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Display Settings menu

Most of the setting are available via Help/Preferences/Display menu. But others will be spread across editor and not so obvious/visible ways to activate them.

Using filters dialog to de-clutter screen

See Help/Dialog/Filter#Examples for details.

Other tweaks

Applies to Description Relevant keys in Advanced Preferences
Windows By clicking on the heading you can switch between "Always shown", "Dynamic", "Always hidden" so that "buttons" at the bottom of the dialog in question will be hidden/displayed. Settings save per each panel independently.

NOTE: "Dynamic" setting won't work unless you check respective checkbox in Display Settings menu or set dialog.dynamic.buttons to true
ends with .buttonhiding
Windows By clicking on arrow in heading of the panel you will toggle it's minified state. Settings save per each panel independently. ends with .minimized
Windows By clicking on pin icon in heading of the panel you will make floating window. In order to pin each window back to its place you have to close this window. Settings save per each panel independently. ends with .docked
Windows, whole JOSM window Position and size of the pop ups. Position of each window (when unpinned) ends with .geometry
Fullscreen Use F11 to enter and leave fullscreen mode draw.fullscreen
Main menu, toolbar, status bar, side toolbar Will be always visible, unless you disable it in advanced settings. Set one of 4 keys (menu.always-visible for example) to false to hide it after every Tab press

You can use right mouse click on elements to select "Do not hide this toolbar and menu". However, there special case about "Main menu" and "toolbar".
ends with .always-visible
Simple use:

Advanced use (read row above about ".always-visible" keys):
Main toolbar+Main menu
Edit toolbar
Status toolbar
Use Tab to hide/unhide them.

Default setup

do not hide menu AND toolbar special case

It is possible "Do not hide" only main menu or only toolbar using advanced keys. It is impossible via JOSM interface settings.

This demo show that "Do not hide menu AND toolbar" utilizes TWO keys, not one. But you still can set values individually in advanced settings:

Minimalistic look

NOTE: undocked panels can be displayed at second/third monitor. NOTE: source materials (photos, videos, notes etc) can be displayed at second/third monitor.

  1. set menu.always-visible, sidetoolbar.always-visible, statusbar.always-visible, toolbar.always-visible to false
  2. set propertiesdialog.docked, selectionlist.docked to false
  3. adjust layout, press Tab

Usage of style instead of tag windows

While some styles are displeasant to use every day, they may facilitate entrance of data more quickly. Especially if you enter all data tag after tag (tag change only 4-10 times), not all tags per each object (tag changes thousands of times).

Object duplication and copying of tags used more often than tag editing.

buildingheights.css was used to highlight buildings into 4 pseudo-classes during San Francisco Building Height Import.

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