Measured values panel

source:osm/applications/editors/josm/plugins/measurement/images/measurement.png Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+U - one of the JOSM panels offered by the Measurement plugin

The Measured values panel shows

  • the length of the path on the Measure Path layer and
  • the length, the area, the radius and the heading of the segment last drawn of the selection.

It is activated via the source:osm/applications/editors/josm/plugins/measurement/images/measurement.png Measurements entry in Windows menu, the source:osm/applications/editors/josm/plugins/measurement/images/measurement.png Measurements button in the Edit toolbar or the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+U. The Path Length is measured on a path independently of any map objects. That path can be drawn or imported on the Measure path layer. Drawing is possible in the source:osm/applications/editors/josm/plugins/measurement/images/mapmode/measurement.png Measurement mode. Click on the start point of the path and go on with its next points. The layer is opened upon the first click and line segments are shown between the points of the path.

Panel Buttons

Icon Name Description
source:trunk/resources/images/dialogs/select.svg Reset Clears the Measure Path layer.

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