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A JOSM egy bővíthető OpenStreetMap (OSM) szerkesztőporgram, Java 8-ban írva.

Jelenleg lehetővé teszi az önálló GPX nyomvonalak és az OSM adabázis nyomvonalainak betöltését, valamint pontok vonalak, kapcsolatok és metaadat-címkék letöltését és szerkesztését.

source:trunk/images/openlocation.png josm.jnlp futtatása (verzió: 13367)

ajánlott verzió, minden platform, automatikus frissítés (Web Start)

source:trunk/images/download.png josm-tested.jar letöltése (verzió: 13367)

minden platform (hogyan indítsam el)

Windows telepítő (verzió: 13367)

Mac OS X csomag (verzió: 13367)

Legutóbbi fejlesztői verzió (13446), Ubuntu csomagtároló és további letöltési lehetőségek.


Getting Started | Help

Found a bug? | Have an idea? | Make a suggestion?

  • Please report any bug found: Create a new ticket. When reporting a bug, please include the version (version number can be found in menu Help/About).
  • Discuss ideas and suggestions also in the bug tracker or on the josm-dev mailinglist


  • use JOSM
    • report bugs, discuss ideas, think of possible enhancements (see above)
  • participate in bug tracking
    • review bugs, up/down vote tickets, find duplicates, test bugs, add more descriptive texts
  • update/extend the online help
    • unify all JOSM related Wiki pages and join them with the online help
  • translate program/documentation
  • design fancy new icons
  • write code – get the code and write patches …
    • from the official Subversion repository: svn co josm
    • from the official OSM Subversion repository (including plugins): svn co
    • from the unofficial GitHub mirror: git clone git://
    • see developers guide for build instructions and other details

This site

  • This site is a combined online help and bug tracking system for JOSM and JOSM plugins
  • No login is required to use this site (neither for reading nor for changes to wiki or bug tracker)
  • A login has following advantages:
    • The JOSM applet can store settings on the server
    • Mails are sent for changes in own bug tracker tickets (This is possible by entering an e-mail as user name in the tickets, too. But then be aware of the circumstances that the address is openly visible and you are unable to change that later.).
    • Page settings are remembered (e.g. input field size and a lot of other stuff)
  • Logins which have no e-mail address or which have not been used at least once are automatically deleted.
  • The login to edit the OpenStreetMap database has nothing to do with this server!


  • For problems, ideas, suggestions use the bug tracker
  • The volunteers creating JOSM can be reached using the josm-dev mailinglist
  • The server running this service is operated by FOSSGIS society
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