title: "OSM Lint Validations";
  version: "3_2020-10-05";
  description: "Checks for errors based on OSM Lint";
  author: "Dave Manzer";
  link: "";

/* osmlint missinglayerbridges */

way[bridge][!layer] {
        throwWarning: tr("{0} without {1}", "{0.key}", "{1.key}");
        group: "OSM Lint";

/* missing tunnel layer: not officially an osmlint check but is similar to missinglayerbridges. */
way[tunnel][!layer][tunnel!=building_passage] {
        throwWarning: tr("{0} without {1}", "{0.key}", "{1.key}");
        group: "OSM Lint";

/*OSMlint missingoneways: Identifies motorway links without oneway tag , which is connected to a highway=motorway with a oneway */

way[highway=motorway][oneway=yes] node:connection {
        set osmlint_oneway;

way[highway=motorway_link][!oneway] node.osmlint_oneway,
way[highway=motorway_link][oneway][oneway!=yes] node.osmlint_oneway {
        throwWarning: tr("missing oneway on motorway_link");
        group: "osmlint";


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