create a new relation
N ALT+N MNEMONIC menu:Selection Menu: Selection
N ALT+SHIFT+N ALT_SHIFT tofix:noterror tofix:Not a Error item
N ALT+SHIFT+N ALT_SHIFT tools:michigan_left Tool: Michigan Left
N CMD+N CTRL system:new File: New Layer
N CMD+SHIFT+N CTRL_SHIFT tools:selectwaynodes Tool: Select Way Nodes
N META+N RESERVED(META) system:new reserved
N SHIFT+N SHIFT mapmode:alignways Mode: Align Ways
OPEN_BRACKET OPEN_BRACKET DIRECT subwindow:todo:pass Pass over element without marking it
O O DIRECT tools:aligncircle Tool: Align Nodes in Circle
O ALT+CMD+O ALT_CTRL importosmibugs Edit: Import Osm Inspector Bugs...
O ALT+CMD+O ALT_CTRL tools:mergeoverlap Tool: Merge overlap
O ALT+CMD+SHIFT+O ALT_CTRL_SHIFT tools:opening_hourseditor Tool: Edit opening hours
O ALT+O MNEMONIC menu:Commands Menu: Commands
O ALT+O MNEMONIC menu:Offset Menu: Offset
O ALT+O MNEMONIC menu:Routing Menu: Routing
O ALT+SHIFT+O ALT_SHIFT subwindow:commandstack Toggle: Command Stack
O CMD+O CTRL system:open File: Open...
O CMD+SHIFT+O CTRL_SHIFT system:download_primitive File: Download object...
O META+O RESERVED(META) system:open reserved
O SHIFT+O SHIFT tools:createcircle Tool: Create Circle
PAGE_DOWN PAGE_DOWN DIRECT geoimage:next Geoimage: Show next Image
PAGE_UP PAGE_UP DIRECT geoimage:previous Geoimage: Show previous Image
PERIOD PERIOD DIRECT audio:pause Audio: Play/Pause
PERIOD CMD+PERIOD CTRL view:zoomoutalternate Map: Zoom out
PLUS PLUS DIRECT view:zoomin View: Zoom In
P P DIRECT tools:splitway Tool: Split Way
P ALT+CMD+P ALT_CTRL core_multikey:previousMarker Multikey: Previous marker
P ALT+CMD+SHIFT+P ALT_CTRL_SHIFT tools:splitonintersections Tool: Split adjacent ways
P ALT+P MNEMONIC menu:Presets Menu: Presets
P ALT+SHIFT+P, ALT_SHIFT subwindow:properties Toggle: Tags/Memberships
P CMD+P CTRL system:print File: Print...
P CMD+SHIFT+P CTRL_SHIFT system:purge Edit: Purge
P META+P RESERVED(META) system:print reserved
P SHIFT+P SHIFT mapmode:parallel Mode: Parallel
Q Q DIRECT tools:orthogonalize Tool: Orthogonalize Shape
Q ALT+CMD+Q ALT_CTRL system:closechangeset File: Closes open changesets
Q ALT+META+SHIFT+Q RESERVED(ALT+META+SHIFT) apple-reserved-44 reserved
Q ALT+Q MNEMONIC menu:Video Menu: Video
Q ALT+SHIFT+Q ALT_SHIFT plugin:roadsigns:dialog Roadsigns plugin: open dialog
Q CMD+Q CTRL system:menuexit Exit
Q META+Q RESERVED(META) system:menuexit reserved
Q META+SHIFT+Q RESERVED(META+SHIFT) apple-reserved-43 reserved
Q SHIFT+Q SHIFT tools:orthogonalizeUndo Tool: Orthogonalize Shape / Undo
RIGHT CMD+RIGHT CTRL system:movefocusright Map: Move right
RIGHT CTRL+RIGHT, RESERVED(CTRL) system:movefocusright reserved
RIGHT META+RIGHT RESERVED(META) apple-reserved-45 reserved
RIGHT SHIFT+RIGHT SHIFT core:moveright Move objects right
R R DIRECT tools:reverse Tool: Reverse Ways
R ALT+CMD+R ALT_CTRL reltoolbox:changerole Relation Toolbox: Enter role for selected members
R ALT+CMD+SHIFT+R ALT_CTRL_SHIFT subwindow:routing Toggle: Routing
R ALT+SHIFT+R ALT_SHIFT subwindow:relations Toggle: Relations
R CMD+R CTRL menu:livegps:capture Menu: Capture GPS Track
R CMD+SHIFT+R CTRL_SHIFT surveyor:open Tool: Surveyor...
R SHIFT+R SHIFT tools:tagbuffer Tool: Copy tags from previous selection
SHIFT ALT+SHIFT RESERVED(ALT) microsoft-reserved-51 reserved
SHIFT CTRL+SHIFT RESERVED(CTRL) microsoft-reserved-52 reserved
SLASH ALT+META+SLASH RESERVED(ALT+META) apple-reserved-33 reserved
SLASH SHIFT+SLASH SHIFT tools:selboundary Tool: Area boundary [testing]
SPACE ALT+META+SPACE RESERVED(ALT+META) apple-reserved-03 reserved
SPACE ALT+SPACE RESERVED(ALT) microsoft-reserved-33 reserved
SPACE CMD+SPACE CTRL help:search-items Search menu items
SPACE CTRL+META+SPACE RESERVED(CTRL+META) apple-reserved-04 reserved
SPACE META+SPACE RESERVED(META) apple-reserved-01 reserved
SPACE SHIFT+SPACE SHIFT tools:alignways Tool: Align Ways
SUBTRACT SUBTRACT DIRECT view:zoomoutkeypad View: Zoom Out (Keypad)
S S DIRECT mapmode:select Mode: Select
S ALT+CMD+SHIFT+S ALT_CTRL_SHIFT surveyor:autosave Tool: AutoSave LiveData
S ALT+CMD+S ALT_CTRL tools:sourcetag Tool: Add Source Tag
S ALT+SHIFT+S ALT_SHIFT tofix:skip tofix:Skip item
S ALT+SHIFT+S ALT_SHIFT tools:symmetry Tool: Symmetry
S ALT+S, ALT properties:edit Edit Tags
S CMD+SHIFT+S CTRL_SHIFT system:saveas File: Save As...
S CMD+SHIFT+S CTRL_SHIFT tools:replacecoastline Tool: Replace Geometry
S CMD+S CTRL system:save File: Save
S META+SHIFT+S RESERVED(META+SHIFT) system:saveas reserved
S META+S RESERVED(META) system:save reserved
S SHIFT+S SHIFT core_multikey:showHideLayer Multikey: Show/hide layer
TAB TAB DIRECT menu:view:dialogspanel Toggle dialogs panel
TAB ALT+CTRL+TAB RESERVED(ALT+CTRL) microsoft-reserved-36 reserved
TAB ALT+TAB RESERVED(ALT) microsoft-reserved-35 reserved
TAB CTRL+SHIFT+TAB RESERVED(CTRL+SHIFT) apple-reserved-09 reserved
TAB CTRL+TAB RESERVED(CTRL) apple-reserved-08 reserved
TAB META+SHIFT+TAB RESERVED(META+SHIFT) apple-reserved-07 reserved
TAB META+TAB RESERVED(META) apple-reserved-06 reserved
TAB SHIFT+TAB RESERVED(SHIFT) apple-reserved-05 reserved
T T DIRECT tools:tracer Tool: Tracer
T T DIRECT tools:tracer2 Tool: Tracer2
T T DIRECT touchscreenhelper:browse Mode: Browse map with left button
T ALT+CMD+SHIFT+T ALT_CTRL_SHIFT Tool:To-fix Toggle: Tool:To-fix
T ALT+CMD+SHIFT+T ALT_CTRL_SHIFT tools:taggingpresettester Tool: Tagging Preset Tester
T ALT+CMD+T ALT_CTRL subwindow:trustosm Toggle: Object signatures
T ALT+META+T RESERVED(ALT+META) system:toggletoolbar reserved
T ALT+SHIFT+T ALT_SHIFT subwindow:selection Toggle: Current Selection
T ALT+T MNEMONIC menu:Tools Menu: Tools
T CMD+SHIFT+T CTRL_SHIFT subwindow:todo Toggle: Todo list
T CMD+SHIFT+T CTRL_SHIFT tool:revert Tool: Revert changeset
T CMD+T CTRL gpg:download Download referenced osm objects...
T CMD+T CTRL multitag Edit: Tag multiple objects
T SHIFT+T SHIFT tools:Terracer Tool: Terrace a building
UNDEFINED NONE Export Mapillary Export Mapillary pictures
UNDEFINED NONE Import Mapillary Import pictures into Mapillary layer
UNDEFINED NONE core:none No Shortcut
UNDEFINED NONE edit:mergeaddrpoints Edit: Merge address points
UNDEFINED NONE exttool:Tool name External Tool: Tool name
UNDEFINED NONE help:showstatusreport Help: Show Status Report
UNDEFINED NONE imagery:rectimg Imagery: Rectified Image...
UNDEFINED NONE mapmode:drawanglesnapping Mode: Draw Angle snapping
UNDEFINED NONE mapmode:enablewayaccuracyhelpers Mode: Enable way accuracy helpers
UNDEFINED NONE mapmode:extrudedualalign Mode: Extrude Dual alignment
UNDEFINED NONE mapmode:photoadjust Mode: Adjust photos
UNDEFINED NONE mapmode:zoom Mode: Zoom
UNDEFINED NONE opendata_open_preferences OpenData preferences
UNDEFINED NONE relationeditor:refresh Relation Editor: Refresh
UNDEFINED NONE reportbug Report a ticket to JOSM bugtracker
UNDEFINED, NONE system:copytags Edit: Copy Tags
UNDEFINED NONE tools:pasterelations Tool: Paste Relations
UP ALT+UP ALT relationeditor:moveup Relation Editor: Move Up
UP CMD+SHIFT+UP CTRL_SHIFT file:upload File: Upload data
UP CMD+UP CTRL system:movefocusup Map: Move up
UP CTRL+UP, RESERVED(CTRL) system:movefocusup reserved
UP SHIFT+UP SHIFT core:moveup Move objects up
U ALT+CMD+SHIFT+U ALT_CTRL_SHIFT file:uploadSelection File: Upload selection
U ALT+CMD+U ALT_CTRL file:updateselection File: Update selection
U ALT+SHIFT+U ALT_SHIFT tools:undelete File: Undelete object...
U ALT+U MNEMONIC menu:Audio Menu: Audio
U CMD+SHIFT+U CTRL_SHIFT subwindow:measurement Toggle: Measured values
U CMD+U CTRL file:updatedata File: Update data
U SHIFT+U SHIFT tools:unsnodes Tool: Unselect nodes
V ALT+CMD+SHIFT+V ALT_CTRL_SHIFT tools:ReverseTerrace Tool: Reverse a Terrace
V ALT+CMD+V ALT_CTRL menu:edit:pasteAtSource Edit: Paste at source position
V ALT+SHIFT+V ALT_SHIFT subwindow:validator Toggle: Validation results
V ALT+V MNEMONIC menu:View Menu: View
V CMD+SHIFT+V, CTRL_SHIFT system:pastestyle Edit: Paste Tags
V CMD+V CTRL system:paste Edit: Paste
V CTRL+V RESERVED(CTRL) system:paste reserved
V META+V RESERVED(META) system:paste reserved
V SHIFT+V SHIFT tools:validate Tool: Validation
W W DIRECT mapmode:ImproveWay Mode: Improve Way
W W DIRECT mapmode:ImproveWayAccuracy Mode: Improve Way Accuracy
W ALT+CMD+W ALT_CTRL tools:selecthighway Tool: Select Highway
W ALT+META+W RESERVED(ALT+META) system:closeallwindows reserved
W ALT+SHIFT+W ALT_SHIFT subwindow:osminspector Toggle: OSM Inspector Bugs
W ALT+W MNEMONIC menu:Windows Menu: Windows
W CMD+SHIFT+W CTRL_SHIFT waydownloader:waydownload Way Download
W CMD+W CTRL menu:view:wireframe Toggle Wireframe view
W META+SHIFT+W RESERVED(META+SHIFT) system:closefile reserved
W SHIFT+W SHIFT wayselector:wayselect Non-branching way sequences
X X DIRECT mapmode:extrude Mode: Extrude
X ALT+CMD+X ALT_CTRL file:exportsigs Export sigs to XML...
X ALT+SHIFT+X ALT_SHIFT gpxfilter:egpx Tool: Add EGPX layer
X ALT+X ALT tools:splitobject Tool: Split Object
X CMD+SHIFT+X CTRL_SHIFT tools:AddressEdit Tool: Address Edit
X CMD+SHIFT+X CTRL_SHIFT tools:pointInfo Tool: Point info
X CTRL+X RESERVED(CTRL) system:cut reserved
X META+X RESERVED(META) system:cut reserved
Y Y DIRECT tools:geotagged Tool: Display geotagged images
Y ALT+SHIFT+Y ALT_SHIFT subwindow:imagewaypoint Toggle: WayPoint Image
Y CMD+SHIFT+Y CTRL_SHIFT tools:simplifyArea Tool: Simplify Area
Y CMD+Y CTRL system:redo Edit: Redo
Y CTRL+Y RESERVED(CTRL) system:redo reserved
Y SHIFT+Y SHIFT tools:simplify Tool: Simplify Way
Z ALT+CMD+Z ALT_CTRL tools:AddressInterpolation Tool: Address Interpolation
Z ALT+SHIFT+Z ALT_SHIFT tools:selmodways Tool: Select last modified ways
Z CMD+SHIFT+Z CTRL_SHIFT tools:undoselection Tool: Undo selection
Z CMD+Z CTRL system:undo Edit: Undo
Z CTRL+Z RESERVED(CTRL) system:undo reserved
Z META+SHIFT+Z RESERVED(META+SHIFT) system:redo reserved
Z META+Z RESERVED(META) system:undo reserved
Z SHIFT+Z SHIFT tools:selmodnodes Tool: Select last modified nodes

If there are parsing errors they will appear below: Shortcut.registerShortcut("relationeditor:editrecentrelation","Relation Editor: Open recent relation", Shortcut.registerShortcut(scKey, tr("Choose recent tag {0}", count), KeyEvent.VK_0+count, Shortcut.CTRL);final JosmAction action = new JosmAction(scKey, null, "Use this tag again", sc, false) {@Override Shortcut.registerShortcut(scsKey, tr("Apply recent tag {0}", count), KeyEvent.VK_0+count, Shortcut.CTRL_SHIFT);final JosmAction actionShift = new JosmAction(scsKey, null, "Use this tag again", scs, false) {@Override Shortcut.registerShortcut("tools:customizestop", tr("Tool: {0}", tr(CUSTOMIZE_STOP_ACTION_MENU_NAME)),KeyEvent.VK_U, Shortcut.DIRECT), true);action.putValue("help", ht("/Action/CustomizeStopAction")); Shortcut.registerShortcut("Edit Highlighted Relation", tr(actionName),KeyEvent.VK_K, Shortcut.ALT),false, "editHighlightedRelations", false); Shortcut.registerShortcut("mapmode:edge_selection",tr("Mode: {0}", tr(MAP_MODE_NAME)),KeyEvent.VK_K, Shortcut.CTRL), Shortcut.registerShortcut("mapmode:stop_position",tr("Mode: {0}", tr(MAP_MODE_NAME)),KeyEvent.VK_K, Shortcut.CTRL_SHIFT), Shortcut.registerShortcut("Mapillary area",,KeyEvent.VK_PERIOD, Shortcut.SHIFT * @see Shortcut#registerShortcut(String, String, int, int)*/public MapillaryImportAction() { Shortcut.registerShortcut("Submit changeset to Mapillary", I18n."Submit the current changeset to Mapillary",KeyEvent.CHAR_UNDEFINED, Shortcut.NONE Shortcut.registerShortcut("menu:rex","Menu: Roundabout Expander",

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