Photo Adjust Mode

The Photo adjust mode is to place images on the map and giving them a geographic reference, i.e. by geotagging them.

source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/photoadjust/images/photoadjust.png in OpenStreetMap Trac It is the working mode of the PhotoAdjust pluginKeyboard shortcut: none


Click and drag a photo already shown in the Map View to move it to a new location. This sets temporarily a new georeference for the image.

Hold Shift and click on the map to place the image currently shown in the Geotagged Images window at the mouse pointers position.

Hold Ctrl and click on the map to set the direction the image currently shown in the Geotagged Images window.

Modes Of Operation

The functionality described above is available:

  • For all images in Photo adjust mode.
  • For images on a Geotagged images layer only if that layer is activated.
  • An active layer has precedence, only its photos can be adjusted.

In Photo adjust mode clicking on a image can change the source layer of the Geotagged Images viewer. The viewer does not display which source layer it uses. Navigating between images on several layers can seem confusing in this mode. To change the source layer directly use Jump to next marker in the Geoimage layer context menu or Ctrl+Alt+J[0-9].


To separate photos without GPS coordinates use source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/photoadjust/images/untaglayer.png in OpenStreetMap Trac New layer for untagged images on the Geoimage layer containing them.

To directly edit the georeference of a photo in JOSM use Edit photo GPS data in the Edit menu.

To write the georeference from JOSM to the image files use source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/photo_geotagging/images/geotagging.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Write coordinates to image header on the Geoimage layer containing them.

Photo adjusting works best if the source:trunk/resources/images/dialogs/centreview.png Center View option of the Geotagged Images viewer is turned off.

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