This wiki page aims for providing user-friendly changelog for the tested releases of JOSM. Its granularity lies somewhere between the contents of StartupPage and the SVN log messages. There is a similar changelog for plugins.

2015-03-30: Stable release r8159 (15.03)

  • major enhancements
    • Bangla script rendering fixed also in map.
  • minor enhancements
    • Presets/Map styles/Validator:
      • route relations (r8109,r8119), public_transport=platform as a multipolygon in stop_area (r8112), highway=footway together with bicycle=designated (r8117), sport without physical feature (r8120), skiing sports (r8121), sport presets (r8123,r8143), outdoor_seating (r8124), collection_times (r8125), enforcement relations (r8134), waterways, natural=ridge, natural=valley (r8135), building:part, building:levels, height, building:min_level and min_height (r8136,r8139), drop *=true/1 in rendering (r8137), roundabouts, playgrounds (r8138), dam (r8142), waterway access (r8144,r8146), pedestrian crossing (r8145), man_made=cutline (r8147)
    • minor performance improvements in mapcss rendering (r8133,r8140,r8141)
    • speed improvements
    • bug fixes

2015-03-02: Stable release r8109 (15.02)

  • major enhancements
    • Font support on Windows - now displays the following scripts:
      • Bengali, Gujarati, Gurmukhi, Kannada, Malayalam, Syriac, Tamil, Telugu, Thaana (Win XP and later)
      • Ethiopic, Khmer, Lao, Mongolian, Oriya, Sinhala, Tibetan, Yi (Win Vista and later)
      • Old & New Tai Lü (Win 7 and later)
      • Buginese, Burmese, Javanese, Lisu, Ol Chiki, Sora Sompeng (Win 8)
      and a few more (r8006, r8014, r8015, r8099)
    • Some Plugins can now be installed and used without a restart of JOSM (#11090) – Plugins list with support info for this feature
    • Implement search box for main menu (r8072)
    • The core Notes support is now enabled by default (the plugin is deprecated)
    • Presets and style links to JOSM server are upgraded to use zip to prevent image loading issues (r8100)
  • minor enhancements
    • Presets/Map styles/Validator:
      • improve: tourism=information (r7996), generator:source=geothermal (r7997), cinema (r7998), natural=rock (r8003), description (r8004), *=unknown (r8008, r8023), boundary (r8009, r8010), ramp, handrail (r8011), traffic_sign (r8012), wheelchair (r8013), historic=wayside_cross, historic=wayside_shrine (r8016), amenity=bicycle_repair_station (r8019, r8107), aeroway=parking_position (r8021), pole=transition, tower=transition (r8022), amenity=ranger_station (r8025), contact and address preset links (r8026), shop=hearing_aids (r8027), smoothness (r8028, r8039), barrier (r8040), highway=footway + cycleway=lane (r8042, r8046), addr:*=* together with highway, place or boundary (r8043, r8049), highway=footway + oneway=no (r8044), Style for inner way equals multipolygon (r8045), new turn restriction icon set, go back to old set via style settings (r8050), access preset link (r8052, r8055), shop=medical_supply (r8053), incomplete objects (r8054), parking, smoothness, intermittent (r8057, r8080), amenity=parking_space icon (r8058), payment (r8059, r8060), :forward, :backward validator warnings (r8077), cliff (r8082), waterway bridge combinations (r8089), lit (r8094)
    • undo/redo text changes in text fields with the usual Ctrl-Z shortcut (r8000, r8002)
    • MapCSS: offset property to shift node icons: icon-offset-x, icon-offset-x (r8085)
    • MapCSS: @supports rules for conditional processing replaces @media (r8087)

2015-02-01: Stable release r7995 (15.01)

  • major enhancements
    • Show photo direction arrow for thumbnail (r7912)
  • minor enhancements
    • Presets/Map styles/Validator:
      • complete review across the whole preset menu, to make icons and supported geometries of preset/mappaint/validator/wiki more consistent
    • Size check for source comments (r7995)
    • Proper selection state in selection dialog (r7949)
    • Usability for history dialog (r7933)
    • Regression and exception fixes

Older stable releases

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