This wiki page aims for providing user-friendly changelog for the tested releases of JOSM. Its granularity lies somewhere between the contents of StartupPage and the SVN log messages. Changes of Plugins are not listed here.

2016-02-??: Stable release r9??? (16.02)

2016-01-06: Stable release r9329 (16.01)

  • major enhancements
    • Fix memory leak from previous tested version (r9298)
  • medium enhancements
    • Unglue: ask the user about tags/membership (r9292, r9315)
  • minor enhancements
    • Presets/Map styles/Validator:
      • add/improve/fix: social_facility (r9285), diaper (r9287), maxspeed:hgv (r9288), culvert (r9294), entrance=staircase (r9302), tourism=wilderness_hut (r9302), tourism fill color (r9302), turn restriction validation (r9236, r9244), power validation (r9321)
      • New icons for whole health group, whole railway group and whole minor ways group; big thanks to zermes for providing the new icons! (r9286, r9306, r9307)
    • Improve display of icons (increase svg icons, square toolbar buttons) (r9251:9253, r9275, r9281)
    • Obtain icons from presets for nodes/relations in selection/relation list/editor (r9265)
    • Improve gpx speed coloring (r9234)
    • Change default color of waypoints and GPS tracks to magenta (r9248)
    • Relation list: re-filter after zooming (r9264)
    • Fix preference file backup system (r9311, r9312)
    • Small OAuth adjustments (r9300, r9301, r9313)
    • Possibility to download from mirror with all download action (r9241, r9242)
    • 71 more minor bug fixes, enhancements, stability improvements, code improvements and code documentation, see SVN log messages of Milestone 16.01

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