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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#847 HTTP response code: 403 framm defect blocker Core
#2890 can't get new password if forgot it team defect blocker Core
#8318 Unglue nodes functionality calls non-existent function team defect blocker Core
#11912 JOSM don't start with Java 8 anonymous defect blocker Installer Windows
#19057 Map can no longer be moved team defect blocker Core
#555 CSV data import fails framm defect critical Core
#589 uk credit card on line framm defect critical Core
#4185 Network access broken in JOSM team defect critical Core
#4531 Multiple selection AnubisEmail@… defect critical Core
#4543 Merge problem: potential defect in merge logic team defect critical Core
#4784 South & North Pole are on Equator team defect critical Core
#4853 Fatal crash opening preferences team defect critical Core
#8982 JOSM Print Plugin Crashes JOSM anonymous defect critical Plugin print
#9618 heavy load at pre-upload check team defect critical Core
#10562 Uploading with command Line team enhancement critical Core
#11424 AttributeError: 'org.openstreetmap.josm.gui.MapView' object has no attribute 'recalculateCenterScale' team defect critical Core
#12759 specify maxspeed for each lane team enhancement critical Core
#15577 Password dialog does not support copy and paste team enhancement critical Core
#21357 always crashes when power cuts team defect critical Plugin
#66 Wrong GPS track lines imi defect major Core
#90 Tool tip for gps points imi defect major unspecified
#93 mapdesign imi enhancement major unspecified
#120 x-axis doesn't scale correct imi defect major Core
#125 no osm download behind a HTTP proxy imi enhancement major Core
#134 Strange visual behaviour when looking at gpx files in the city of Halden, Norway imi defect major Core
#155 Removal of data deleted from server imi enhancement major unspecified
#181 JOSMLint synchronizing problem josm@… defect major Plugin
#197 Activate search of plugins for latest version imi defect major unspecified
#200 "Add a segment between two nodes (G)" does not work josm@… defect major Core
#209 UtilsPlugin: NullPointerException josm@… defect major Plugin
#218 remove items from selection with a mouse imi enhancement major unspecified
#229 Error while validating josm@… defect major Plugin
#236 Crash after delete all layers imi defect major unspecified
#239 NoSuchMethodError in josmLint josm@… defect major Plugin
#240 Validator crash josm@… defect major Plugin
#283 test ticket imi defect major unspecified
#372 test ticket imi defect major unspecified
#377 layer not displayed according to stacking order imi defect major unspecified
#411 Bad Osm Output ? imi defect major unspecified
#430 error starting a new way over an existing way framm defect major Core
#463 exception when tried to activate Tways->'Create ways' from menu framm defect major Core
#546 error after a route-calculation in "traveling salesman" framm defect major Core
#551 Import Images gets wrong location on some photos framm defect major Core
#711 Josm is an empty grey window in certain window managers framm defect major Core
#713 waypoint names (numbers) do not display after moving to 621 framm defect major Core
#717 won't save osm file framm defect major Core
#1449 bergviken framm defect major Core
#1555 Downloaded GPS data is displayed in reverse framm defect major Core
#1599 possibly out of memory framm defect major unspecified
#1609 josm reports this error every time it is started, but it seems to work quite normal afterwards. framm defect major unspecified
#1724 Es gibt Problem mit dem Zeichnen von Wegen framm defect major unspecified
#1827 auto-update for debian-packages framm enhancement major unspecified
#2051 Bug Report: Occurs when downloading data from OSM server framm defect major unspecified
#2222 Add a configurable preference to allow user decide whether use "name" or "name:langcode" team defect major Core
#2405 Yahoo webkit broken team defect major Plugin
#2807 Missing Presets ce defect major Internal preset
#2816 crash when updating data AndDiehl defect major Core
#2835 Proxy Einstellungen team enhancement major unspecified
#2856 [PATCH] incorrectly showing errors delta_foxtrot2 defect major Core validator
#2969 Download data from OSM server near by Olomouc team defect major Core
#2970 exception after downloading osm data team defect major Core
#3062 JOSM overuses OK/Cancel in its dialogs team defect major Core
#3190 Unexpected Exception when I try to load a local gpx file team defect major Core
#3197 cadastre-fr does not save preferences pieren defect major Plugin cadastre-fr
#3202 Zoom in slippymap using keyboard not working team defect major Core
#3210 create data layer team enhancement major Core
#3254 Unable to resolve conflict Nakor defect major Core
#3317 impossible d'acceder au cadastre depuis la mise a jour des plugins pieren defect major Plugin cadastre-fr
#3320 craah in validator plugin v.17175 team defect major Core validator
#3442 Routenenführung-Plugin - kein Ziel selektierbar vidalfree@… defect major Plugin routing
#3535 Simplify way bug team defect major Core
#3586 WMS plugin retrieves red tiles with every html:http... link, like Yahoo or OSM adresses team defect major Core imagery
#3616 error when attempting to save WMS layer team defect major Core
#3853 josm stalls while "update primitives" team defect major Core
#4291 JOSM crashes while uploading changes team defect major Core
#4321 Validator: crossing ways check broken team defect major Core validator
#4525 Wiki: plase install WikiCssPlugin team enhancement major unspecified
#4792 JOSM build: fragile filtering of icons team defect major Core
#4813 Unable to set user name and password in 3157 team defect major Core
#5484 Resuming chunks upload creates duplicates ? team defect major Core
#6214 Plugins handling broken in 4021? team defect major Plugin
#6495 Strassen fehlen auf OSM team defect major Core
#6805 connecting ways does not always keep lowest id: team enhancement major Core
#7702 josm-latest does not start in ubuntu 12.04 team defect major Core
#8099 AKTUELLE DATEN ??? team defect major Core
#8173 photo_geotagging hangs at all times bastiK defect major Plugin photo_geotagging
#8442 OSM objects parameter via stdin are not XML since 2 XML documents Hind defect major Plugin commandline
#8501 reverting a changeset results in one out of bounds node team defect major Core
#8656 JOSM doesn't start team defect major Applet
#9969 Some HELP Please! team enhancement major Core
#10103 josm-custom 7216 won't start team defect major Core
#11462 Duplicated vectors and nodes in an area. team defect major Core
#11648 I can't download any data from the server to fix osmose issues! The problem occurs not only in JOSM, it occurs in every editor! OSM Server defect major unspecified
#11812 Business Address Change team defect major unspecified
#12835 merge overlap isn't removing the overlapping way anymore (nor creating multipolygons) team defect major Plugin merge-overlap
#13212 Removed objects are unaffected by plugin Upliner defect major Plugin reverter
#13245 Default styles changed on 7/12 team defect major Core mappaint
#13362 JOSM is not working in UMAP team defect major Core
#13737 Incorrect directions team defect major unspecified
#14679 can not open osm data download and preferences page Gubaer defect major Plugin contourmerge
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