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Preferences Dialog

source:trunk/resources/images/preference.svg Keyboard shortcut: F12

Each register stands for a group of settings. Some have tabs.

Icon Name Description
source:trunk/resources/images/preferences/display.svg Display Settings Various settings that influence the visual representation of the whole program.
With OSM Data, GPS Points, Colors and Look and Feel.
source:trunk/resources/images/preferences/connection.svg Connection Settings Connection Settings for the OSM-Server. With Authentication, Proxy settings and Overpass Server.
source:trunk/resources/images/preferences/map.svg Map Settings Settings for the map projection and data interpretation.
With Map Projection, Map Paint Styles, Tagging Presets and File Backup.
source:trunk/resources/images/preferences/plugin.svg Plugins Configure available plugins. With Plugins and Plugin update policy
source:trunk/resources/images/preferences/toolbar.svg Toolbar Customization Customize the elements on the toolbar.
source:trunk/resources/images/preferences/audio.svg Audio Settings Settings for the audio player and audio markers and also the Audio menu
source:trunk/resources/images/preferences/shortcuts.svg Keyboard Shortcuts Changing keyboard shortcuts manually.
source:trunk/resources/images/preferences/validator.svg Data validator Setting for validator and list of checks it runs. With Tests and Tag checker rules
source:trunk/resources/images/preferences/remotecontrol.svg Remote Control Settings for the remote control feature.
source:trunk/resources/images/preferences/imagery.svg Imagery Preferences Modify the list of imagery sources displayed in the Imagery menu. With Imagery providers, Settings, Offset bookmarks and Cache
source:trunk/resources/images/preferences/advanced.svg Advanced Preferences Setting preferences entries directly. (only in Expert mode)

Additional tabs may be added according to installed plugins.


Registers Tabs Option groups
Expert Mode Register scrollbar See F1 request

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