There are different methods to develop and distribute software.

  • The method often used by commercial software is to have releases increasing version number.
  • In case major bugs are detected either minor updates or bug-fix releases are produced.
  • Between the big releases software is improved and sometimes restructured.

JOSM uses another approach.

  • The JOSM editor is kept always in a releasable state.
  • Each night a new software is build (called latest) which can be used.
  • As nobody (especially not a developer) is perfect these latest builds may contain more or severe bugs.
  • To reduce troubles we release approximately every month a stable version (also called "tested" version).
  • Before the stable version is released, efforts are done to remove most of the known bugs and to complete translations.
  • JOSM does not have a version number really (it is 1.5 for some years now), but uses the always increasing version of source code repository.
  • The version watch line in JOSM startup page tells you what software versions are current and also tells you when an update would be recommended.

What does this mean to you.

  • When you use the stable version, you have less software updates and a very stable version of the software. This is recommended for the default user.
  • When you use the latest version you have always the newest features, but also the newest bugs.
  • Translations are constantly improved. There may always be missing strings, but usually you wont encounter many of them for the good maintained languages.

Please remember: The core team of JOSM usually consists of 2-3 active persons each time. Including translators probably less than 10 persons work for JOSM regularly.

We appreciate your help. You don't have to be an programmer to do so.

  • The online help pages in English need improvement
  • The wiki pages need translations into different languages
  • The program texts need translations into different languages
  • We need many fancy icons for missing presets and program menus
  • bug reports must be reviewed and tested
  • ...

See WikiStart#Contribute where you can start helping.

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