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source:/trunk/images/new.png Ny (en) Ctrl-N Create new OSM data layer
source:/trunk/images/open.png Öppna (en) Ctrl-O Open a file in a new layer
source:/trunk/images/openlocation.png Öppna location (en) Ctrl-L Load OSM data from an URL
source:/trunk/images/save.png Spara (en) Ctrl-S Save the data in the current data layer to a file
source:/trunk/images/save_as.png Spara som ... (en) Ctrl-Skift-S Save the data in the current data layer to new file
source:/trunk/images/exportgpx.png Exportera till GPX ... (en) Ctrl-E Export the current data layer as GPX file
source:/trunk/images/download.png Hämta från OSM ... Ctrl-Skift-D Hämta data från relevanta servrar
source:/trunk/images/downloadprimitive.png Download object ... (en) Ctrl-Skift-O Download OSM object by ID
source:/trunk/images/downloadreferrers.png Download parent ways/relations ... (en) Ctrl-Alt-D Download ways including one of the currently selected nodes and relations referring to one of the currently selected objects
source:/trunk/images/updatedata.png Update data (en) Ctrl-U Reload the bounding boxes in the current data layer from the server
source:/trunk/images/updateselection.png Update selection (en) Ctrl-Alt-U Reload the currently selected objects from the server
source:/trunk/images/updatemodified.png Update modified (en) Ctrl-Alt-M Reload the modified objects in the current data layer from the server
source:/trunk/images/upload.png Skicka in till OSM (en) Ctrl-Skift-U Skicka in dina ändringar och redigeringar till OpenStreetMap-servern
source:/trunk/images/uploadselection.png Upload Selection to OSM (en) Upload new, modified, and deleted objects in the currently selected objects to the server
source:/trunk/images/closechangeset.png Close open changesets (en) Ctrl-Alt-Q Close open changesets
source:/trunk/images/exit.png Avsluta (en) Ctrl-Q Avsluta

Additional menu entries in the file menu

Depending on the set of plugins you've downloaded and installed additional menu entries may be available in the file menu.

Undelete object ...? Alt-Shift-U Undelete an OSM object

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