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List of Plugins

This list contains all JOSM-Plugins with existing description within the JOSM wiki pages. You find a complete list of available plugins at the plugin page.

How to install and update plugins is described under source:trunk/images/preference.png Preferences -> source:trunk/images/preferences/plugin.png Plugin Preferences - Installing plugins AddrInterpolation alignways buildings_tools cadastre-fr
colorscheme ColumbusCSV CommandLine conflation Contour Merge Merges the contours of two areas Create_grid_of_ways czechaddress
dataimport DirectDownload DirectUpload download_along editgpx PicLayer Load pictures, display them as background layer and align them
Scripting Allows you to run scripts within JOSM turnlane at OSM wiki Straightforward GUI for adding, editing and deleting turn lanes GUI to Enter and maintain turnrestriction relations UtilsPlugin2 Several utilities to make your life easier

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