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#20126 Migrate GitHub mirroring script to server team task blocker 21.02 Trac
#16733 Try offline transcoding of SVG icons using Photon simon04 enhancement major Longterm Core
#17858 OpenWebStart/Java 11 migration Don-vip enhancement major Longterm Core
#20532 Remote loading of geojson files broken - bug in opendata plugin Don-vip defect major Core remotecontrol
#2372 Add GeoTIFF support Don-vip enhancement normal Core
#9400 validate source:maxspeed Don-vip enhancement normal Core validator
#9972 Add Quick Preview of WMS Capabilities URL wiktorn enhancement normal Core imagery
#11481 JOSM freezes for some time on slow Internet connection wiktorn defect normal Core imagery
#11695 Add possibility to specify URL which sets the Cookie that should be used with further imagery requests wiktorn enhancement normal Core imagery
#11757 "APP1 Segment is too long" when using "write coordinates to image headers" Bjoeni defect normal Plugin photo_geotagging
#14990 Consider correct segments only from correct routes giackserva enhancement normal Plugin pt_assistant
#15114 jump from stop to correspondig way and vice versa giackserva enhancement normal Plugin pt_assistant
#15185 Bus stop platform node and Tram stop platform node in One Click preset Polyglot task normal External preset
#15981 Option to add multiple wms_endpoint layers as separate layers wiktorn enhancement normal Core imagery
#16061 GeoBretagne orthophotos Stereo task normal Core imagery
#16262 [PATCH] Add BuildingOutsideResidentialArea test. marxin enhancement normal Core validator
#16323 Add context menu to change active WMS/WMTS layer for WMS_ENDPOINT / WMTS layers wiktorn enhancement normal Core imagery
#16324 Use AddImagery*Panels to edit entries wiktorn enhancement normal Core imagery
#16326 Add imagery boundary selector during editing wiktorn enhancement normal Core imagery
#16455 Action "Fetch Wikidata ID" adds Q-ID when the article in wikipedia=* is a redirect floscher defect normal Plugin wikipedia
#16867 Define list of official supported plugins Don-vip task normal Plugin
#16872 Serialize imagery preferences to string containg XML conformant to maps.xsd wiktorn enhancement normal Core imagery
#17047 Document how to use the checkstyle plugin provided by JOSM in Eclipse Don-vip task normal Core
#17083 Create jlink native runtimes Don-vip enhancement normal Core
#17661 Wrong warnings for route=ferry relation skyper defect normal Core validator
#17925 Support leap seconds Don-vip enhancement normal Core
#18019 [Patch] Creating a multipolygon is wrongly moving highway=* to the relation GerdP enhancement normal Core
#18726 Use {apikey} everywhere Don-vip enhancement normal Longterm Core imagery
#18893 [Patch] OpeningHourTest highlight erroneous part in string simon04 enhancement normal Core validator
#19025 Investigate MSIX packaging Don-vip enhancement normal Installer Windows
#19044 JavaFX calls unknown class Don-vip defect normal Plugin javafx
#19092 NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class using WebStart Don-vip defect normal Plugin opendata
#19296 Actions should avoid to install listeners which are not needed GerdP task normal Longterm Core
#19327 [Patch] Deprecate long JosmAction constructors, use setters instead simon04 enhancement normal Core
#19398 Use consistent formatting of IDs in display messages simon04 enhancement normal Core
#19594 converting to multipolygon too aggressive GerdP defect normal Core
#19767 What about auto-updates of Homebrew Cask Stereo enhancement normal Installer MacOS
#19773 AustriaAddressHelperAction: use ChangePropertyCommand broke areaselector simon04 defect normal Plugin areaselector
#19885 memory leak with "temporary" objects in validator and actions GerdP defect normal Longterm Core
#20057 Improve handling of preference `validator.UnconnectedWays.way_way_distance` GerdP enhancement normal Core validator
#20080 Malay language josmTEACH task normal Wiki content
#20130 Use mapcss rules instead of CrossingWays java code to find overlapping areas GerdP enhancement normal 21.03 Core validator
#20140 JOSM inconsistently respects remapped macOS modifier keys Stereo defect normal Core shortcuts
#20141 ImageProvider: cache rendered SVG images using JCS simon04 enhancement normal Core
#20376 [Patch] New - Adding validation information to MapStatus – middle-mouse click feature information viewer GerdP enhancement normal Core
#20416 Download (incomplete) members: Cancel does not work and timeouts while download relation with members works GerdP defect normal 21.03 Core
#20424 Duplicate relations not detected with incomplete members GerdP defect normal 21.03 Core validator
#20433 Is Jenkins job "JOSM-Imagery-Integration" OK? Don-vip task normal Longterm Unit tests
#20500 Clean up old Mac stuff team task normal 21.03 Installer MacOS
#20522 Add compatibility with Java 17 Don-vip enhancement normal 21.06 Core
#11825 Set imagery.wms.simultaneousConnections to 6 by default wiktorn enhancement minor Core imagery
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