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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#5506 "Open file" dialog breaks josm when browsing directories team defect blocker Core
#5507 progress bar kills josm / segmentation violation team defect blocker Core
#5960 Applet disabled by IWSS Javascan site policy team defect blocker Core
#6307 josm crash team defect blocker Core
#6575 Deleting an object (way, node) leads to an error team defect blocker Plugin contourmerge
#6969 JOSM freeses computer completely -> need for hard reset team defect blocker Core
#7795 Conflation plugin: NPE when deleting matches joshdoe defect blocker Plugin conflation
#7916 Problem with open file dialog (rename) team defect blocker Core
#12000 JOSM freeze after upgrading to Ubuntu 15.10 team defect blocker Core
#12530 JOSM crashes when trying to download data team defect blocker Core
#12842 Screen goes blank white on launching JOSM team defect blocker Core
#16517 Uploading of changed data not possible team defect blocker Core
#21394 running under fedora 34 sulmicki@… defect blocker Core Webstart
#23284 error on josm startup versions 18822 and 18895 team defect blocker Plugin tracer
#5836 mouse button stops to work team defect critical Core
#8698 SVN and plugin update server is down? team defect critical unspecified
#9769 Conflation Plugin error on conflate joshdoe defect critical Plugin conflation
#9899 No warning about pending uploads on exit ToeBee defect critical Core notes
#10436 Does not connect to server due to SSL key > 1024 team defect critical Core
#11209 Keyboard input stops working after a few minutes team defect critical Core
#13149 josm 10526 trojan? team defect critical Installer Windows
#13648 Rex plugin needs update team defect critical Plugin rex
#14641 JOSM can't communication OSM Server an upload all change martinmbaihaqi defect critical Core
#15714 IPv6 network trouble in Orange network (FR) anonymous defect critical Core
#15851 InvalidAlgorithmParameterException: the trustAnchors parameter must be non-empty (Ubuntu 18.04) jukey defect critical Core
#15947 ClassNotFoundException: Atalanttore defect critical Core
#17760 History for ways doesn't show tag changes team defect critical Core
#19659 Unpacking with unzip or Archive Utility cause broken team defect critical Core
#22773 Save always displays as succesful even when not (e.g. due to permissions), leading to data loss anonymous defect critical Core
#3290 Make sure an XML parser fully supporting UTF-16 is used by JOSM team defect major Core
#3664 regexp search spits weird errors on some expressions team defect major Core
#4892 Add/Draw nodes tool stops being able to create ways on OSX team defect major Core
#5518 dialog boxes don't go away after switching to virtual screen within awesome wm team defect major Core
#5809 Ctrl+Alt+click doesn't let you cycle through objects to be selected fsteggink defect major Core
#5847 Swedish translation of search dialog is wrong team defect major Core
#5919 [TRAC]: Give a warning when submitting data without a valid username or email-address stoecker defect major Trac
#6602 Offset tool does not create ways with the offset specified Hind defect major Plugin commandline
#7944 Menus not working properly team defect major Core
#7949 No access to LAUNCHPAD DiGro defect major unspecified
#7971 Copy Paste does'nt work on MAC OS X Eric Pommereau defect major Core
#7997 Error opening WMS-layer from mapserver team defect major Core
#8807 Order by geometry, TODO plugin Gnonthgol enhancement major Plugin todo
#8921 Many exceptions caused by EDT violations with latest security update of OpenJDK 6 team defect major Core
#9075 Preferences and About windows come up blank, won’t close, and prevent Quit from working migurski defect major Core
#9439 crash on start via webstart anonymous defect major Core Webstart
#9979 Norton Antivirus says Trojan.ADH.SMH in uninstall.exe team defect major Installer Windows
#10319 JOSM drains cpu time on OSX team defect major Core
#10430 Linux: Dialog windows do not receive focus (after unfocusing and clicking on them) team defect major Core
#10650 JOSM with continuesdownload jumps around like a monkey Don-vip defect major Plugin continuosDownload
#12006 Pasting text gives an error maarten defect major Core
#12114 Memory leak in JOSM team defect major Core
#12141 Working plugin freemapkapor team defect major Plugin
#13213 dxfImport no longer works. bwallum defect major Plugin DxfImport
#13285 crash on click shape mode plugin team defect major Plugin shapetools
#13599 kendzi3d - NoClassDefFoundError: org/openstreetmap/josm/gui/MapView$LayerChangeListener kendzi defect major Plugin kendzi3d
#13635 kendzi3d could not loaded in JOSM 10966 kendzi defect major Plugin kendzi3d
#14795 NPE at (JFileChooser on Win 10 Creators Update) team defect major Core
#14898 Upload failure team defect major Core
#15113 JOSM support for latest MacOS (High Sierra) markscalf defect major Core
#15785 SecurityException: Can not verify security pack jar when starting JOSM anonymous defect major Core Webstart
#15801 IllegalComponentStateException: component must be showing on the screen to determine its location team defect major Core
#16270 Restrictions not applied in routing? team defect major Core
#16451 JOSM tested 13996 fails to build with OpenJDK 10 on Debian unstable team defect major Core remotecontrol
#16465 Error when writing new coordinates team defect major Plugin photo_geotagging
#17250 Area selection on slippy map broken AMDmi3 defect major Core
#17873 cannot export matsim shape and xml file nega defect major Plugin matsim
#18396 Creating a circle using CAD Tools Anamaria.Rotariu defect major Plugin cadtools
#20521 les requêtes OVERPASS ne fonctionnent pas anonymous defect major Core
#22016 The button (arrow) 'upload' does not turn green when editing. I can no longer upload the new data? GuyPa defect major Core
#3333 key is displayed wrong when starting with unicode character team defect normal Core
#3927 Provide Italian projection methods team enhancement normal Core
#4089 Feature Request: Show "loc_name" and "operator" tags on rendered Open-Street-Map framm enhancement normal Core imagery
#4907 Can't save any ways created locally, but will upload to OSM team defect normal Core
#5259 When save the file anonymous defect normal Core
#5366 LakeWalker works but throws a Java error. team defect normal Plugin lakewalker
#5458 Cannot upload changes after a JOSM edit. team defect normal Core
#5473 User interface unresponsive and exceptions team defect normal Core
#5538 GTK: nicer file dialog team enhancement normal Core
#5553 no reload of local preset file(s) by function key or menu entry possible team enhancement normal Core
#5606 empty (error?)message team defect normal Core
#5688 unexpected exception when panning the map team defect normal Core
#5925 Exception when using tracer plugin team defect normal Plugin tracer
#5929 Login sends you back to main page stoecker defect normal Trac
#6119 plantage de JOSM dans outils simplification zone pendant Import cadastre team defect normal unspecified
#6253 Sporadic error when creating dialogs team defect normal Core
#6331 trac: problem with username when only entered in web script and needed twice stoecker defect normal Trac
#6435 Crash when using undocked windows on multiple screens team defect normal Core
#6559 Kendzi 3D crash after sleep-wake up Windows kendzi defect normal Plugin kendzi3d
#6622 Can't paste text to "add WMS/TMS server dialog" team defect normal Core imagery
#6717 trac: use incasitive search in custom query stoecker enhancement normal Trac
#6769 ctrl-shift-D or Menu -> Download .... anonymous defect normal Core
#6781 Change the list of languages team defect normal Core
#6965 file -> save as: crash team defect normal Core
#6989 Advanced information menu leading to a bad link team defect normal Core
#6993 field comment is on the wrong place team defect normal Core
#7025 JOSM webserver user account‏ stoecker defect normal Trac
#7167 custom querry in TRAC does not find many hits stoecker defect normal Trac
#7203 Error "Document element should be osmChange" on upload team defect normal Core
#7206 Bug on load preferences.xml team defect normal Core
#7249 tracer plugin crash team defect normal Plugin tracer
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