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source:osm/applications/editors/josm/plugins/undelete/images/undelete.svg Keyboard shortcut: Alt+Shift+U (provided by the undelete plugin)

Undelete OSM objects by id

undelete screenshot OSM objects are never deleted from the database but rather made invisible. To make an object visible again this action can be used. Once the plugin is installed this action is available in the File Menu. A dialog opens to enter the ids of the objects.

  • The first letter of the object type needs to be placed right in front of the id, e.g. n for a source:trunk/resources/images/data/node.svg node, w for a source:trunk/resources/images/data/way.svg way and r for a source:trunk/resources/images/data/relation.svg relation.
    • n11001975 a source:trunk/resources/images/data/node.svg node
    • w11001975 a source:trunk/resources/images/data/way.svg way
    • r11001975 a source:trunk/resources/images/data/relation.svg relation
  • Lists with white space ( ) or comma (,) as separator are accepted.
    • n11111111,r11001975,w276786264,r11001974,n256778555,n324564832 a list
  • Optionally, the data can be loaded into a new layer by checking the box Download as new layer.

Deleted ways' nodes are undelete automatically by this action.

Advanced preferences

Download as new layer (default: false)
Last entered object ids

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