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source:trunk/images/preference.png Keyboard shortcut: F12

In the Preferences Window there are multiple main groups:

source:trunk/images/preferences/display.pngDisplay Settings Various settings that influence the visual representation of the whole program.
source:trunk/images/preferences/connection.pngConnection Settings configure the API URL of the OSM server, how to authenticate, and whether to use a proxy
source:trunk/images/preferences/map.pngMap Settings Settings for the map projection and data interpretation
source:trunk/images/preferences/audio.pngAudio Settings Settings for the audio player and audio markers
source:trunk/images/preferences/plugin.pngPlugins Configure available plugins and plugin update policy
source:trunk/images/preferences/toolbar.pngToolbar Customization Customize the elements on the toolbar.
source:trunk/images/preferences/shortcuts.pngShortcuts Preferences configure keyboard shortcuts manually
source:trunk/images/preferences/validator.pngValidator Settings Setting for validator and list of checks it runs
source:trunk/images/preferences/remotecontrol.pngRemote Control Settings for the remote control feature
source:trunk/images/preferences/imagery.png Imagery Preferences Modify the list of imagery sources displayed in the imagery menu, imagery settings and list of offset bookmarks
source:trunk/images/preferences/advanced.pngAdvanced Preferences Setting preferences entries directly. Use with caution !

Other groups may be added according to which plugins you have installed.

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