This toggle dialog was removed in revision 7750 and is no longer available.
The feature was integrated into the Selection Dialog. The former History toggle Dialog is described below.

see Selection Dialog

History Dialog Window

source:trunk/images/dialogs/history.png Keyboard shortcut: Alt+Shift+H

The History Dialog Window displays those objects from the current selection for which a history of object versions can be retrieved from the OSM server.

Showing and Hiding the History Dialog Window

  • Show or hide the History Dialog Window by clicking on source:trunk/images/dialogs/history.png in the tool palette on the left of the JOSM main window.
  • Show the History Dialog Window by pressing Alt+Shift+H.

Working with the History Dialog Window

The History Dialog Window is displayed as toggle dialog on the right of the JOSM main window. It provides a list of objects.

  • Select an object by clicking on it. You may expand the current selection by holding Ctrl or Shift while you click on an object.
  • Move the mouse over an object and keep it there for 1 second in order to view details of a particular object (the yellow area in the image above)

The History Dialog Window includes two buttons:

  • source:trunk/images/dialogs/refresh.png Reload to loads (or reloads) the object histories for the selected objects from the server
  • source:trunk/images/dialogs/history.png Show launches a History Browser for each of the selected objects.

You can also launch a History Browser by double clicking on an object in the History Dialog Window.

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