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Java OpenStreetMap Editor


JOSM is an editor for OpenStreetMap (OSM) written in Java 1.6. Currently it supports loading stand alone GPX tracks and GPX track data from the OSM database as well as loading and editing existing nodes, ways, metadata tags and relations from the OSM database.




  • View the change log.
  • Download the latest JOSM version 17551 (may have more errors than "tested", be careful with this one).
  • Try JOSM applet after reading the applet description?.
  • Get the source:
    • From the official Subversion repository (recommended): svn co
    • From the unofficial GitHub mirror: git clone git://
    • From the official OSM Subversion repository (including plugins): svn co josm
  • See Developers Guide or Translations Guide
  • The Ubuntu JOSM project on launchpad

Help and Support


How to help

  • Help developing code (e.g. write patches for entries in bug tracker)
  • Review bugs in bug tracker: find duplicates, test bugs and add more descriptive texts
  • Translate JOSM and the online help into your language.
  • Update and translate the online help
  • Unify and translate all JOSM related Wiki pages and join them with the online help
  • Review translations
  • Review original texts (program, online help, ...)
  • Create fancy new icons for presets or tools without icons
  • ...

This site

  • This site is a combined online help and bug tracking system for JOSM and JOSM plugins
  • No login is required to use this site (neither for reading nor for changes to wiki or bug tracker)
  • A login has following advantages:
    • The JOSM applet can store settings on the server
    • Mails are sent for changes in own bug tracker tickets (This is possible also by entering an e-mail as username in the tickets, but you are unable to change that later and the address is openly visible).
    • Page settings are remembered (e.g. input field size and a lot of other stuff)
  • Logins which have no e-mail address or which have not been used at least once are automatically deleted.
  • The login to edit the OpenStreetMap database has nothing to do with this server!