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#13317 pressing enter in wizard box should create the overpass query team enhancement normal fixed
#13305 [patch] correct javadoc in TestError team defect minor fixed
#13295 [Patch] improve UnconnectedWays test team enhancement normal fixed
#13290 [Patch] pasting from other layer changes objects position team defect normal fixed
#13272 Loading problem team defect normal fixed
#13271 [Patch] Make TagCollection count the occurence of tags. team enhancement normal fixed
#13267 JOSM does not show recently added tags (when openign a new session) - ver: latest-10710 team defect normal latest fixed
#13260 Opening an .osm file containing HTML code takes ages team defect minor latest fixed
#13255 [Patch] Document AbstractProjection. team enhancement normal fixed
#13251 [Patch] Improve multipolygon validator team enhancement normal fixed
#13250 [Patch] JOSM seems to hang after sorting members of a complex relation team enhancement normal fixed
#13237 Should not duplicate layer names in the changeset source team enhancement normal fixed
#13236 Display texts from the beginning team defect minor fixed
#13230 Strange artifacts in some ways naoliv defect normal fixed
#13229 Can't unselect objects in JOSM Don-vip defect normal fixed
#13225 ImproveWayaccuracy mode is broken team defect blocker latest fixed
#13217 replace png icons by svg from osm svn source, sort icons and remove duplicates Klumbumbus enhancement normal fixed
#13208 [Patch] Use real string for Concatenation Don-vip defect normal fixed
#13207 IllegalStateException: cannot open system clipboard team defect normal fixed
#13206 [Patch] Migrate Function interface to java 8 team enhancement normal fixed
#13203 [Patch] Ctrl-D (Duplicate) places new object on top of source object team defect major latest fixed
#13201 Add geo: URL/URI support simon04 enhancement normal fixed
#13198 [Patch] Add new flow layout that does the right height computation. team enhancement normal fixed
#13197 Autosave: EDT violation detected Don-vip defect normal latest fixed
#13196 [Patch] Remove FileDrop class. team enhancement normal fixed
#13192 [Patch] Update LayerPositionStrategy to be a java 8 functional interface. team enhancement normal fixed
#13191 [Patch] Documentation and migration to java 8 of preset code. team enhancement normal fixed
#13184 NPE while trying to exit JOSM team defect normal fixed
#13164 [Patch] Creating a conflict after editing a relation inside and outside the editor throws an exception team defect normal latest fixed
#13158 icons are displayed different Don-vip defect normal fixed
#13085 When downloading from Overpass, a "download area too large" warning is incorrectly displayed team enhancement minor fixed
#13084 sort out unused icons and move icons from osm svn to josm svn team enhancement normal fixed
#13070 Upload dialog not sized correctly team defect normal fixed
#13063 "Select all" and "Search" ignore filters simon04 defect normal fixed
#13050 [Patch] cannot copy from the object history view team defect normal fixed
#12952 [Patch] Java 8: Disable auto boxing for hashCode/equals Don-vip enhancement normal fixed
#12908 [Patch] Java 8: Move to java Predicates Don-vip enhancement normal fixed
#12905 [Patch] Java 8: Add more information to the bug report Don-vip enhancement normal fixed
#12900 Conflicts in pasted tags cannot be resolved, cannot be resolved to "none" team defect normal latest fixed
#12890 Use Java 8 Predicates Don-vip enhancement normal fixed
#12815 Improvewayaccuracy; missing helper line during removal function +Alt of W mode team defect normal fixed
#12565 Relation editor: copying/pasting members loses roles team defect normal fixed
#12478 Use ​Swing Copy/Paste instead of CopyAction/PasteAction with custom buffer? team enhancement normal fixed
#12472 Java 8: Use error-prone in build Don-vip enhancement normal fixed
#11390 Switch to Java 8 Don-vip enhancement major fixed
#11114 Copying Tags with Relations Editor team defect normal tested fixed

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#11874 No progress bar while downloading plugins team defect normal
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