title: "Missing streetnumber or conscriptionnumber";
  version: "1.6_2020-10-05"; /* don't remove 6_2020-10-05, needed for automatic updates within JOSM */
  description: "Copy value of housenumber tag to either streetnumber or conscriptionnumber";
  author: "Jose Riha";
  link: "";
  min-josm-version: "11424"; /* due to territory selectors */

/* see implementation of Czech Republic Address System for JOSM validator as per
Only makes sense to edits within borders of Czech and Slovak republic.

The sole purpose of rule is to use it for populating addr:streetnumber/addr:conscriptionnumber
tags when missing.


Sada tychto jednoduchych pravidiel sluzi na vyplnenie tagov addr:streetnumber/addr:conscriptionnumber.

 - nacitate problemovu oblast (elementy s addr:housenumber, ale chybajucimi streetnumber a conscriptionnumber)
 - ctrl-f, zadate:
   -  pre vyhladanie buducich streetnumbers:
    "addr:housenumber" -"addr:housenumber":/ -"addr:streetnumber" -"addr:conscriptionnumber" "addr:housenumber" < 300
   -  pre vyhladanie buducich conscriptionnumbers:
    "addr:housenumber" -"addr:housenumber":/ -"addr:streetnumber" -"addr:conscriptionnumber"
 - validator - overit
 - vo vysledkoch validacie si vyberiete ci budete vyplnat supisne alebo orientacne cisla
 - oznacite, kliknite na opravit

please send fixes and suggestions to: jose1711 gmail com

throwWarning: tr("Missing streetnumber while housenumber exists");
fixAdd: concat("addr:streetnumber=",tag("addr:housenumber"));

throwWarning: tr("Missing conscriptionnumber while housenumber exists");
fixAdd: concat("addr:conscriptionnumber=",tag("addr:housenumber"));


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