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(edit) @1100   14 years ulfl add a rule for natural=tree
(edit) @1099   14 years ulfl - don't depend on a value for "max ..." tags, show the icon if the key …
(edit) @1092   14 years ce rendering landuse=vineyard exactly like landuse=farmland.
(edit) @1057   14 years ulfl add some more amenity rules
(edit) @1006   14 years ulfl (re)sync man_made with sequence in map features add some icons lower …
(edit) @1005   14 years ulfl add some more icon links, use the new icons
(edit) @986   14 years stoecker make riverbank better visible
(edit) @984   14 years stoecker reduced priority of area=yes
(edit) @976   14 years stoecker fix bug #1561 and #5160
(edit) @975   14 years ulfl any -> (any)
(edit) @974   14 years ulfl update overview page to show new icons, slightly change the layout to …
(edit) @973   14 years ulfl add an area rule for turning_circle
(edit) @972   14 years ulfl remove "cat overview.osm" call leftover from debugging
(edit) @971   14 years ulfl actually use new icons
(edit) @970   14 years ulfl add emergency_phone (icon already existing) add amenity=veterinary (no …
(edit) @964   14 years ulfl use the new power tower_small icon to be less prominent on the map
(edit) @961   14 years ulfl add speed_camera icon
(edit) @960   14 years ulfl add speed_camera and wlan
(edit) @957   14 years ulfl use mall icon also for department store
(edit) @956   14 years ulfl use new icons for glacier and volcano
(edit) @951   14 years ulfl as hard tabs are used in this file, don't use soft tabs in some places
(edit) @947   14 years stoecker fixed minor display bug in mappaint
(edit) @945   14 years ulfl use the new waterfall.png
(edit) @927   14 years stoecker correct description
(edit) @926   14 years stoecker fixed relation handling for multiple times splitted ways
(edit) @925   14 years ulfl use boule.png
(edit) @924   14 years ulfl use racquetball icon
(edit) @916   14 years stoecker removed duplicate preset icons, added better message for 500 server …
(edit) @898   14 years ulfl use the new aerialway icons
(edit) @892   14 years stoecker added area to styles
(edit) @890   14 years stoecker make tram better visible
(edit) @886   14 years stoecker cleanup description
(edit) @885   14 years stoecker added multi-style mappaint support. Closes #1186
(edit) @879   14 years stoecker added grass style, Closes #1411
(edit) @874   14 years stoecker allow to combine mappaint line and area styles.
(edit) @852   14 years stoecker added colornames to styles
(edit) @802   14 years stoecker allow configurable mappaint colors
(edit) @799   14 years stoecker changed build again
(edit) @789   14 years ulfl add handling of recently introduced boolean rules
(edit) @788   14 years ulfl improve the "helping header" a bit
(edit) @785   14 years ulfl update to new icons, fix a path typo
(edit) @780   14 years ulfl remove debug output of node positions, reduces the filesize and looks …
(edit) @779   14 years ulfl add some more icons
(edit) @778   14 years ulfl add kindergarten and table_tennis icons
(edit) @777   14 years ulfl add some more icons
(edit) @767   14 years stoecker added secondary_link
(edit) @735   14 years stoecker added boolean checks to mappaint element styles
(edit) @733   14 years stoecker improved relation handling, also closes #638
(edit) @730   14 years ulfl stringparam not needed
(edit) @723   14 years (none) use the generated overview page, instead of the old "handcrafted" one
(edit) @722   14 years (none) junction=roundabout on a node doesn't make a lot of sense, keep …
(edit) @719   14 years ce highway=path now renders in dashed lines.
(edit) @718   14 years ce removed rendering of junction=roundabout as an area, as it "taints" …
(edit) @717   14 years (none) sync some rules with tagwatch don't show the proposed icon any more …
(edit) @716   14 years (none) more redesign/layout/updates …
(edit) @714   14 years (none) tweak the overview layout
(edit) @711   14 years (none) put restrictions to top of page (before highway) add tourism chalet …
(edit) @710   14 years ce added rendering for landuse=farmland and landuse=farmyard
(edit) @709   14 years (none) various changes: - add/change lot's of area rules - add access rules …
(edit) @708   14 years ce added path plus three designated paths (foot bike horse)
(edit) @707   14 years (none) add an icon entry for *every* rule add tracktype rules add (railway) …
(edit) @706   14 years (none) first version of overview stylesheet that produces really usable …
(edit) @705   14 years (none) somehow usable version of the overview page xsl
(edit) @704   14 years (none) moved deprecated tags to end of file, so they appear at the end of the …
(edit) @703   14 years (none) backup copy (incomplete): experimental stylesheet to generate "map …
(edit) @701   14 years (none) add highway=road some openGeoDB:xy use deprecated icon for …
(edit) @691   14 years (none) fix syntax error and indentation from slowrider fix aerialway merge …
(edit) @690   14 years (none) add various area's to existing rules add "aerialway" rules mark …
(edit) @689   14 years ce Added rendering for piste grades and aerialways (c) RAphael …
(edit) @688   14 years ce added icon drinking_water
(edit) @681   14 years (none) add some: new rules based on tagwatch output more area color codes …
(edit) @672   14 years (none) some more shop types, derived from tagwatch
(edit) @667   14 years (none) add various new "work in progress" rules
(edit) @665   14 years (none) render landuse=farm for areas as well, use same colour as allotments …
(edit) @664   14 years (none) add some more proposed shop tags
(edit) @663   14 years (none) shop=bakery is "official" now
(edit) @555   15 years (none) add motorcycle=no restriction
(edit) @546   15 years (none) add industrial and basketball
(edit) @545   15 years (none) use airport/terminal icon
(edit) @544   15 years (none) use the dedicated "proposed" and "deprecated" icons
(edit) @543   15 years (none) add various sports icons
(edit) @539   15 years (none) add some religion tag rules
(edit) @538   15 years (none) add some religion rules to be more specific about place_of_worship stuff
(edit) @537   15 years (none) add recently approved man_made=crane
(edit) @536   15 years (none) move highway=minor to the deprecated section and replace rendering …
(edit) @535   15 years framm - added highway=minor, patch by Joerg Ostertag
(edit) @534   15 years (none) add turning_circle and turntable icons
(edit) @533   15 years (none) use a better icon for bus_station
(edit) @532   15 years (none) add laundry and battlefield icons
(edit) @531   15 years (none) add leisure=zoo to the deprecated tags for now - currently it's …
(edit) @530   15 years (none) update to latest approvals
(edit) @528   15 years (none) use updated money icons
(edit) @525   15 years (none) add some icons recently added
(edit) @524   15 years (none) recycling_small -> recycling
(edit) @523   15 years (none) use new icons for incline and airfield
(edit) @520   15 years (none) sync with current map features page
(edit) @519   15 years (none) update to latest map features and icons
(edit) @503   15 years (none) add place=locality
(edit) @492   15 years (none) remove icons dir and replace it with a link to share/map-icons (second …
(edit) @491   15 years (none) remove icons dir and replace it with a link to share/map-icons (first part)
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