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JOSM preference/data/cache directories according to r7829+r11162


Our preference data is composed of a set of name->value pairs. The setting names are often "namespaced" with dot ('.') separated words. Many JOSM plugins will store preferences grouped in a namespace.

You can get a similar raw view by viewing this file, but this 'Advanced' preferences panel is intended to provide a easier alternative.


Most of the settings can be reached via menus

Other preferences

JOSM preference/data/cache directories

Priority Preference Data Cache
1. specific system property specified from commandline -Djosm.pref=... -Djosm.userdata=... -Djosm.cache=...
2. josm.home system property specified from commandline -Djosm.home=... -Djosm.home=... -Djosm.home=...
3a. Windows defaults (since r7829) %APPDATA%\<JOSM> %APPDATA%\<JOSM> %LOCALAPPDATA%\<JOSM>\cache or
3b. Mac OS X defaults (since r7829) $HOME/Library/Preferences/<JOSM> $HOME/Library/<JOSM> $HOME/Library/Caches/<JOSM>
3c. Linux defaults (for fresh installations after r11162) $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/<JOSM> or
3d. Linux defaults (prior r11162) $HOME/.<josm> $HOME/.<josm> $HOME/.<josm>/cache


  • <JOSM> defaults to JOSM and can be customized using, and <josm> corresponds to lowercase <JOSM>
  • Windows: try opening Explorer window and paste following text in location, then hit enter: %APPDATA%\JOSM.
  • Linux: To show the contents of the hidden folder, use the file manager and enter "~/.josm" in the address line (if no address line is visible just try to enter a letter and hopefully a popup to enter the address will open). Alternatively it is possible to "show hidden" files and folders in the file manager, using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+H.

preferences.xml Schema

Some descriptions can be found in Help/Preferences/ImportExport (stub)

Auto save subfolder

Utilized by autosave function.

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