Some plugins may simplify some steps, but provide less clarity about what you do: many tools, states or tags become "hidden" or even worse: simply inaccessible.

Create a relation

  1. Button source:trunk/resources/images/dialogs/add.svg in Relations panel
  2. Tools specific to each type of relation

Add/modify/remove tags of the relation

All tags of the relations are entered based on type=* key (simple explanation). You (or tools you're using) should specify type=* tag first, then you can active presets or add other details.

  1. Using buttons in the "Tags" panel of Relation editor
  2. Select one or many relations, then add tags using regular tools that work on tags (there many of them: Tags)

Create a parent relation

Parent relation is a relation that consist of other relations as its children.

Load or create child relations

In this demo we simply pasted the relation 1152180 in active OSM data layer (make sure you have one first), other options covered at Downloading data.

Select at least one child relation in Relations list panel

In Relations list panel:

We are holding Ctrl to select multiple child relations at once in Relations list panel. But there many tools to select relations.

Selection list panel

In Selection list panel:

  • If you did nothing: nothing was sub-selected - it means everything is selected
  • If only 2 items were selected in Selection list panel (using Ctrl but in this panel now), only 2 objects will be visible later on.

Nothing (everything) is selected:

Only 2 objects are selected:

Open Relation editor with selection

Click Plus button source:trunk/resources/images/dialogs/add.svg in Relations list panel to open relation editor with selected relations:

Relation editor

In Relation editor:

Add all of some members from selection to the left

Read hover captions or Relation editor page about what each button does.

Add tags to parent relation

  1. Use top part or relation editor to add tags. Tags are different depending on what you want to detail, seek for help if you have questions about tags;
  2. Press "OK"

Remove or edit child relations

In public transport schema this is similar to edit/removing detour route relations from route_master relation.

  1. Select a relation that has other relations as it's members, open Relation editor.
  2. Select one or more members from the left (hold Ctrl to select multiple) and use according button, as described here: Bottom half left side members

Remove parent relations

Impossible ATM, but you can navigate to parent relation and remove respective child.

Select proper parent and press "edit" button in Parent Relations tab.

Duplicate a relation

  1. Button in Relations list panel
  2. Button in Relation editor
  3. TODO: other more specific tools

Remove a relation

Please only remove relations when object in the world world is no longer exist. Please keep history whatever possible: select all members, remove them and add new members - this way you will continue editing of "old" relation.

  1. Button in Relation editor

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