How to run JOSM from an USB stick (on a Windows system)

Run JOSM on a "foreign" Windows machine without installation or a JAVA machine installed on it!

portableApps offers a method to install a JAVA machine on an USB stick, so you can run JAVA .jar files on a foreign machine without further installation. Once this is installed on the stick, you can run a normal josm-tested.jar/josm-latest.jar with it. All personal files (like the settings, plugins) will be stored on the stick. You will need ~140MB free space on your USB stick.

To have your personal JOSM always with you ...

Stick in your USB stick

Ok, this part was easy! :-)

Download and install the " Suite"

From download the platform only (3MB) and run the .exe file.

The installer will ask for a target drive, choose your USB stick base directory (in the following, we will assume g:\ is used).

Download and install "Java Portable"

From jPortable download and run the .exe file.

This installation may take a while.

Please note: The installer will download the Java engine, so you'll need an Internet connection while doing the installation!

Download and install "Java Portable Launcher"

From jPortable Launcher download and install the .exe file.

Download and save "josm-tested.jar" on your USB stick

From Download download the tested JOSM version (josm-tested.jar) and save it on your USB stick (e.g. at g:\josm-tested.jar)

You can replace 'josm-tested' with 'josm-latest' if you like living on the edge. The difference should be self-explanatory - if it isn't, stick with josm-tested.

Remove the USB stick

  • If you have any applications accessing the content of your USB drive (e.g. explorer showing g:\), close them
  • There should be a icon in your taskbar (usually at the bottom right of the screen), right click on it and choose exit
  • Use Windows "Safely remove hardware" to throw out the stick (as usual for USB devices)

Start JOSM from the stick

  • Stick in your USB stick
  • If autorun is enabled, "Start" should appear, please start it
  • If nothing happens, just start g:\Start.exe directly
  • The PortableApps menu should appear, select "Java Portable Launcher"
  • Choose josm-tested.jar (in our example at g:\josm-tested.jar)
  • JOSM should start up as usual

If you've closed JOSM, you can restart it from the icon in your taskbar. To remove the stick, close a running JOSM and follow the "Remove the USB stick" instructions as above.

Preferences, Plugins and alike

Essentially you now have a "fresh JOSM installation" on your stick (in parallel to any pre-existing JOSM on the computer). A JOSM started from the stick will load and save all settings, plugins and alike from/to the USB stick. Remember to enter your user account, adjust settings and download the required plugins.

In case you want to know, all personal files will go to: G:\PortableApps\JavaPortableLauncher\Data\AppData\JOSM

Have fun with your portable JOSM!

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