France specific rules

meta {
    title: "France specific rules";
    version: "1.3_2019-05-02";
    description: "Rules, which are limited to France only.";
    author: "PanierAvide";
    link: "";
    min-josm-version: "14481"; /* due to osmose attributs */
    baselanguage: "fr";
meta[lang=fr] {
    title: "Règles pour la France";
    description: "Règles de validation spécifiques à la France";

way[railway=rail][!gauge][inside("FR")] {
    throwWarning: tr("Tag gauge manquant sur rail");
    suggestAlternative: "gauge";
    -osmoseItemClassLevel: "2160/21600/3";
    -osmoseTags: list("tag", "railway");

    -osmoseAssertMatchWithContext: list("way railway=rail", "inside=FR");
    -osmoseAssertNoMatchWithContext: list("way railway=rail gauge=1435", "inside=FR");
    -osmoseAssertNoMatchWithContext: list("way railway=disused", "inside=FR");


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