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Main menu > Edit

Standard menu entries

source:trunk/images/undo.png Undo Ctrl-Z Undo the last action
source:trunk/images/redo.png Redo Ctrl-Y Redo the last action
source:trunk/images/copy.png Copy Ctrl-C Copy the currently selected objects to the clipboard
source:trunk/images/paste.png Paste Ctrl-V Paste the contents of the clipboard in the current data layer
source:trunk/images/pastetags.png Paste Tags Ctrl+Shift-V Paste the tags of the contents of the clipboard to the currently selected objects
source:trunk/images/duplicate.png Duplicate Ctrl-D Create a copy of the currently selected objects in the current data layer
source:trunk/images/dialogs/delete.png Delete Del Delete the currently selected objects
source:trunk/images/purge.png Purge Ctrl+Shift-P Purge the currently selected objects
source:trunk/images/dialogs/mergedown.png Merge Layer Ctrl-M Merge the data in the current data layer onto another data layer
source:trunk/images/dialogs/mergedown.png Merge selection Ctrl+Shift-M Merge the currently selected objects onto another data layer
source:trunk/images/selectall.png Select all Ctrl-A Select all objects of the current data layer
source:trunk/images/unselectall.png Unselect all U Clear the current selection
source:trunk/images/dialogs/search.png Search ... Ctrl-F Search objects in the current data layer
source:trunk/images/preference.png Preferences F12 Launch the preferences dialog

Additional menu entries

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