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Java OpenStreetMap Editor


JOSM is an editor for OpenStreetMap (OSM) written in Java 1.5. Currently it supports loading stand alone GPX tracks and GPX track data from the OSM database as well as loading and editing existing nodes, ways, metadata tags and relations from the OSM database.


  • Note that there are fairly regular updates, so always try running a recent version (and also recent plugins).
  • Access JOSM-WebStart without installation (Plugins will not work in the webstart version on Windows)
  • Download the tested JOSM version 17702 (more or less stable)
  • Download the Windows JOSM installer version 17702 (more or less stable)


  • Download the latest JOSM version 17804 (may have more errors than "tested", be careful with this one).
  • Download the Mac OS X JOSM package version 17702 (beware: this is preliminary and may contain bugs)
  • Prepare a USB Stick? to use JOSM on any foreign Windows machine.
  • View the change log. Major changes are noted in the JOSM startup notes.
  • Help translating JOSM into your language using Launchpad.
  • Get the source from svn co

Help and Support

  • Requests for new features can also be made via trac or via the JOSM developer mailing list (josm-dev@…). You can subscribe here.
  • For download scripts use version check for latest and tested to reduce download bandwith

How to help