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List of Plugins

This list contains all JOSM-Plugins with existing description within the JOSM wiki pages. You find a complete list of available plugins at the plugin page.

How to install and update plugins is described under source:trunk/images/preference.png Preferences -> source:trunk/images/preferences/plugin.png Plugin Preferences - Installing plugins

source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/addrinterpolation/images/AddrInterpolation.png in OpenStreetMap Trac AddrInterpolation Group common Address Interpolation inputs in a single dialog, as well as an option to automatically generate individual house number nodes from a Way.
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/alignways/images/alignways.png in OpenStreetMap Trac alignways Makes a pair of selected way segments parallel by rotating one of them around a chosen pivot.
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/buildings_tools/images/mapmode/building.png in OpenStreetMap Trac buildings_tools Tools for drawing buildings.
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/cadastre-fr/images/preferences/cadastrewms.gif in OpenStreetMap Trac cadastre-fr A special handler for the French land registry WMS server.
colorscheme Allows the user to create different color schemes and to switch between them. Just change the colors and create a new scheme. Used to switch to a white background with matching colors for better visibility in bright sunlight. See dialog in JOSM's preferences and 'Map Settings' (strange but true :-)
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/ColumbusCSV/images/colcsvicon.png in OpenStreetMap Trac ColumbusCSV Imports proprietary CSV files of the Columbus/Visiontac V-900 GPS logger into a GPX layer.
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/CommandLine/images/commandline.png in OpenStreetMap Trac CommandLine Implements a command line and enables to create your commands.
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/conflation/images/conflation.png in OpenStreetMap Trac conflation Experimental for now. Have a look at Contour Merge Merges the contours of two areas.
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/Create_grid_of_ways/images/creategridofways.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Create_grid_of_ways Create a grid of ways.
Curves [Alpha] Create differnt kinds of curves. Only circle arcs supported currently.
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/czechaddress/images/preferences/czech_flag.png in OpenStreetMap Trac czechaddress Creating and handling address nodes and buildings within Czech Republic.
dataimport Allows to import various file formats into JOSM directly.
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/DirectDownload/images/DownloadAction.png in OpenStreetMap Trac DirectDownload Download your GPX tracks from
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/DirectUpload/images/UploadAction.png in OpenStreetMap Trac DirectUpload This plugin directly upload GPS Traces from current active layer in JOSM to
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/download_along/images/download_along.png in OpenStreetMap Trac download_along Downloads OSM data along a way.
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/editgpx/images/mapmode/editgpx_mode.png in OpenStreetMap Trac editgpx Allows the user to anonymize timestamps and delete parts of huge GPX tracks very fast.
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/ElevationProfile/images/elevation.png in OpenStreetMap Trac ElevationProfile Shows the elevation profile and some statistical data of a GPX track.
epci-fr Handling of French EPCIs (boundary=local_authority)
epsg31287 sets current projection to EPSG:31287 - Bessel 1841 in Lambert Conformal Conic. For use with WMS plugin to load WMS.
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/ext_tools/images/ext.png in OpenStreetMap Trac ext_tools Use external scripts in JOSM.
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/FastDraw/images/mapmode/turbopen.png in OpenStreetMap Trac FastDraw Fast drawing ways by mouse.
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/piclayer/images/layericon.png in OpenStreetMap Trac PicLayer Load pictures, display them as background layer and align them
Scripting Allows you to run scripts within JOSM
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/turnlanes/images/dialogs/turnlanes.png in OpenStreetMap Trac turnlane at OSM wiki Straightforward GUI for adding, editing and deleting turn lanes
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/turnrestrictions/images/preferences/turnrestrictions.png in OpenStreetMap Tracturnrestrictions GUI to Enter and maintain turnrestriction relations
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/utils.png in OpenStreetMap Trac UtilsPlugin2 Several utilities to make your life easier

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