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#23201 Missing layer from grandlyon geoserver External imagery source defect anonymous needinfo
#23192 Do not warn "House number without a street" when there is addr:substreet Core defect anonymous needinfo
#23176 Enhancment: Allow to remove Validator error-candifdates from selection Core enhancement team new
#23175 Validation before uploading not working Core defect anonymous needinfo
#23167 OsmTransferException: Impossible de joindre le serveur. Veuillez vérifier votre connexion Internet. Plugin mapwithai defect taylor.smock new
#23156 How to stay in the FastDraw mode when a way finished drawing like Building_tools Plugin FastDraw defect akks new
#23155 Can't open jos file I saved a few days ago Core defect team new
#23131 crash after using CADTools Plugin cadtools defect Anamaria.Rotariu new
#23120 mapcss Way child of relation child of relation Core enhancement team new
#23094 To update FranceSpecificRules according Pifomètre V3 (ref:FR:FANTOIR) External rule defect team new
#23082 NPE in MapSlider#zoomChanged (in Component#findUnderMouseInWindow) Core defect team new
#23063 GUI freeze then bug popup, when clicking icon of photo for which file is missing unspecified defect team new
#23050 NPE in WikipediaToggleDialog.processDatasetEvent Plugin wikipedia defect floscher new
#23033 Просто запустил ПО и нажал "Скачать" Core defect team new
#23031 Using the escape button while having shapetools activated results in errors Core defect team new
#23029 MatSim plugin simulation error Plugin matsim defect double-m new
#23016 OAuth authentication failed Core defect team new
#23010 Issue when servers are down Plugin mapwithai defect taylor.smock new
#23009 UnsupportedClassVersionError: org/openstreetmap/josm/plugins/damn/DamnPlugin has been compiled by a more recent version of Java Plugin damn defect qeef new
#22997 exception in kartaview module Core defect team new
#22950 ArrayIndexOutOfBounds in CameraPlane.mapping Core defect team new
#22930 IAE: newMinuteEnd is not a valid minute (0-1441) Plugin openinghourseditor defect boman new
#22913 NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class com.sun.media.imageioimpl.plugins.pnm.PNMImageWriter Core defect team new
#22896 add self_service=yes and vending_machine=fuel to amenity=fuel presets Internal preset enhancement team new
#22893 New notes cannot be edited before uploading. Core notes enhancement team new
#22886 IAE in ImageWarp#warp during ESRI tile transform Core defect team new
#22879 Cut keyboard shortcuts doesn't work after reverting order of relation members Core defect team new
#22876 Add command stack items (ie scrollable window) to upload window Core enhancement team new
#22850 Tracing (Follow) loops line back to first node after 4th node has been reached, Core defect team new
#22834 NPE at org.openstreetmap.josm.tools.GeoPropertyIndex$GPLevel.getBounded Core defect anonymous needinfo
#22818 AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'groups' Trac defect stoecker new
#22812 When I attempt to use a custom image tile server, JOSM crashes Core imagery defect team new
#22809 Improvvisa chiusura duranteuno spostamento in un area contigua a quella scaricata. Core imagery defect team new
#22752 JosmRuntimeException: Join areas internal error - findBoundaryPolygons Core defect anonymous needinfo
#22745 UnknownHostException: josm.openstreetmap.de when josm.openstreetmap.de is not resolved on /imagery remote control call Core defect team new
#22720 OsmTransferCanceledException: Operation canceled Core defect team new
#22672 IllegalArgumentException: Comparison method violates its general contract Core defect anonymous needinfo
#22669 IAE when replacing polygon geometry Plugin utilsplugin2 defect team new
#22664 [PATCH] Make tagging presets more flexible Core enhancement team new
#22657 NPE: Cannot invoke "org.openstreetmap.josm.gui.dialogs.ToggleDialog$TitleBar.setVisible(boolean)" because "this.titleBar" is null Plugin Magic Wand defect new
#22619 Validator should not warn for direction relations which use roundabout Core validator defect team new
#22590 Selected 360 mapillary while using viewer Core image mapping defect team new
#22531 Tag editing window is too small Core defect team new
#22505 NoClassDefFoundError: org/graalvm/polyglot/Engine Plugin scripting defect Gubaer new
#22496 NPE: Cannot invoke "javax.swing.text.View.changedUpdate()" on first running the newest JOSM version 18583 after installation Core defect team new
#22495 Warning when using a relation restriction:bicycle=give_way Core validator defect anonymous needinfo
#22492 Deleting GPX point timestamp does not work Core defect team new
#22409 IOE: Unable to make protected javax.print.attribute.EnumSyntax[] sun.print.Win32MediaSize.getEnumValueTable() accessible Plugin print defect anonymous needinfo
#22385 [NEEDS RELEASE] NoSuchMethodError: org.openstreetmap.josm.data.osm.Node org.openstreetmap.josm.data.osm.WaySegment.getSecondNode() Plugin cadtools defect Anamaria.Rotariu new
#22373 NPE at TurnLanesEditorDialog.setRoadProperties Plugin turnlanes-tagging defect team assigned
#22372 Problem with GeoJSON Export for MultiPolygon or in boundaries.osm Core geojson defect team new
#22355 Some ideas to improve Tags/Membership window and "add tag"/"change tag" dialogue Core enhancement team new
#22330 StartupPage: Add link to help updating from java 8 (WAS: Wrong requested java version "11" at OSM start page) Wiki content enhancement team reopened
#22320 NPE: Cannot invoke "org.wikipedia.WikipediaApp.getSiteUrl()" because "app" is null Plugin wikipedia defect floscher new
#22285 DataIntegrityProblemException: Primitive cannot be modified in read-only dataset Core defect team reopened
#22278 DataIntegrityProblemException: Deleted member referenced in large `SequenceCommand` with many `ChangeMembersCommand` Core defect team new
#22254 The GeoJSON contains an object with property 'overlap' whose value has the unsupported type 'JsonObjectImpl'. That key-value pair is ignored! Core geojson defect team new
#22213 JOSM doesn't handle gracefully when a relation is attempted to be deleted for a second time. Core defect team new
#22204 NPE: Cannot invoke "String.length()" because "<parameter1>" is null Core imagery defect team new
#22128 Windows keyboard input language switches automatically from german to english if opening "add key" dialoge window Core defect team new
#22124 Problem with PDF import Plugin pdfimport defect team new
#22061 error when saving matsim layer Plugin matsim defect double-m new
#22036 HiDPI screen with JAVA-17 is broken again Core defect team new
#21994 barrier=chain icon is absolutely massive Internal mappaint style defect anonymous needinfo
#21949 Adding a validation rule for key:bus:lanes:forward shouldn't have numeric value Core validator enhancement team new
#21943 Standardize the windows of « convert gpx to osm » Core enhancement team new
#21884 Saved session does not remember pictures are 360° Core defect team new
#21807 [Download] Update wiki page to say the Windows installer is for 64-bit only Installer Windows defect team new
#21802 Exclude georgian wiki pages "wikipedia=ka:xxx" from "wikipedia page title should have first letter capitalized" Core validator defect team new
#21793 Add new preset for avalanche transceiver training zone and checkpoint Internal preset enhancement team new
#21781 NPE: Cannot invoke "org.wikipedia.WikipediaApp.getSiteUrl()" because "app" is null Plugin wikipedia defect floscher new
#21754 enhancement - rendering healthcare nurse Core enhancement team new
#21753 Windows Installer never respects personalized settings Installer Windows enhancement team new
#21743 Add preset for music school Internal preset enhancement team new
#21740 IAE: Attempted to add listener that was already in list: external preset with group name RoadSigns Core defect team new
#21686 AIOOBE: mapmode.SelectAction$VirtualManager.createMiddleNodeFromVirtual Core defect team new
#21674 IllegalStateException: Already registered a conflict for primitive (merging) Core defect team new
#21643 MismatchedDimensionException: Argument "ETRS89 / UTM zone 33 + NN2000 height" has 3 dimensions, while 2 was expected. Plugin importimage defect team new
#21632 Wrong syntax in hazmat:conditional key Core validator defect team new
#21582 Lat long from python scripting Plugin scripting enhancement Gubaer new
#21542 Problem with Ignore list and new objects Core validator enhancement team new
#21492 Using OSM offline ".map" format in JOSM (mapsforge) Plugin enhancement team new
#21475 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on gps filter sorting Core defect team new
#21425 Include/exclude layers from changeset source Core enhancement team new
#21392 IAE: Width and height cannot be <= 0 at ImageWarp.warp Core imagery defect team new
#21382 IllegalStateException: Dialog not created yet. Invoke createInstance() first Plugin Kartaview/openstreetcam defect jBeata new
#21370 IAE: No enum constant org.openstreetmap.josm.plugins.improveosm.entity.Status.NEED_REVIEW Plugin ImproveOsm defect jBeata new
#21368 NPE at com.autodesk.mg.b.a Plugin freemapkapor defect team new
#21278 JOSM.exe runs upscaled Core defect team new
#21222 DataIntegrityProblemException: Complete node with null coordinates Core defect team new
#21221 Relation editor: Preset link: DataIntegrityProblemException: Primitive must be part of the dataset while editing a relation Core defect team new
#21087 Dialogs for adding custom imagery need scrollbar Core imagery defect team new
#21047 Add WMS from verkeersborden.vlaanderen (Belgium/Flanders) External imagery source enhancement team new
#21004 NPE at PhotoAdjustWorker.translatePhoto Plugin photoadjust defect holgermappt new
#20929 Tried to import a defective geojson and JOSM crashed Core geojson defect team new
#20907 DataIntegrityProblemException: Deleted node referenced at org.openstreetmap.josm.data.osm.Way.checkNodes (delete action) after undelete Plugin undelete defect team new
#20828 Downloading French cadaster data in the wrong layer Plugin cadastre-fr defect Don-vip new
#20825 IllegalStateException at DataSetMerger.mergeRelationMembers after downloading from FR cadastre Plugin cadastre-fr defect Don-vip new
#20791 Add `highway=busway` preset Internal preset enhancement team new
#20783 Common hours override exceptions Plugin openinghourseditor defect boman new
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