Changelog 2014

This wiki page aims for providing user-friendly changelog for the tested releases of JOSM. Its granularity lies somewhere between the contents of StartupPage and the SVN log messages.

2014-12-29: Stable release r7906 (14.12)

  • major enhancements
    • New languages: Asturian and Khmer (r7894:7898, r7903)
    • Experimental new TMS tile cache structure, to enable with tms.newcache=true (r7823)
    • JOSM directories:
      • Java properties josm.pref, josm.cache and josm.userdata to set preferences, cache, and user data (including plugins) directories (r7841)
      • Windows: Change cache folder to %LOCALAPPDATA%/JOSM on Windows Vista and later (r7829, r7832:7833)
      • OSX: Change cache folder to ~/Library/Caches/JOSM, preferences to ~/Library/Preferences/JOSM (r7829, r7831), user data to ~/Library/JOSM (r7834:7835, r7845:7846)
  • minor enhancements
    • Presets/Map styles:
      • Changed color of highway=track from green to brown for better visibility on aerial imagery background (in forests) and distinction from paths and steps (r7900, r7904)
      • Added advertising=column/billboard (r7790), highway=traffic_mirror (r7810), leisure=picnic_table (r7875)
      • Updated shop=bicycle (r7780)
      • Refined icons for combinations of highway=traffic_signals and crossing=* (r7794, r7815)
      • Drop mappaint support of building=entrance (r7795), amenity=emergency_phone (r7825), highway=unsurfaced (r7877)
      • Icon and geometry consistency between Preset and MapPaintStyle for barrier=* (r7821), highway waypoints (r7854, r7857, r7858, r7874)
    • Validator:
      • Added warnings for tags on isolated nodes, which should be part of a way (r7793, r7807)
      • Added warnings for footway (r7814)
      • Added warnings for addr:street together with highway, noname=yes together with name, alternitive name without name, destination on a non oneway, amenity=yes, place=yes, levels, place_name, non integer lanes(r7818, r7872)
    • Notes:
      • Add note sorting options (r7782)
      • Display note IDs (r7882)
    • Ability to copy path of selected geotagged image (r7788:7789)

2014-12-10: Stable release r7777 (14.11)

2014-10-21: Stable release r7643 (14.10)

  • minor enhancements
    • Presets/Map styles:
      • Added amenity=shower, leisure=firepit (r7598), shop=antiques (r7600), building=cowshed (r7607), barrier=kerb (r7626:7627), sport=scuba_diving (r7630)
      • New icon for amenity=fountain (r7604), highway=raceway (r7629)
      • Render railway=construction (r7638)
      • New advanced boolean preference taggingpreset.display-keys-as-hint to display/hide OSM keys in preset UI (r7589)
    • Remote Control:
      • New load_data handler to load OSM data directly from URL (r7636)
    • Add "Help/Report bug" menu item. Please always use this feature to report bugs!
  • major bugs

2014-09-30: Stable release r7588 (14.09)

2014-08-31: Stable release r7480 (14.08)

2014-07-29: Stable release r7347 (14.07)

2014-07-04: Stable release r7287 (14.06)

2014-05-27: Stable release r7182 (14.05)

2014-04-25: Stable release r7000 (14.04)

  • major changes/enhancements
    • Last release compatible with Java 6
  • minor enhancements
    • Add Monte Mario Projection (Italy, r6954)
    • Change of system of measurement in map status (r6960)
    • MapCSS: proper @media support (r6970)
    • Add proxy.exceptions advanced parameter (localhost and by default, r6971)
  • major bugs

2014-03-30: Stable release r6950 (14.03)

2014-02-28: Stable release r6891 (14.02)

  • major changes/enhancements
    • Allow HTTPS access to OSM API (r6840, r6845, r6847, r6849, r6885)
    • Do not suggest to combine conflicting values in order to reduce the wrong usage of semicolon values (r6770, r6802)
  • minor enhancements
    • Enable loading of files (r6882)
    • Verify for new versions of plugins on crashes (r6797)
    • GPX:
      • Allow to download compressed GPX tracks from using "Download location" (r6803)
      • Use neutral track color if speed is zero (velocity mode) or time extent is very short (time mode, r6775)
    • History dialog: Show changeset source (r6827, r6836, r6864:6865)
    • MapCSS: Allow (named) colours with alpha (r6774)
    • Presets/Map styles:
      • Add preset_name_label attribute to <item> to automatically add "[preset name]" at the beginning of dialog (r6824, r6835)
      • Add highway=raceway (r6777), non-public-transport route relations (r6810:6813, r6817:6819), shop=bookmaker|lottery (r6855)
      • "Add to toolbar" in preset list context menu (F3-right click, r6844)
      • Rendering of craft=painter|plumber|pottery|stonemason|tiler|window_construction (r6820), shop=gift (r6888)
    • Remote Control: new referrers argument to load_object handler (r6782)
    • Validator:
      • Validate population (r6769)
      • Check and remove unnecessary area=yes (r6778), building=no (r6788)
      • Detect sports without physical features (r6859:6861, r6877)
      • Sort results naturally (r6804)
  • sub-minor enhancements
    • Make status bar background/foregound colors configurable (r6789)
    • Set HTTP Accept header to expected MIME types when downloading presets, styles, plugins (r6867:6868)
  • major bugs

2014-01-29: Stable release r6767 (14.01 hotfix)

  • major bugs:

2014-01-27: Stable release r6763 (14.01)

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