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Plugin changelog

This page aims to provide a summary of significant changes made to all of the JOSM plugins. For more detailed changes, see the plugin SVN log. For changes in JOSM itself see the Changelog.

This page is no longer maintained.

March 2013

  • Wikipedia
    • feature: paste Wikipedia articles from system clipboard ([o29329])
    • bugfix: use UTF-8 encoding (fix #josm8482, [o29323])
    • bugfix: update dialog title when changing language ([o29327], [o29328])
    • bugfix: correctly state HTTP method POST involved when obtaining WIWOSM status ([o29330])

November/December 2012

October 2012

July 2012

  • Wikipedia
    • fetch Wikipedia articles by category
    • display whether OSM object is already linked to Wikipedia article (on WIWOSM server as well as in local dataset)
    • search OSM objects via double click on Wikipedia article

June 2012

  • restart: preserves start options ([o28438])
  • OpenData: make KML import work when coordinates content starts with a space character (​#7714,[o28441])
  • Epsg31287: deprecated plugin removed (#7608,​[o28451])

March 2012

  • continuousDownload: new external plugin for downloading data as the view is panned and zoomed (code on GitHub)
  • utilsplugin2:
    • new search keywords adjacent and connected ([o27999])
  • mirrored_download: (temporarily unavailable in published plugin)
    • added support for XAPI query ([o28111])
  • OpenData: new plugin for downloading from open data portals ([o28005])
    • data from
    • Paris, Toulouse, Le Mans data
    • Neptune files support
  • Conflation:
    • support for matching on tags

February 2012

  • Many shortcut changes
  • todo: new plugin for creating a TODO list of objects to work on (GitHub project)
  • canvec_helper:
    • you can now control when it downloads tiles and open the tiles from within JOSM ([o27951])
  • utilsplugin2:
    • new search keywords inside, intersecting, and allintersecting (#5905, [o27938])
  • rgisopen: plugin removed ([o27822])
  • mirrored_download: new plugin for possibly faster downloads of OSM data from multiple Overpass servers ([o27678])

January 2012

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