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JOSM Правила при проверка

source:trunk/images/dialogs/validator.png The JOSM validator (Tag checker) can be customized with different rules based on MapCSS.

Избор на правила

Съществуват основни правила (напр. геометрия или автомобилни пътища), които покриват определени физически черти. Те могат да се комбинират с допълнителни правила, които покрива по-специфични области, като:

short descriptionauthordescriptionversion
icon ATMs in Slovakia Jose Riha Rules implementing operator and ref tag checks for ATMs in Slovak Republic. More details 4_2018-03-24
icon Brazilian-specific rules OpenStreetMap Brasil Community rules for the most common errors and problems found in Brazil. Messages are in Portuguese only. More details 2019-01-15
Czech Republic Address System Jose Riha Rules implementing checks for address tags specified by Czech Republic Address System. Only used in CZ and SK. More details 2.14_2018-03-24
icon Germany specific rules Klumbumbus Rules, which are limited to Germany only. More details 1.9_2018-03-24
Jungle Bus – validation ruleset nlehuby Uncompromising validation of transit data More details 0.8
Missing streetnumber or conscriptionnumber Jose Riha Copy value of housenumber tag to either streetnumber or conscriptionnumber More details 1.5_2018-03-24
Mountain bike specific rules naoliv, Stefan Bauer Rules which check the correct usage of mountain bike specific tags. More details 1.0
OpenRailwayMap – extra ruleset for Germany rurseekatze Additional validation of railway data according to the OpenRailwayMap tagging scheme. More details 2017-01-09
OpenRailwayMap – international validation ruleset rurseekatze Validation of railway data according to the OpenRailwayMap tagging scheme. More details 2017-01-09
Portuguese-specific rules ViriatoLusitano Community rules for the most common errors and problems found in Portugal. Messages are in Portuguese only. More details 1.4_2018-03-24
icon Português-Erros comuns PT2 OSM Portugal AVISO: APLICAR APENAS EM PORTUGAL. Encontra principalmente erros de ortografia, abreviaturas em nomes, algumas etiquetas não aplicáveis a Portugal e alguns erros de etiquetas mal aplicadas. Os erros começam com "Portugal" para serem facilmente identificados. Verificar com CUIDADO os erros apresentados por esta lista, pois nem sempre são erros. More details 1.37_2018-10-27
Possible missing weekdays Klumbumbus Checks for possible missing weekdays in the opening_hours key. Note that opening hours without weekdays can be correct, so be careful when editing the osm data. More details 1.2_2018-03-24
Russian housenumbers zetx16 1.0_2016-09-20
Seamark Validation Rules Aun (Skippern) Johnsen Rules to give warning when tagging of seamarks are not in accordance with standards in the data model More details 0.1
swimming_pool tag confusion nlehuby Detect Suspiscious leisure=swimming_pool 0.12

To add more rules to your list, open the Validator Preferences: Edit -> Preferences -> source:trunk/images/preferences/validator.png Validator -> Tag Checker Rules (2nd tab))

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