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#7416 conflicts all over the place dieterdreist defect blocker Core
#5141 complete system freeze on Ubuntu 10.04 dieterdreist defect critical Core
#5469 Lots of exceptions in WMS plugin Nakor defect critical Core imagery
#5513 Unable to launch JOSM: File too large team defect critical Core
#5625 Crash JOSM team defect critical Core
#7600 Unable to add to way anonymous defect critical Core
#11978 Exception on Split Way jezevec defect critical Core
#13981 IllegalStateException: "Missing merge target of type node" reverting a changeset with deleted objects Upliner defect critical Plugin reverter
#17214 Deadlock with Java 10 on Windows prevents JOSM to start team defect critical Core
#18406 StackOverflowError at AbstractTileSourceLayer$TileSet.lambda$tilePositions$2 Don-vip defect critical Core imagery
#4616 InvocationTargetException: while uploading. team defect major Core
#4826 no need to solve conflicts on tags, members and position if "not visible on server" is chosen team enhancement major Core
#5247 unexpected error while drawing a way richlv defect major Core
#5807 Empty nodes at South Pole and empty relations created team defect major Core
#5902 Route Relation visibility Problem team defect major Core
#6802 selection highlighting disabled by mouse right button team defect major Core
#8684 JOSM runs out of memory when scrolling down the "Properties / Memberships" window Atalanttore defect major Core
#8916 Notes prevent GPX traces from loading ToeBee defect major Core notes
#9705 IAE "node is already deleted" after conflict resolution team defect major Core
#12308 josm freezes or hard quits occasionally when using tag help team defect major Core
#12987 download object leads to objects downloaded to nirvana dieterdreist defect major Core
#13941 Ctrl-arrow left or right doesn't pan map team defect major Core
#14528 [Regression] Joining two closed ways results in a mess instead of one merged way team defect major Core
#17991 Error 429 while downloading tiles team defect major JMapViewer
#18220 JOSM freezes every time I add a POI as a building. I can add 1-2 tags before it freezes. I can still add the POI and buildings separately and combine them. ian.malott@… defect major Core
#21910 Download Location should use "/full" when downloading relations team enhancement major Core
#3501 Reverse Way does no change relation roles team defect normal Core
#3632 JOSM says it's going to upload changes that have already been uploaded team defect normal Core
#3709 Delete key in relation editor behaves in unexpected ways team defect normal Core
#4081 several times using undo after failed upload, team defect normal Core
#4138 logged out while uploading (ResponseCode=401) team defect normal Core
#4188 Exception trying to add destination node (Routing plugin) vidalfree@… defect normal Plugin routing
#4210 Resolve dialogue fails with stracktrace osm@… defect normal Core
#4337 Sometimes switching draw mode impossible stoecker defect normal Core
#4353 Crash at the beginnig of a remote-control session. team defect normal Core
#4587 Crash while adding a rather long way (71 nodes so far) boris59 defect normal Core
#4610 troubles with relations... team defect normal Core
#4642 Silent shortcut conflict: 'tools:jumpto' moved by 'tools:uploadtraces' to 'Ctrl+Shift+G'. team defect normal Plugin
#4677 crash when "correlating" images with gps trace richlv defect normal Core
#4687 unsolvable conflict with nodes. team defect normal Core
#4693 error on launch FrViPofm defect normal Plugin
#4756 Fatal crash resizing Download->Bookmarks dialog team defect normal Core
#4874 WMS Problem team defect normal Core
#4911 marking time with mouse during correlation causeses error team defect normal Core
#4923 JOSM 3191 froze on Import team defect normal Core
#4958 Names/icons don't repaint after being obscured team defect normal Core
#5073 error while request small map area team defect normal Core
#5074 autocompletion broken dieterdreist defect normal Core
#5114 JOSM crash when zooming slippy map with scroll wheel team defect normal Core
#5165 Bug report generated when attempting to tag way with preset mikh43 defect normal Core
#5189 misaligned tiles with WMS Sicily team defect normal Core imagery
#5213 Error when uploading lots of data team defect normal Core
#5240 NPE using undelete-plugin Nakor defect normal Plugin undelete
#5241 Error dialog while zooming into an area with many nodes team defect normal Core
#5254 Exception in relation editor while sorting dieterdreist defect normal Core
#5261 Unexpected format of ID replied by the server. Got '' team defect normal Core
#5267 Bug while ading openinghours anonymous defect normal Core
#5290 error when click on file open team defect normal Core
#5312 Unexpected Exception fargoch@… defect normal Core
#5363 Crash while adding a relation team defect normal Core
#5367 Error in dialog "Unsaved Changes". After press button "Save/Send and Exit" team defect normal Core
#5376 crash during startup team defect normal Core
#5385 Upload gps track stops audio playback team defect normal Plugin DirectUpload
#5390 Bug in "Download along"-plugin anonymous defect normal Plugin download_along
#5423 Error occured when adding and removing WMS layers team defect normal Core
#5433 Bug then uploading to server vazhnov@… defect normal Core
#5448 Error when adding a node in the middle of a way team defect normal Core
#5449 Error when adding a node in the middle of a way team defect normal Core
#5455 Error when adding a node in the middle of a way team defect normal Core
#5472 Error while moving a node with the mouse team defect normal Core
#5474 The value of attribute "ref" accociated with an element type "null" must not contain the '' character koppenho defect normal Core
#5524 Fehlermeldung "Programmierfehler" beim Datenupload Glen.Kinchie@… defect normal Core
#5526 Can't create address relation team defect normal Core
#5568 JOSM error on Windows Vista Premium Arquitectónico defect normal Core
#5583 NoSuchMethodError exception in junctionchecking plugin team defect normal Plugin junctionchecking
#5607 JOSM dumps unedited ways into changesets during upload and creates multiple copies in OSM team defect normal Core
#5711 I did something with filters, deleting I think and bäm! error anonymous defect normal Core
#5737 NPE by upload data (in ChangesetListModel) team defect normal Core
#5750 Error when creating new way team defect normal Core
#5877 relation editor looses selection of elements dieterdreist defect normal Core
#5881 "download along" produces incomplete data Nakor defect normal Plugin download_along
#5907 remotecontrol: NPE while opening the data team defect normal Core
#5910 When deduplicating nodes, give preference to existing nodes, instead of new nodes team defect normal Core
#5952 JOSM crashes team defect normal Core
#6021 JOSM & Nokia N900 ErshKUS defect normal unspecified
#6027 Fehlermeldung beim Start von Josm hermann.meyer@… defect normal Core
#6030 ClassCastException team defect normal Plugin mapdust
#6043 Fehler beim Umbau der Menubar team defect normal Core
#6108 Error when closing an area anonymous defect normal Core
#6111 relation membership not displayed in properties team defect normal Core
#6163 JOSM unexpected error occurrred team defect normal Core
#6174 Ext_tool does not change mousecursor sometimes Upliner defect normal Plugin ext_tools
#6240 reporte de error team defect normal Core
#6295 no data to upload on upload, but warning on exit (to upload data) team defect normal Core
#6416 IllegalArgumentException: "Relation member cannot be null" after upload while relation editor open stoecker defect normal Core
#6427 cadastre-fr: Exception deleting the layer pieren defect normal Plugin cadastre-fr
#6444 Error encountered merging CanVec data layer to OSM layer longiaru@… defect normal Core
#6487 imagery: NPE trying to update server list after setting a proxy server Upliner defect normal Core
#6610 JOSM froze after upload with oauth from exit dialog team defect normal Core
#6641 Validator: All checks for a "needed roles" should be disabled for incomplete relations (WAS: Do not run role checks on incomplete relations) team defect normal Core validator
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