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(edit) @2041   10 years Gubaer Update of test classes
(edit) @1954   10 years Gubaer Moved package org.openstreetmap.josm.gui.conflict to …
(edit) @1951   10 years jttt Replace some occurrences of RelationMember.member with getters
(edit) @1948   10 years Gubaer fixed #3234: Update selection is broke for relations
(edit) @1938   10 years jttt Replace some occurrences of RelationMember.member with getters
(edit) @1928   10 years jttt Make parameterless RelationMember constructor deprecated
(edit) @1926   10 years jttt Replaced Relation.members with Relation.getMember() or …
(edit) @1925   10 years jttt Replaced Relation.members with Relation.getMembers()
(edit) @1912   10 years Gubaer Updated w.getNodes().contains(..) to w.containsNode(...)
(edit) @1910   10 years jttt Way refactoring - finish replacing Way.nodes with the new api
(edit) @1898   10 years jttt Way refactoring - rewritten another parts of code to the new nodes api
(edit) @1890   10 years Gubaer update: rewrite of layer dialog new: allows multiple selection of …
(edit) @1818   11 years jttt Fix #3010 - NPE at PluginSelection
(edit) @1814   11 years Gubaer removed dependencies to Main.ds, removed Main.ds removed AddVisitor, …
(edit) @1813   11 years jttt Make tests compile using new ProgressMonitor API
(edit) @1806   11 years Gubaer added OsmServerBackreferenceReader - reads primitives referring to a …
(edit) @1796   11 years framm - comment out "getSkippedWays" references in MultiFetch test, did not …
(edit) @1791   11 years framm - remove unused variable from PluginDownloader - fix MultiFetch test …
(edit) @1753   11 years Gubaer fixed #2245: Merge layers doesn't update the "action" tags
(edit) @1752   11 years Gubaer clean up in unit test environment
(edit) @1751   11 years Gubaer patch by dmuecke - improved unit tests and test targets in build.xml
(edit) @1750   11 years Gubaer new: replaced global conflict list by conflict list per layer, similar …
(edit) @1709   11 years Gubaer new: history feature implemented
(edit) @1707   11 years Gubaer test cases and test libraries (JUnit 4.6 and FEST)
(edit) @1703   11 years Gubaer added test cases
(edit) @1702   11 years Gubaer cosmetics
(edit) @1701   11 years Gubaer updated merge logic and unit tests for MergeVisitor
(edit) @1670   11 years Gubaer fixed: bug in OsmApi.getOsmApi() cleanup: exception handling in …
(edit) @1654   11 years Gubaer added merge support for coordinate conflicts added merge support for …
(edit) @1650   11 years Gubaer added concept of "merge pairs" (my vs. merged, my vs. their, their vs. …
(edit) @1631   11 years Gubaer added support for merging member lists of relations in extended …
(add) @1622   11 years Gubaer first version of extended conflict resolution dialog.
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